Dog breeds that don’t shed, such as the Afghan Hound and Airedale Terrier, reduce the chance of you experiencing any allergies and your home being covered in fur. Therefore the following breeds have a character for having hair with less dandruff and, in most situations, don’t shed all over the home.

Even though these dogs are low shedders and are hyper-sensitive, some breeds may still cause allergies in some people. Also, the level of the person’s allergies defines this.

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Grooming a dog with fur

To keep your dog looking sharp and cool in the summer, you will need to give them a haircut so they do not lose their loose fur.

You need to brush and bathe them regularly. While some people can groom by themselves at home, trimming is a job best left to a professional groomer.

List Of Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed

1. Afghan Hound

dog breeds that don't shed
A beautiful Afghan Hound image credit: Pixabay

The Afghan Hound is a creature of exquisite beauty. Despite his dashing exterior, he is famous for his endless loyalty, sensitive nature, and lasting affection for those he considers his own.

2. Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed: Airedale Terrier

dog breed that do not shed
Airedale running on a snow ground – image – by Barnabas-Davoti from Pexels

The Airedale Terrier is the “The King of Terriers” because of his size, power, and unwavering personality. However, Airedale is the most adaptable dog breed in the world and has made a name for himself as a hunter, athlete, and friend.

However, the coat of these dog breed sheds very little, but three to four times a year, it must be hand-stripped or professionally clipped. Also, brush the coat with a soft, slicker brush once weekly to protect it from tangling.

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3. Bouvier des Flandres

grooming dogs
A brown Bouvier des Flandres- image – by Leslie-Whitecotton from Pexels

Bouvier des Flandres are not built like this anymore. The tousle-coated dog of Flandres comes from a time and place where a dog works very hard. Also, they are hefty and barrel-chested. Therefore, capable multitaskers make ideal watchdogs since they are steady, intelligent, and easy to groom because they don’t shed much.

5. Giant Schnauzer

grooming dogs
A giant schnauzer lying down – image – from Pixabay

Giant Schnauzer is a bigger and more powerful version of the Standard Schnauzer, and according to the breed standard, a giant Schnauzer displays a bold and brave dog figure. Additionally, they are fantastic workers and friends because of their high intelligence and loyalty.

Also, they are a great option for people with allergies because they don’t frequently shed. In terms of maintenance, their short coat is also quite low-maintenance, but some areas, like their distinctive “beard,” may require a bit more care to avoid knotting and matting.

6. Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed: Komondor

shedding dogs
A cute Komondor image credit: Pixabay

Komondor is the most remarkable breed in the world, a vast, Hungarian solid her guard coated from head to tail in thick white strands. Also, It takes a firm, knowledgeable hand to teach the independent, protective Komondor.

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Even though Komondors have a furry look, they don’t shed. But you must take particular care of their corded coat. Regular bathing and grooming appointments are necessary for proper Komondor grooming. And it would be best if you never brushed a Komondor. Also, these dog breeds shed the least.

7. Labradoodle

dogs that shed their fur
A close-up shot of a Labradoodle -image – by boys in Bristol photography from P exels

The Labradoodle, a hybrid of a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle, was initially created as a hypoallergenic guide dog. Families quickly wanted to adopt them since they were commended for being intelligent, friendly, and “non- to average-shedders,” depending on their hair coat type.

8. Standard Poodle

how to groom dogs
A brown Standard Poodle lying on the grass – image – from Pixabay

Poodle is one of the dog world’s great aristocrats, whether Standard, Miniature, or Toy, and either black, white, or apricot. Even though they have a curly, limited coat, they are hypoallergenic and have hair that resembles that of humans rather than fur, like many other dog breeds.

Poodles shed very little; their hair sheds significantly less and grows continuously. Keeping it for a long time can be difficult to maintain and requires regular combing.

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9. Portuguese Water Dog

how to groom dogs
A beautiful Portuguese water dog – image – from Pixabay

Portuguese Water Dogs are designed as all-around helpers for fishermen and are intelligent and friendly. However, a tight, low-shedding layer of curly hair covers the robust and medium-sized body. Lastly, they are energetic, active, and made for working in the water.

10. American Hairless Terrier

shedding dogs
Standing American Hairless Terrier – image by nano_the_naked_dog

The Louisiana-born American Hairless Terrier is an intelligent, curious, and lively dog in hairless and coated forms. Furthermore, they are an excellent option for people with allergies looking for a Terrier with real strength and bravery.

However, it is easier to maintain because these dog breeds don’t have fur and don’t shed. Also, they defend themselves from severe temperatures, and owners must take precautions to protect their skin, whether their pets are in the sun or the cold.

11. Basenji Is Also A Dog That Doesn’t Shed


Grooming dogs
A Basenji dog running image credit: Pixabay

A Basenji, also called  “Africa’s Barkless Dog,” is a little, adorable hunter with intelligence and grace. Also, they make exceptional and captivating pets for owners who can meet their dog’s need for exercise and the effort of teaching them. These dog breeds are easy to maintain because they don’t shed much. Also, these canines are extremely popular with allergic owners.

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12. Bedlington Terrier

medium dogs that do not shed
A Bedlington dog is relaxing – image – by Jean Paul-Wright from Pexels. 

The Bedlington Terrier is named after the English mining town where its from, graceful in sheep’s clothing. Additionally, they make friendly housemates, vigilant watchdogs, agile athletes, and irresistibly cuddly Screen time companions.

Although they have a coat that doesn’t shed much or produce much dander, that doesn’t mean they require less care. At least once a week, you should comb them.

13. Border Terrier

dog groomers
A Border Terrier -image – from Pixabay

Border Terrier is respected because it is a hardworking, simple sporting Terrier. Also, they are cheerful and energetic dogs. However, these aggressive, joyful, and dedicated dogs are well-liked pets in cities and rural areas. Even though they don’t shed much, their coats will still require hand-stripping twice a year at the groomer.

14. Irish Water Spaniel

groomimg dogs
A brown Irish water spaniel sitting on shore – image – by Lachlan-ross from Pexels

The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes the Irish Water Spaniels as the tallest breed. Characteristics of this dog breed are curly coats and a tail that looks like a rat tail.

Even though the vigilant and curious Irish water spaniel (IWS) is one of the best swimmers in dog competitions. It is also brave and relentless in the field, fun and affectionate at home, and they don’t shed much.

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15. Lagotto Romagnolo

grooming dogs
Beautiful white Lagotto Romagnolo – image – from Pixabay

Lagotto Romagnolo is called the “truffle dog” and has a curly coat and great facial features. Despite having a plush toys-like appearance, Lagotti is a hardworking laborer with an excellent nose that digs up truffles, a delicate and expensive delicacy. Also, thick curls cover the entire body, and their double hair covering is waterproof and has a rough appearance. They don’t shed much. However, occasionally, they may leave a few hair tufts behind.

16. Salukis Are Also Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed

shedding Dogs
Black and brown Saluki playing – image – from Pixabay

Saluki, one of the world’s oldest breeds, served as royal hunters for a long time. However, athletes who love a good chase, Salukis, are fast and agile. Also, they make kind, sound, and fiercely independent pets. However, these dog breeds don’t shed more and are easy to groom and maintain.

17. Scottish Terrier

how to groom different dogs
Beautiful Scottish Terrier sitting -image – from Pixabay

Scottish Terrier is a sturdy, small dog with a lively attitude, making a cheerful, independent, and self-assured friend. Also, they have a noble, nearly human nature. The Terrier breed is called “the Diehard” because of its toughness. These dog breeds are easy to maintain and suitable for people with allergies because they don’t shed.

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18. Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed: Affenpinscher

dog shedders
A cute Affenpinscher – image – from Pixabay

Affenpinscher is a toy dog that resembles a person in nearly every way except size. They are devoted, interested, and famous for being funny. Furthermore, their antics, like great comedians, are more amusing by their seeming seriousness of purpose. These dog breeds don’t shed and are suitable for people with allergies. Also, these dog breeds only shed a few times a year as the seasons change, and their dense hair is neat but shaggy.

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