Fila Brasileiro, Chow Chow, Jack Russell Terrier, and the Rottweiler are dangerous dog breeds an average person should not own. These dogs either have huge energy drives or are somewhat challenging to train.

Even though dogs are regarded as man’s best friend, this opinion can quickly change if one of these animals attacks a person.

In reality, any dog has the potential to bite you. No dog breed offers a 100% assurance that it won’t attack, not the 180-pound Saint Bernard or even the 6-pound Chihuahua. However, most dog attacks are carried out by poorly socialized dogs.

The top six dog breeds the average person should not own are listed below.

Dangerous Dog Breed, An Average Person, Should Not Own

1. Border Collie

dangerous canine
A Border Coolie lying on a grass

A Border Collie is not just an average dog, should you own this dog breed. Some consider this dog breed stubborn and defiant to instructions. However, as the brightest dog, they require an insane amount of physical exercise and mental stimulation.

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Border Collies are often lively, even-tempered, and eager to please, making them an excellent option for a family companion.

They get along nicely with children and other pets if properly introduced. Border Collies are pumped up and eager to work or play. Certainly not a lap dog. Walking a Border Collie for 15 minutes on a leash is like showing someone only the first 15 seconds of an excellent movie.

You can’t just throw a ball to a Border Collie once; he/she expects it every 12 seconds. Border collies are clever dogs but consider them seriously before purchasing one.

They must be given jobs to complete, or they will create their own. And you’re not going to like it. This dog breed requires physical activity. It’s not simply the physical. They require both mental and social stimulation.

2. Rottweiler Dangerous Dog Breed

dogs that are dangerous
A black Rottweiler

Although the Rottweiler breed gets a horrible reputation in many respects, it is not for the average person. Rottweilers are extremely bright and simple to teach.

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The Rottweiler dog breed appreciates rules, routines, and extremely clear-cut scenarios, but their protectiveness may make them difficult to deal with individuals who they mistakenly believe are dangerous to their owners, territory, or themselves.

If not properly trained and equipped, Rottweilers are physically strong and tough to handle. When a Rottweiler sees something or someone, it’s difficult to turn them off; it’s as if they don’t hear or see anything else.

This implies that it’s fantastic as a guard dog against intruders trying to get into your property, but it isn’t very pleasant when the neighbour’s taunting cat runs into your backyard.

3. Fila Brasileiro

dangerous pup breeds
A black and white Fila Brasileiro

The Fila, often known as the Brazilian Mastiff, resembles an oversized bloodhound.  Fila are big dogs that may weigh 110-115 pounds for males and 85-90 pounds for females. These incredible dogs were and still are used for hunting jaguars and peccaries.

They were taught to tackle and restrain their prey until their master arrived to deal with whatever was seized. Their duty eventually expanded to herd protector and all-around watchdog.

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The Filas dog breed could also be dangerous and is also capable of causing some havoc. Their bite is similar to that of a Rottweiler, and their instinct is to utilize their strength to knock their victim off its feet, allowing the Fila to grab the quarry in their strong jaws.

Their bark is loud and strong, comparable to the Boerboel (called South African Mastiff), which possesses one of the dog world’s loudest barks.

What makes the Fila Brasileiro unsuitable for the average owner? Because the Fila requires an owner who can devote a significant amount of time to socializing and training them to make them a safe companion.

4. Jack Russell Terrier

dog breed you should not own
A Jack Russells dog

Jack Russells are amazing dogs that the average person should avoid or, at the very least, consider carefully. Jacks are extremely intelligent and attentive dogs.

Most Jack Russells, like other terriers, are born killers, but differently. The first thing a Jack Russell puppy will do with a plush toy is vigorously shaken it and break its neck. They’re still commonly employed on farms for rodent control, and they’re stubborn to the point of becoming psychologically unstable.

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If a potential owner is not prepared to deal with that level of dog ferocity, he or she should pick a more peaceful breed.

 5. German Shepherd

socialized dog breed
German Shepherd dog lying down

This dog breed is lovely, confident, and loyal but requires daily activity or may grow impatient and irritating. They are supposed to shed their hair often.

It is critical to understand that this breed is a robust and dominating breed that requires early socialization with other dogs and people, so they don’t become dangerous to you or your family. Failure to do so considerably increases the dog’s likelihood of becoming dangerous.

They serve as the ideal guard and protection dogs. It’s customary to them. However, one of the characteristics that makes them so good at these duties is their lack of sensitivity to affection. They are not regarded as a “friendly” breed. They don’t like outsiders touching them and closely monitor individuals who aren’t part of their pack.

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German Shepherds are known to form attachments to one person in their pack and follow that person wherever they go.

This becomes aggravating since they also have a hard time moving out of the way or coming in second through a doorway. The average person should not possess this breed.

6. Chow Chow Dangerous Dog Breed

stubborn canine breeds
A brown chow chow

Chow Chows are lovely and affectionate but are not for the ‘average’ person. Prone to medical conditions such as Entropion (rolling eyelids), knee problems, cancer (Chows are more susceptible than other breeds to get stomach cancer), and anaesthetic danger owing to the small snout.

Also, they are expensive to keep and can be hostile if they are not socialized early and frequently.

When left to their own devices, they tend to be one-family/one-person pets. They might also be protective of their family. You must have a strong will and a kind touch with this breed. They will not respond well to either a gentle or a firm hand.

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It takes a lot of skill to keep these dangerous dog breeds in line while keeping them happy and sociable. They’re also incredibly headstrong/independent, which must be ‘guided’ into constructive rather than harmful activity. They become bored with repetition in tasks such as obedience; there are other issues, but these are the major ones.

We’ve reached the end of the article that talks about the Top 6 Dangerous Dog Breeds The Average Person Should Not Own. Stay tuned for more articles related to the Top 6 Dangerous Dog Breeds The Average Person Should Not Own. You might find the article: The Border Collie Breed: What You Need To Know interesting.

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