dogs that rarely bark

Dogs That Rarely Bark Or Bite – Most Passive Dogs In The World

The Great Dane and the Basenji are dogs that rarely bite or bite. Some dog breeds have shown the ability to remain quiet and...
find my missing dog

How To Find Your Missing Dog

It is not uncommon to see pet owners trying to find a missing dog. However, when you realize your dog is missing, a rush...
prevent dog from straying

Dog Straying – How To Prevent Your Dog From Running Away

Suppose you want to prevent your dog from straying. Make sure your pet has plenty of toys available. Also, Don't leave your pet alone...
first aid treatments

First Aid Treatments You Can Give Your Dog

Cleaning wounds and cuts are emergency first aid treatments you can give your dogs. In most cases, you can rarely avoid medical emergencies. This...
what is mange

What Is Mange And What Does It Look Like On A Dog?

Mange in dogs is a common skin condition in dogs and puppies abandoned, mistreated, or left stray. With no hair, blisters on their skin,...
dog age in human age

I Don’t Know My Dog’s Age – Calculate Dog Age In Human Age

When calculating dog age in human years, many people use the famous 7:1 ratio to calculate a dog's age. However, this has no backing...
disassociated from their tails

Why Are Dogs So Disassociated From Their Tails?

It is a mistaken belief that dogs are disassociated from their tails. Suppose your dog is chasing its tail. It may be that your...
things dogs do

Things Dogs Do-What Are Some Adorable Things Your Dog Does?

Things dogs do: Lately, my dog wakes me every morning with her wet nose and licks. Also, she likes playing fetch with my tennis...
younger or old dog

Younger or Older Dog – How To Decide Which To Get

Deciding between a younger or older dog? You consider the stress and difficulty in retraining or training an older or younger puppy. Another factor...
fading puppy syndrome

What Is Fading Puppy Syndrome? Puppies Dying Shortly After Birth

Fading puppy syndrome affects puppies born with an immature immune system, and this system must be built over time, starting with their mother's milk. Puppies...

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