female puppies in a litter

Female Puppies in a Litter – Can I Get More Females?

Do you want more female puppies in a litter? Could more dog breeders in the future use technology to predict the sex of the...
Chihuahua Pitbull MIx - chipit

Can A Chihuahua Mate With A Pitbull? Chihuahua Pitbull Mix

Yes, your Chihuahua can mate with a Pitbull; although this mix results in a rare crossbreed, a Chihuahua Pitbull mix is possible. The resulting...
dogs hear humans talking

Can Dogs Hear Humans Talking To Them?

Yes, dogs can hear humans talking to them. Your dog may not understand everything you say, but he does listen and pay attention in...
Chihuahua and a Chow Chow

Chow Chow Versus Chihuahua: Which Dog Should I Pick?

In a Chow Chow versus Chihuahua, it would be best to consider how easily you can train the dog to the difficulty in grooming...
why are chihuahuas aggressive

Why Are Chihuahuas Aggressive? – See 5 reasons Why

Chihuahuas dogs are aggressive because they are genetically predisposed to be protective of their territory and their owners. They also have separation anxiety issues...
are chihuahuas expensive

Why Are Chihuahuas Expensive To Own?

Chihuahuas are expensive because they have attained celebrity status worldwide. Thus, the price and the cost of the Chihuahuas' accessories and maintenance are inflated. Furthermore,...

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