Reverse Sneezing in dogs

Reverse Sneezing In Dogs: What to Know

Do you know what "reverse sneezing" is? Although both dogs and cats can have this illness, dogs are more frequently affected. You should have...

Is Your Dog Mad at You? Ways to Tell

Like your human friends, your dog can become annoyed with you sometimes. It could be something you did, like not giving them the desired...
training a lab

Training a Lab – How Much Exercise Does a Labrador Need?

Training a lab is not quite challenging as they are easy to train. Your dog would require two training sessions of at least 30...
adopt a rescue dog

Adopt A Rescue Dog – See Reasons Why You Shouldn’t

You should not adopt a rescue dog because of its history of trauma and abuse. This history can cause the dog to become aggressive...
dogs in pairs

Adopting Dogs In Pairs – Does It Make Them More Cheerful?

Adopting dogs in pairs is advantageous. Your pets will be cheerful pairs as they will have playmates. However, they can become aggressive and territorial...
side effects of bordetella vaccine

What Are Side Effects Of Bordetella Vaccine On Dogs

The most common side effect when a dog receives the Bordetella vaccine is a feeling of malaise, lethargy, or discomfort, often accompanied by a...
shiny and healthy dog coat

Shiny And Healthy Dog Coat – How To Maintain Your Dog’s Coat

A healthy diet and good grooming products can help keep your dog's coat shiny and healthy. Keeping your dog healthy and happy is a...
hair loss in dogs

Hair Loss In Dogs – Causes, Prevention And Treatment

A common cause of hair loss in dogs is infestation with parasites such as ticks, lice and fleas. Fleas are the most likely culprit,...
french bulldog health

Do French bulldogs have a lot of health problems?

Yes, French bulldogs have a lot of health problems. As with all purebred dogs, breeders breed this dog to possess certain traits and attributes....
Common health problems with mastiff breeds

Common Health Problems With Mastiff Breeds

Cancer, seizures and arthritis are some common health problems with Mastiff breeds. However, other breeds may suffer from similar health issues. Some are more...

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