why dogs sleep so much

Why Dogs Sleep So Much? Dog Breeds That Sleep The Most

Ever wonder why dogs sleep so much? Sleep significantly improves our brain performance, mood, metabolism, immune function, and disease resistance. Sleep is a necessity...
intelligent dog breeds

Intelligent Dog Breeds – Most Intelligent And Dumbest Dogs

The Border Collie is number one on almost every list if you're looking for the most intelligent dog breeds. They're brilliant, alert, thoughtful, great problem...
Pitbull labrador retriever

Pitbull Labrador Retriever Mix? Interesting facts about Labrabull

Are you considering a Pitbull Labrador Retriever mix? You should know that Labrador Retrievers and Pitbulls are lively, friendly breeds that make good companions...
female puppies in a litter

Female Puppies in a Litter – Can I Get More Females?

Do you want more female puppies in a litter? Could more dog breeders in the future use technology to predict the sex of the...
healthy dog diet

Healthy Dog Diet: The Food You Should Not Feed A French Bulldog

A healthy dog diet is rich in minerals and vitamins. Like every dog, do not feed peppermint to a French Bulldog. Additionally, you should...
having a pit bull

What Is It Like Having A Pit Bull?

Having a pit bull is owning a dog that is good with children, a loyal, people-oriented breed comfortable with families. Unfortunately, many believe they should...

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