American Hairless Terriers and English Bulldogs are among the cheapest dog breeds you can afford. Also, Beagles and Bichon Frise are easy to get because keeping a dog involves many expenses.

These consist of necessities, including food, veterinarian care,  and grooming.

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Cheapest Dogs Are Listed Below:

1. American Hairless Terrier

American Hairless Dog
Standing American Hairless Terrier – image by Nano_the_naked_dog

A Brief Overview Of The American Hairless Terrier

Origin United States
Breed group Terrier
Height 7 – 16 inches
Weight 5 – 16 pounds
Size smallest
Lifespan 13 – 16 years
Breed-type pure breed
Temperament energetic, loving, attentive
Colour black, speckled, spotted, white
Prices $2000 – $4000

They are active dogs:

It is the only dog breed without hair that originated in the US. Also, they are playful dogs who enjoy taking long walks and playing with their owners.

However, American Hairless Terrier struggles when left alone for some time because it loves attention. More so, you won’t have to spend to take them to a groomer because they don’t have a coat to groom.

2. Beagle

cheapest dog
Beagle dog in the snow – image- by Flickr from pexels

A Brief Overview Of The Beagle

Origin England
Breed group hound dog
Height Male: 14-16 inches

Female: 13-15 inches

Weight Male: 22-25 pounds

Female: 20-23 pounds

Size small
Lifespan 10 – 15 years
Breed-type mixed and pure breed
Temperament stubborn, friendly, gentle
Colour black, tan, white
prices $800 and $1,500

Source: dogbreedslist

Beagles are well-recognized for being everyone’s best friend:

Since they also enjoy strangers, they make poor guard dogs. Additionally, beagles enjoy eating. However, to keep your Beagle from acquiring too much weight, you must carefully provide them with the proper amount of food.

Although, they make excellent family dogs and friends. Therefore, they are well-known for being reasonably healthy, making them a relatively affordable dog breed in terms of medical expenses.

3. Cheapest Dogs: Bichon Frisé

least expensive dog
A cute Bichon Frise – image – by David Brown from pexels

A Brief Overview Of The Bichon Frisé

Origin France/ Spain
Breed group non-sporting group
Height 9.5 – 11.5 inches
Weight 12 – 18 pounds
Size small
Lifespan 14 – 15 years
Breed-type Pure breed
Temperament Playful, curious,  charming,
Colour White and cream
Prices $1000 – $2000

Source: dogbreedlist

Due to the size of the Bichon Frisé:

Feeding your little friend won’t break the wallet. They are highly affectionate and like receiving attention. Also, this dog breed is highly clever.

Therefore, as a result, they are teachable and enthusiastic learners. However, your Bichon tricks will amuse you for countless hours while making them happy.

4. Cheapest Dogs: Border Collie

cheapest dog
A Border Collie running – image- by Nikola čedíková from pexels

A Brief Overview Of The Border Collie

Origin British
Breed group Herding Group
Height Male: 19-22 inches

Female: 18-21 inches

Weight Male: 30-45 pounds

Female: 27-42 pounds

Size medium-sized
Lifespan 10 – 17 years
Breed-type Pure breed
Temperament Intense, active, devoted
Colour Black, white, blue, red merle, lilac, chocolate, liver, brindle, gold
Prices $800 and $1,500

Source: dogbreedlist

Border Collies are working as dog herders. Also, they enjoy completing a task and learning new things. Therefore, the Border Collie is your ideal dog if you are interested in training and agility.

Additionally, it is crucial to remember that these dog breeds must put in work and receive training. They are not lazy dogs and must be kept busy and involved in something, or they will become sad and destructive.

However, because of their tremendous intellect, you can train them without spending money on a professional.

5. Cane Corso

affordable hounds in the united states
Big brown Cane Corso – image – by Marcus-Christensen from pexels

Brief Overview Of The Cane Corso

Origin Italy
Breed group miscellaneous class
Height 23 – 28 inches
Weight 88 – 110 pounds
Size medium to large
Lifespan 10 – 12 years
Breed-type pure breed
Temperament Quiet, reserved, intelligent, protective, stable, loyal, and loving
Colour Fawn, black, blue, chestnut brindle, grey, red, black brindle
Prices $1000 – $4000

Source: dogbreedlist

Cane Corsos are one of the least expensive dog breeds

You won’t have to pay much money for a puppy. Although they require training and work, Cane Corso loves and is devoted to their family.

Therefore, they should have a firm, knowledgeable dog owner to prevent aggression. Also, it’s crucial to remember that Cane Corsos often dislike strangers despite loving their families.

5. Chihuahua

affordable dog breed
Cute Chihuahua – image by Luke Seago from pexels

Brief Overview Of The Chihuahua

Origin Mexico
Breed group toy dog
Height 6 – 9 inches
Weight 3 – 6 pounds
Size small
Lifespan 12 – 20 years
Breed-type terrier-like demeanour
Temperament Loyal, loving, funny, territorial, alert
Colour White, blue, chocolate, red fawn, black and tan
Prices $400 – $1500

Source: dogbreedlist

Chihuahuas are little dogs with big personalities:

This dog breed adores nothing more than to wrap up in your lap or stay by your side for a long afternoon rest. Due to their natural tenderness and patience while teaching children how to handle them, they can become wonderful friends for kids.

Also, Chihuahuas are one of the cheapest dogs you can get because of their small size, and you won’t spend a lot of money on food or even on veterinarians.

6. Chinese Crested Hairless

pups that are least expensive
A Chinese Crested Hairless – image – by Chiper Catalin from pexels

A Brief Overview Of The Chinese Crested Hairless

Origin China, Mexico, Africa
Breed group toy group
height 9 – 13 inches
Weight 5.1 – 12 pounds
Size small
Lifespan 13 – 15 years
Breed-type powder puff and hairless
Temperament Shy, jealous, and loving
Colour  black white, tan, blue, chocolate, cream,  pink, chocolate, pink, slate, and white
Prices $1200 – $2200

Source: dogbreedlist

Chinese Crested needs to be close to you all the time:

Chinese crested come in two different varieties. You won’t need to spend money on expensive grooming because the Hairless variety has no hair, and the Powder Puff has very little hair.

Additionally, the Chinese Crested is very athletic. They can climb, jump, and sprint even though they don’t need much daily activity.

However, the Chinese Crested Hairless can be the right dog for you if you don’t mind having a small shadow follow you around.

7. Dachshund

Least expensive canines
A brown Dachshund – image – by Dominika Rose clay from pexels

Cheapest Dogs: A Brief Overview Of The Dachshund

Origin Germany
Breed group Hound group
Height 12 -19 inches
Weight 11 – 32 pounds
Size standard-sized
Lifespan 12-16 years
Breed-type smooth, wired, long coated
Temperament Devoted, playful, curious
Colour Solid red, black, tan, red and tan,
Prices $500 – $4000

Source: dogbreedlist

Cheapest Dogs: They are excellent family pets

This dog breed is intelligent, playful, and small enough to live comfortably in an apartment. However, when they are bored, they bark.

Furthermore, given the proper attention, training, and care, your Dachshund will make a delightful, playful part of the family. Also, they are readily available and cost-effective in shelters.

8. Dalmatians Is Another Cheapest Dogs

prices of canines
White and black coated Dalmatian – image – by Bethany Ferr from pexels

A Brief Overview Of A Dalmatian

 Origin Croatia
Breed group non-sporting group
Height 22 – 24 inches
Weight 45 – 70 pounds
Size medium-sized
Lifespan 11 – 16 years
Breed-type pointers and spotted Great Dane
Temperament Sociable, Affectionate, Intelligent, Loyal
Colour White with black spots or brown spots
Prices $500 – $1200

Source: dogbreedlist

Cheapest Dogs: Dalmatian dogs love running:

They need a fenced home and require a family to exercise it daily. Also, Dalmatian dog needs positive training from a young age to help them learn proper behaviour rules.

Other things to consider when getting a  Dalmatian is they are either born fully or partially deaf. Therefore, training can be challenging if you aren’t committed to doing the necessary work.

However, they do not have many other health problems and are one of the cheapest dogs you can get regarding veterinary bills.

9. Cheapest Dogs: English Bulldog

English Bull dog
A brown English Bulldog – image – by Freestocksorg from pexels

A Brief Overview Of An English Bulldog

 Origin England
Breed group non-sporting dog
Height 14 – 15 inches
Weight 40 – 50 pounds
Size sturdy small
Lifespan 8 – 10 year
Breed-type Mastiff
Temperament Friendly, calm, confident, courageous
Colour White, red, fawn, brindle, chocolate, black, tri-colour, blue
Prices $1500 – $4500

Source: dogbreedlist

Cheapest Dogs: The English Bulldog has high energy

They are affectionate, peaceful, and loving and don’t need expensive grooming. Additionally, Bulldog requires minimal maintenance overall.

However, they are persuaded to exercise to avoid gaining weight because they prefer to sleep all day. Due to excessive weight, they can have respiratory and health issues.

We’ve reached the end of the article that talks about the Cheapest Dogs You Can Adopt In The United States. Stay tuned for more articles related to the topic; Cheapest Dogs. You might find the article Most Popular Small Dog Breed interesting.

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