Basenji dog breed mixes include the German Shepherd and Basenji Mix (German Shepenji), the Welsh Corgi and Basenji Mix (Corsengi), and many more with different behavioural traits.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo birthed the hunting dog breed, the Basenji. Furthermore, these dogs do not bark, which makes them suitable family dogs.

The medium-sized Basenji is a short-coated breed with a slightly developed, longer-legged body. Additionally, this active type survives Africa’s scorching heat.

Basenji Dog Breed

A Basenji, also called  “Africa’s Barkless Dog,” is a little, adorable hunter with intelligence and grace. Also, they make exceptional and captivating pets for owners who can meet their dog’s need for exercise and the effort of teaching them.

Basenjis have been crossed with several different breeds to produce hybrids with attractive looks and personalities. The Beagle, Husky, Boxer, Poodle, Welsh Corgi, and German Shepherd are a few of the most popular breeds they have been mixed with.

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Dogs Like Basenji: Is This A Healthy Choice?

Since Basenjis dog breeds were created with working purposes in mind, these are generally healthy breeds. To accomplish the work effectively, they needed to be in shape.

When you buy a mixed-breed puppy, it’s still possible for them to inherit genetic conditions that either breed is predisposed to. Ensure that both parents have undergone extensive health tests to prevent those problems as much as possible.

List of Basenji Mix dog breeds

The following Basenji Mixes have some fascinating behavioural characteristics:

1. German Shepherd and Basenji Mix (German Shepenji)

The Basenji dog German Shepherd mix is best if you seek a trustworthy and intelligent guard dog. Because of their great urge to guard what is theirs, dogs like Basenji are regarded as one of the breeds most protective around youngsters.

Also, running or training keeps the Basenji German Shepherd mix occupied and stimulated. Furthermore, as long as they are introduced to them early and properly educated, they get along well with other animals.

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Basenjis also have a reputation for being independent and distant, particularly among strangers. Regular grooming is crucial because they shed a lot.

This dog breed mix can weigh between 25 and 90 pounds, have a medium to high energy level, and live for 10 to 14 years on average. Also, they risk developing hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and bloating because of their inherited genetic structure.

different dog breed
German Shepherd Basenji dog image credit: German Shepherd dog HQ

2. Dog Like Basenji: Beagle Basenji Mix (Baseagle)

The Basenji dog Beagle mix cross between the Basenji and the Beagle breeds. Also, this breed is ideal if you’re seeking a dog to accompany you on walks.

Also, they are cheerful, friendly dogs who enjoy being with their owners and enjoying lots of exercise daily. Due to their low shedding, Basenji Beagle mixes are ideal for people with allergies.

In addition, they have a strong hunting instinct, and walking them on a leash is crucial. As long as you appropriately raise and train them from an early age, they get along nicely with other animals.

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The usual Basenji Beagle mix weighs between 20 and 30 pounds, has medium energy, and lives for 10-15 years. Additionally, the best-mixed breed is the Basenji-Beagle mix.

beagle mix temperament
A Baseagle running image credit: Google

 3. Welsh Corgi Basenji Mix (Corsengi)

These are easygoing dog breeds that enjoy interacting with kids. Because of their intelligence and readiness to please, corgis are excellent for obedience training. However, they get along nicely with other household pets if introduced appropriately.

Nevertheless, Basenji Corgi mixed breeds are typically somewhat calm and adore cuddling with their owners. They are also very versatile canines that will immediately bond with your family. Therefore, they are an excellent breed for busy owners, and the intelligent Basenji Corgi mix responds well to training.

Furthermore, the dog breeds used in crossbreeding have different energy levels. Additionally, they inherited characteristics like low shedding, playfulness, socialization, and a hunting impulse from their parents.

However, with an average lifespan of 12–14 years, Basenji Corgi hybrids typically weigh between 15 and 30 pounds. They may experience specific medical conditions, such as hip or elbow dysplasia.

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basenji corgi mix behaviour
A beautiful Corsenji dog image credit: Doglime

4. Basenji Poodle Mix (Basenjipoo)

Basenji Poodle mix breed is a cross between the more minor but still playful and lovable Basenji and the intelligent, active Poodle.

Therefore, families seeking an easy-to-train dog that is also obedient do well with basenjipoos. As long as you introduce them to other household pets early on, they are often friendly toward them.

Nevertheless, the Basenji Poodle mix dog breed has an average lifespan of 11–17 years and can weigh between 5 and 70 pounds. It also has a medium-high level of energy. Although considered healthy, they can develop common conditions such as hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and bloating.

poodle mix weight
A black Basenjipoo standing image credit:

5. Basenji Boxer Mix (Boxerji)

The Basenji Boxer mix dog breed is a cross between the bright, vivacious Basenji and the athletic, active Boxer. It is an ideal pet for you if you want an obedient dog who enjoys spending time with you. These canines are fantastic with kids because they are highly social. Though they need careful, persistent training, they can sometimes be resistant.

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Although Boxerji dog breeds are simple to teach, they require regular mental stimulation, like puzzle toys or energetic dog games. They thrive in houses where the owners can take daily walks or work from home. In addition, the Basenji Boxer mix breed has a high energy level and weighs between 30 and 80 pounds. Their life expectancy is 11 to 14 years.

Even though they are generally healthy, they develop conditions like obesity, ear infections, hip dysplasia, glaucoma, and allergies.

Basenji dog breed behaviour
A Boxerji image credit: Pineterest

6. Basenji Husky Mix

Basenji Husky breed is a cross between the bright, spirited Basenji and the devoted, active Siberian Husky. Nevertheless, these dog breeds enjoy spending time with their family and are highly sociable around children.

Though stubborn, they can develop into attentive lap dogs with an excellent memory and proper training. Furthermore, the Basenji Husky dog breed mix typically weighs between 25 and 75 pounds, lasts 12 to 15 years, and has a medium to high energy level.

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Although they have little to no shedding, you must brush their coat to keep them looking good. They make excellent watchdogs and are innate workers, but they need lots of exercises and a firm owner who can establish boundaries early on.

Dogs that look like basenji
A blued-eye Basenji Husky image credit: Google

Care and Grooming for Basenji Mix

Basenjis that are 100% purebred are hypoallergenic breeds and have short hair. They can have red, black, tricolour (black, chestnut, and white), brindle, or black coats (black stripes on a chestnut background).

They all have white stomachs and chests. Several of them also have white on their legs, in the middle of their faces, between their eyes, or as a neck marking. Mixes increase the variety of hair colours and patterns and the likelihood of wavy fur.

Although Basenjis are native to a warm climate in Africa, they do not perform well in cold weather. Keep them indoors if it’s freezing outside for too long. Also, they will be cranky if you insist on walking them on a rainy day.

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Dogs Like Basenji: Hybrid Personalities

A mixed-breed dog may exhibit traits from both parents or inherit traits from only one. Unless you have a definite working purpose for your puppy as they grow up, this isn’t a problem.

Be sure you like the characteristics of both parent breeds if you’re looking for a pet. Then, you’ll be satisfied no matter how your dog turns out as an adult.

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