Are Pitbull more aggressive? According to some owners, the Pitbull breed is very aggressive. They recommend that first-time owners not get a Pitbull as their first pet.

Newspapers are full of reports of “vicious pit bulls” that police officers encounter during raids. However, Pitbulls have an unjustly lousy reputation because they are the breed of choice for many criminals.

These dogs had been cruelly mistreated until they were dangerously aggressive.

A Labrador Retriever or a Poodle would behave similarly with the same conditioning and treatment.

So no, they are not more aggressive. However, they do have some of the strongest teeth and muscles. Furthermore, when you train them to fight back, they are fearsome.

German Shepherds, Dobermans, Malinois, and other larger breeds can also be fearsome dogs. Drug dealers then used these dogs until they discovered the Pitbull.

The results show that Chihuahuas and Dachshunds are the most aggressive toward people and other dogs. However, these breeds are smaller and tend to inflict less severe injuries. However, for Pitbull Terriers, the results were conflicting.

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These dogs were among the most aggressive toward other dogs, especially dogs they did not know. According to the researchers, Pitbulls are significantly more aggressive toward strangers or their owners than other breeds.

“Pit bulls tended to be the most aggressive, but there were many breeds that were more aggressive,” said James Serpell, one of the researchers.

Serpell told us they were pleased with their findings. He admitted that some dog owners might have over or under-reported how aggressive their dogs were in certain situations. Many newspapers reported the results in detail.

An aggression study conducted by an Australian specialist found that pit bull terriers attack people at a higher rate than other breeds. Furthermore, German shepherds and crossbreeds followed closely behind.

PitBull Breed – They Are Genetically Not Aggressive

Some believe that Pitbulls do not have a genetically determined aggressiveness. They think they are used as fighting dogs because of their physical strength, muscles, and the power of their jaws.

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They are then raised in an environment that causes aggression, which causes their behaviour.

However, it may also be that their aggression is just a matter of perception, which is different for each person. The ASPCA supports this viewpoint, pointing out that other individuals are shaped by their environment and experiences, even among different breeds.

Even “the Labrador retriever, a service dog, can be aggressive toward people” depending on how it grows up. The idea that a pit bull is aggressive is believed by many because of the media.

This breed is used as a fighting dog because of its physical characteristics. Therefore, the media has picked up on this and created the impression of a monster.

Are Pitbulls Misunderstood?

Pit bulls have a terrible reputation. Unfortunately, these misconceptions persist with no signs of slowing down.

So is it true that pit bulls are the most aggressive dog breed? Although several studies indicate that Pitbulls are the most aggressive dog breed. Several other studies contradict this. We will examine these studies and address this issue in depth. 

  1. In 2009, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia published a five-year report on dog bite injuries. The study stated that 51 per cent of attacks were due to pit bulls.
  2. In 2009, another study was published in the American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology. The study ran for 15 years and concluded that pit bulls, German shepherds, and Rottweilers were among the most common breeds causing fatal dog attacks in Kentucky.
  3. In 2011, a study published in the Annals of Surgery concluded that pit bull attacks lead to more expensive hospital bills, a higher risk of death, and a higher mortality rate than other dog breeds.
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These are just a handful of the latest studies that support the assertion that pit bulls are aggressive.

However, if you ask the pet parents about their Pitbulls, you will undoubtedly get a different view. They will tell you how happy, sweet, and loving their pit bulls are.

Aggression In Pit Bulls Is A Genetic Trait

Genetics plays a role in developing an aggressive pit bull and is the main reason.

When a dog is selectively bred for certain behaviours or physical traits, a breeder selects parents that possess those traits.

Any litter from parents who possess those traits is more likely to have them and even reinforce them. But then, where does the pit bull’s aggression begin?

Blood sports were one of the reasons breeders bred Pitbulls. Specifically, “bull baiting” is an act in which bulls and dogs fight each other. Because of their purpose, breeders bred explicitly for high strength and aggression.

Breeders used Pitbulls in dog fights and formed litters with other suitable animals. Although this is illegal, it is unfortunately still widespread. So even Pitbulls that do not engage in dog fighting often have some genetic influence from blood sports.

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A 2009 study shows that aggression toward strangers is highly genetic. However, is this true for aggression toward animals? All dogs’ behavioural preferences have a genetic basis. This is how the different breeds came to be.

From the gentle nature of the Golden Retriever to the intelligence of the Border Collie to the brightness of the Border Collie. Breeders have selectively bred these traits into these breeds. Therefore, the necessary aggressiveness of Pitbulls towards animals and strangers may be genetic due to their history.

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