Change in dog behavior: When your dog reaches age two, you will see fewer behaviors that were common when he was younger.

He’s less likely to get involved in things he shouldn’t and less likely to be rowdy. You will also notice that he is more attentive when training.

Have fun with your puppy at the age of two. Around five months, most puppies go through a difficult stage.

Depending on the breed, dogs may not grow out of their adolescent phase for another 2-3 years.

Many experts think the most challenging period is between 8 and 18 months. This is the only time they mature, and most adults don’t do childish things like intentionally disobeying a command they already understand, like “sit.”

It is not a fixed date when they suddenly “change.” They change as they reach full maturity.

They had reached sexual maturity at six months, and we had them in our early teens, but neither of us was emotionally mature.

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Change In Dog Behavior – What To Expect As Your Dog Approaches Two Years of Age

Growth And Development

Your dog should be eating adult dog food by now. Please select a high-quality dog food that will supply appropriate nutrients while not overloading him with calories. The amount of food required by your dog is determined by its size, activity level, and breed.

Assess your puppy’s diet kind and amount with your veterinarian or a dog nutritionist. As for activity level, remember that your puppy benefits from daily exercise and the amount depends on factors such as breed and size.

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High-energy, working breeds need much more training than a small lap dogs. Activity stimulates their minds and keeps them fit, healthy, and out of trouble. Like humans, dogs with sedentary lifestyles risk numerous health problems.

Even if your dog loves to exercise, try new activities to spice up their life. Fetch, swimming, agility training, and hiking are fantastic alternatives to walking.

Change In Dog Behavior Health-wise

Your puppy has adult teeth at two years old, so it’s time to brush them! Invest in a dog toothbrush and dog toothpaste (skip the human toothpaste as it contains fluoride), and gradually introduce your pup to brushing.

Dental care in dogs is critical; the earlier your dog is trained to do it, the better. Dry food and chew toys will help remove the buildup on your dog’s teeth.

However, they do not stop periodontal disease or remove tartar. Your grooming routine should include heartworm protection, and ask your vet about anti-flea and anti-tick medications.

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You might need to invest in high-quality defense against these terrible critters, depending on your climate and whether or not your dog spends regular time outdoors. With these vile parasites, prevention does pay off!

Change In Dog Training Behavior

Has your beloved puppy been driving you up the wall lately? Don’t worry; it’s perfectly normal at this age. Your fur baby is at the end of the rebellious teenage phase.

Not only is your pup challenging your authority, but he may be exhibiting new naughty behaviors like biting or pulling on the leash. Remember to be patient, consistent, and positive as you work to correct him.

They can be made to sit before meals and follow you into rooms to remind you further that you are in charge.

Change In Dog Behavior – What You Should Know About Your Two-Year-Old Dog

Physical Maturity

Most dogs are physically mature by the time they are two years old. Large dog breeds such as Great Danes can be an exception; they usually need another year before they are out of puberty.

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For most dogs, however, age 2 is a milestone that signifies entry into adulthood. When most dogs are two years old, they have all their permanent teeth, and the sharp little puppy teeth are gone!

The soft puppy fur has also vanished, and the hair you see at two years old is the hair your dog will wear for the rest of his life.

In most circumstances, your 2-year-old dog’s body has reached maturity. Most crucially, your dog’s growth plates (officially epiphyseal plates) have “closed.”

It means that the calcium and minerals surrounding his bones have solidified, making him more able to tolerate strenuous exercise without injuring his legs.

You can safely jog with your dog, participate in agility competitions, and go on hikes for hours at this age. Apart from a change in your dog’s behavior, size and weight are also set at two years of age. You may find that it doesn’t need as much food as it was younger to maintain a healthy weight.

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You may need to limit his portion sizes if he gains weight. Your veterinarian can assist you in finding a more appropriate food for your dog now that he is no longer a puppy.

Emotional Dog Maturity

When your dog reaches this age, you will see fewer changes in behaviors that he exhibited when he was younger as a puppy.

He is less likely to get into things he shouldn’t and less likely to be rambunctious. You will also find that he is more attentive during training.

While it’s important to start training a dog when he’s a puppy – and continue it into adulthood – by age two, dogs are mature enough to do well in activities that require more self-control and focus.

The benefit of having a dog that is two years old is that they are mature enough to be more dependable with housetraining, less prone to gnaw on your shoes, and more receptive to your commands to sit, lie down, or come.

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The dog still loves to play with you and other dogs and is enthusiastic and energetic when jogging, hiking or throwing a Frisbee.

At age 2, have fun with your dog. One of your dog’s most lovely life achievements will be this one.


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