german shepherd or labrador

German Shepherd Or Labrador? Which Dog Would You Prefer?

Considering picking between the German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever? Both dogs are beautiful choices for companionship. It depends on what you, as the owner,...
bi-colour german shepherd dogs, rare breeds

What Is A Bi-colour German Shepherd?

A bi-colour German Shepherd is a dog with two colours, usually black and white. They are typically seen in the United Kingdom. These dog breeds...
white german shepherds

White German Shepherds: How Rare Are These Dog Breeds?

White German Shepherds are so rare because they are born with a genetic mutation, and this mutation causes the fur to be white instead...
single or double coat

German Shepherd Coat Colour Patterns: What Are They?

German Shepherd coat colour patterns differ from dog to dog, depending on their ancestry and genealogy. This rare breed of German Shepherd Dogs is...
intelligent dog breeds

Intelligent Dog Breeds – Most Intelligent And Dumbest Dogs

The Border Collie is number one on almost every list if you're looking for the most intelligent dog breeds. They're brilliant, alert, thoughtful, great problem...
are rottweilers loyal

Are Rottweilers Loyal Like German Shepherds?

Yes, Rottweiler dogs are loyal. But like German Shepherds, they need to be trained to form a close bond with you and to see...
police dogs and drugs

Police Dogs And Drugs: Can Police Dogs Become Addicted To Drugs?

Should we be worried about police dogs being addicted to drugs? No, police dogs cannot become addicted to drugs because they do not come...
german shepherds smell

Single or Double coat: Which Is Best For A German Shepherd dog?

You may wonder which is the best between a single or double coat for your german shepherd. The best coat for a German Shepherd...
popular dog breeds

Popular Dog Breeds: Comparing German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers

Two of the most popular dog breeds for adoption are the German Shepherd and Golden Retriever. Is it even possible to choose between the...
female puppies in a litter

Female Puppies in a Litter – Can I Get More Females?

Do you want more female puppies in a litter? Could more dog breeders in the future use technology to predict the sex of the...

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