what is mange

What Is Mange And What Does It Look Like On A Dog?

Mange in dogs is a common skin condition in dogs and puppies abandoned, mistreated, or left stray. With no hair, blisters on their skin,...
dog with gentle leader collar

Is The Gentle Leader Collar Ethical On A 20-Pound Dog?

Using the gentle leader collar on a 20-pound dog is unethical, and the gentle leader is adequate for smaller dogs and unsuitable for 20-pound dogs....
shiny and healthy dog coat

Shiny And Healthy Dog Coat – How To Maintain Your Dog’s Coat

A healthy diet and good grooming products can help keep your dog's coat shiny and healthy. Keeping your dog healthy and happy is a...
the border collie

The Border Collie Breed – What You Need To Know About This Breed

History of the Border Collie The Border Collie has existed since people in what is now Britain first started employing dogs to guard and herd...
black wolf dogs

Dog Breeds That Look Like Wolves – The Black Wolf Dogs

Dog breeds that look like wolves are a melanistic color variant of grey wolves. The Black Wolf Dog Wolves with black coats owe their characteristic coloring...
dogs faster than humans

Why Are Dogs Faster Than Humans Over A Short Distance?

Over short distances, dogs are faster than humans because their body structure gives them that speed advantage. Research has it that while a dog...

History Of Huskies: Origin And Care Of The Siberian Husky

The history of Huskies tells us that they are a medium-sized working dog breed originally bred for work in the Arctic. They are known...
Dogs rolled over on his back

Petting A Dog: Why Does My Dog Roll Over On His Back When I...

When the dog rolls over on his back, it means he loves what you are doing and is happy. Your dog will never want...
teddy bear dog

Teddy Bear Dog Breeds – Ten Dogs That Look Like Teddy Bears

A puppy resembling a super-cute soft toy is called a teddy bear dog, and teddy bear dogs come in various breeds. Numerous dog breeds have...
dogs or cats

Dogs or Cats: Are Dogs Better Pets Than Cats?

The answer depends on your preference; however, many people have chosen dogs over cats in the debate about dogs or cats. You've probably been asked...

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