dog with gentle leader collar

Is The Gentle Leader Collar Ethical On A 20-Pound Dog?

Using the gentle leader collar on a 20-pound dog is unethical, and the gentle leader is adequate for smaller dogs and unsuitable for 20-pound dogs....
dogs live shorter lives

Why Do Dogs Live Shorter Lives Than Humans?

Dogs live shorter lives than humans because a dog's life cycle is accelerated in every way than ours. It's sad and unfair that pets...
maintain a hygienic environment for your dog

Hygienic Environment For Your Dog – Ways To Maintain It

A hygienic environment for your dog is one of the factors that can ensure you have a strong and healthy dog. Caring for your dog...
common labrador health problems

Common Labrador Health Problems – Eleven Common Disease

Elbow and Hip dysplasia are common Labrador health problems prevalent among the breed. Although all dogs suffer from similar health issues, diseases like heart...
make your dog comfortable

How To Make Your Dog Comfortable During Winter

Since every weather climate has attributes that make it distinctively different from the others, it is important to make your dog comfortable. All weather...
infertility in dogs

Infertility In Dogs – Causes And Treatment

Infertility in dogs can be painful for owners and their pets. Caring for a dog brings so much joy to dog lovers. And this...
cavapoochon dog breed

Cavapoochon Dog Breed: History, Facts, Characteristics

Are you seeking a little crossbreed puppy that is both cute and hypoallergenic? If so, the Cavapoochon is the ideal breed for you. The Cavalier...
remove fear from your dog

Want To Remove Fear From Your Dog? See How

Suppose you want to remove fear from your dog. It would be best to understand its history; it might just be that it has...
common dog diseases

Vaccinating Your Dog: What You Need To Know

Vaccinating your dog is essential in protecting your dog from diseases. Dog vaccination is the introduction of vaccines into the dog's body to enable...
common dog diseases

Common Dog Diseases: Causes And Treatments

Canine Distemper and heartworm are some of the most common dog diseases worldwide. Furthermore, Parvovirus and Brucellosis are popular diseases affecting our furry best...

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