common dog diseases

Common Dog Diseases: Causes And Treatments

Canine Distemper and heartworm are some of the most common dog diseases worldwide. Furthermore, Parvovirus and Brucellosis are popular diseases affecting our furry best...
prevent dog from straying

Dog Straying – How To Prevent Your Dog From Running Away

Suppose you want to prevent your dog from straying. Make sure your pet has plenty of toys available. Also, Don't leave your pet alone...
first aid treatments

First Aid Treatments You Can Give Your Dog

Cleaning wounds and cuts are emergency first aid treatments you can give your dogs. In most cases, you can rarely avoid medical emergencies. This...
what is mange

What Is Mange And What Does It Look Like On A Dog?

Mange in dogs is a common skin condition in dogs and puppies abandoned, mistreated, or left stray. With no hair, blisters on their skin,...
designer dog breeds

Why Are Designer Dog Breeds Considered Bad?

Several people consider designer dog breeds bad because they breed them without a care for what implications it might have on their genetics. Also,...

Dog not eating after giving birth – What to do

If your dog is not eating after giving birth, it would be best to determine if your pet is sick and treat the underlying...
Dog in Heat

Dogs On Heat – What You Can Do When Your Dog Doesn’t Get Into...

Suppose your dog doesn't get into heat. You can use natural or drug-induced methods to bring your pet into heat. The natural method ranges from...
A dog kicking its owner

Why Does My Dog Kick Me When I Pet It?

Your dog may kick you when you pet them due to medial patella luxation, dog scratch reflex, or muscle spasms. Furthermore, seizures, degenerative joint...
Limber or limp tail

My Dog Walks With Its Tail Down; Should I Be Worried?

Suppose your dog walks with its tail down. Yes, it is a cause for worry. Your dog may have a condition called limber or...
dog stool outside

My Dog Won’t Stool Outside; What Should I Do?

Suppose your dog won't stool outside and instead chooses inside; socialize your pet your dog if he suddenly stops going outside to poop, or...

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