dogs eat eggs

Can Dogs Eat Eggs? Are Eggs Safe For Dogs?

Yes, dogs can consume eggs; most dogs eat eggs, which is safe for them. Before feeding eggs to your dog, there are a few...
Is lack of appetite a side effect of deworming drugs?

Dog not eating after deworming – What to do

Is your dog not eating after deworming? The deworming process can cause nausea, vomiting, drooling, and even a lack of appetite. It is a...
Limber or limp tail

My Dog Walks With Its Tail Down; Should I Be Worried?

Suppose your dog walks with its tail down. Yes, it is a cause for worry. Your dog may have a condition called limber or...
mother dogs and their puppies

Dogs And Their Puppies – Do Dogs Get Upset If You Take Their Puppies?

Yes, they get angry due to the relationship between dogs and their puppies. Their maternal instinct is to cater to and provide for their...
A dog recovering after being fixed

My Dog Is Whining After Being Spayed

After a dog has had its surgical procedure, we often hear them whimper, cry and whine. Is this normal that my dog is whining?...
bathe my dog

Should I bathe my dog before or after shaving the fur?

Should I bathe my dog after shaving its fur? You should not shave your pet's fur as it will hurt your pet, and veterinarians...
good and bad nuts

Good And Bad Nuts: Is Your Dog Nuts About Nuts

There are good and bad nuts that can affect your dog's health. Although most nuts are heavy in fat, not all nuts are unsafe...
Dog loosing Weight

My Dog Is Losing Weight, What Should I Do?

Suppose your dog is losing weight. You should find a dietary balance essential to keeping your pet healthy and strong. However, your dog's diet...
brown snake bite

How Long Does A Brown Snake Bite Take To Kill A Dog?

Brown snake bites are especially dangerous to dogs. If you are specifically referring to Australia's eastern brown snake, the world's second most poisonous land...
Canine Malocclusion

My Dog Has Underbite (Should I Be Worried)

No, you don't have to worry if your dog has underbite. An underbite is not always a problem. However, you may have reason to...

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