common labrador health problems

Common Labrador Health Problems – Eleven Common Disease

Elbow and Hip dysplasia are common Labrador health problems prevalent among the breed. Although all dogs suffer from similar health issues, diseases like heart...
german shepherd or labrador

German Shepherd Or Labrador? Which Dog Would You Prefer?

Considering picking between the German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever? Both dogs are beautiful choices for companionship. It depends on what you, as the owner,...
golden retriever labrador

Golden Retriever Labrador Mix: Interesting facts about The Goldador

The Golden Retriever Labrador cross-breed sometimes referred to as the Goldador, is a hybrid of two of the most well-known and adored dog breeds...
Pitbull labrador retriever

Pitbull Labrador Retriever Mix? Interesting facts about Labrabull

Are you considering a Pitbull Labrador Retriever mix? You should know that Labrador Retrievers and Pitbulls are lively, friendly breeds that make good companions...
female puppies in a litter

Female Puppies in a Litter – Can I Get More Females?

Do you want more female puppies in a litter? Could more dog breeders in the future use technology to predict the sex of the...
dogs hear humans talking

Can Dogs Hear Humans Talking To Them?

Yes, dogs can hear humans talking to them. Your dog may not understand everything you say, but he does listen and pay attention in...
English Labrador retriever Versus American Labrador Retriever

English Labrador Retrievers Versus American Labrador Retrievers

The American Labrador Retrievers and English Labrador Retrievers are both lovable and friendly dogs. However, most kennel clubs do not recognize the differences between...
labrador retriever dogs

Labrador Retriever Dogs: Do They Attack Small Dogs?

Labrador Retriever dogs do not attack smaller dogs; it is simply not in their nature. Labrador dogs are amiable and love to be with...
the german sheprador

The German Sheprador: Black Labrador Retriever Golden Shepherd Mix

The German Sheprador is a black Labrador Retriever and German Shepherd hybrid. It is a large, athletic crossbreed with a thick, double coat. Breeders...

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