police dogs and drugs

Police Dogs And Drugs: Can Police Dogs Become Addicted To Drugs?

Should we be worried about police dogs being addicted to drugs? No, police dogs cannot become addicted to drugs because they do not come...
feeding my dog vegan food diet

Is Feeding My Dog A Vegan Dog Diet Regarded As Animal Abuse?

Yes, feeding your pet a vegan dog diet is animal abuse. Dogs don't have grinder teeth, and they should not feed mainly on vegetables. Dogs...
maintain a hygienic environment for your dog

Hygienic Environment For Your Dog – Ways To Maintain It

A hygienic environment for your dog is one of the factors that can ensure you have a strong and healthy dog. Caring for your dog...
dogs can help

5 Ways Dogs Can Help Homeless People

There are many ways in which dogs can help homeless people. Dogs assist with day-to-day tasks, provide emotional support and companionship, or provide a sense...
french bulldog health

Do French bulldogs have a lot of health problems?

Yes, French bulldogs have a lot of health problems. As with all purebred dogs, breeders breed this dog to possess certain traits and attributes....
smegma in dogs

Smegma in Dogs, Symptoms, and Treatment

Smegma in dogs is a fluid that occasionally oozes from a dog's private area and comprises oil, dead skin cells, and yellow or green...
big dog harness

Big Dog Harness: Why Do Big Dog Owners Refuse To Use Harnesses?

The big dog harness has various applications for dogs, and however, most big dog owners refuse to use it. You should be aware that harnesses...
are grapes poisonous

Are Grapes Poisonous To My Dog? Can I Feed Grapes To Dogs?

No, you should not feed grapes to dogs. Grapes are poisonous to all dog breeds, and you should avoid feeding your dog grapes or...
bathe my dog

Should I bathe my dog before or after shaving the fur?

Should I bathe my dog after shaving its fur? You should not shave your pet's fur as it will hurt your pet, and veterinarians...
healthy dog diets

Healthy Dog Diets: Can My Dog Eat Raw Chicken?

No, dogs shouldn't consume raw chicken. However, some healthy dog diets contain chicken in them. Raw chicken is included in a premium raw dog...

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