dogs detect cancer

Can Untrained Dogs Detect Cancer?

There is no evidence that untrained dogs detect cancer. However, it is possible. Although, in several cases, dog owners have checked their health because...
change in dog behaviour

Change In Dog Behavior: Will My Dog Behave Differently At 2?

Change in dog behavior: When your dog reaches age two, you will see fewer behaviors that were common when he was younger. He's less likely...
dog owners in america

Why Do Dog Owners In America Leave Their Dogs Indoors?

Dog owners in America leave their dogs alone indoors because their pets can socialize with the entire family. They can form a significantly stronger...
dogs can help

5 Ways Dogs Can Help Homeless People

There are many ways in which dogs can help homeless people. Dogs assist with day-to-day tasks, provide emotional support and companionship, or provide a sense...

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