One of the first designer dog breeds was the Peekapoo. The Peekapoo is a cross between a Pekingese and a Poodle commonly produced in the US. Several breeders crossed this breed for its low-shedding coat and personality like other hybrids.

This lively small dog was bred as a companion and is very friendly, but it is also a watchful dog and a brave protector. It demands continuous company but will provide unwavering loyalty in return.

The Peekapoo can be more Poodle or Pekingese-like. Still, the two breeds provide most of their children with certain predictable features. Hybrid dogs range in appearance and behaviour between the two extremes of their parents.

The Pekingese and its crossbred puppies are headstrong canines. Also, they are instinctively distrustful of outsiders, which is why they make excellent watchdogs.

This breed doesn’t always enjoy the attention of young children because it can demonstrate this parent’s sensitivity and tendency to snap when upset.

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Peekapoos are undoubtedly easier to teach than Pekingese. Still, they can be stubborn and may require encouragement to perform at their best. The Poodle, on the other hand, contributes to its brain.

Designer dog breeds are active dogs who need a surprising lot of exercise. Still, those who inherit the Pekingese’s flat face are susceptible to respiratory problems and overheating. Additionally, they often require extra care in warm weather.

The average lifespan of a Peekapoo is 13 to 15 years.

Pekingese And A Poodle Dog Breed

designer dog breeds
pekingese and poodle dog mix – image by t.masumasumasuma from instagram

History The Designer Dog Breed

One of the first hybrids to become well-known and sought-after was the Peekapoo. It has always been primarily a companion dog. However, it makes an excellent security dog thanks to its reputation for fury in the face of threats.

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It can be overly noisy. Like many other dogs who share this trait, they bark ceaselessly and loudly if left unattended. This designer dog breed must go everywhere with its owner and may act out if it’s lonely or otherwise unhappy.

Peekapoo pups are relatively diverse, with various temperaments and physical characteristics present in most litters.

The facial conformation of the Pekingese causes severe lifelong problems. They have shortened and narrow airways restricting airflow. At the same time, they also have protruding eyes, being poorly protected and therefore prone to injury.

It is true even though both parent breeds positively contribute to the characteristics of the Peekapoo.

Appearance Of This Dog Breed

Peekapoos have a wide range of physical characteristics, and there is no breed standard for this designer dog breed. They are all small canines weighing 4 to 9 kg and about 9 to 11 inches tall.

It has relatively delicate bones and a good leg length. The muzzle is often much shorter than the Poodle. It still accounts for at least one-third of the head’s total length to reduce the risk of airway issues.

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If left unclipped, the coat has a moderate length, and a delicate texture, and can be curly or wavy. The designer dog breed most frequently exhibits the following color patterns: Silver, White, Cream, Apricot, Red, Chocolate, and Black.

Character & Temperament

The designer dog breed is a kind and loving pet that consistently prefers to stay with its owner. It is active and vigilant, constantly aware of its surroundings. Furthermore, it is also quick to look into and raise the alarm if something seems out of the ordinary.

It is also a dog that is incredibly devoted to its owners, sensitive to their moods, and ready to stand up for them in any circumstance.

It needs proper socialization from when it is a puppy to avoid becoming overly defensive or sensitive when addressed by individuals outside the family because it is inherently suspicious of strangers.

Although it is fun and active enough to get along with older kids, it rarely enjoys being alone with smaller, less respectful kids. It frequently has clear boundaries regarding how much poking it will accept before snapping.

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Because Peekapoos are small, you can harm them easily. They might not be the best choice for homes with larger pet dogs; they will typically get along with other small pets if nurtured.

Trainability Of A Designer Dog Breed

Peekapoos can be stubborn, a relic of one of the less attractive characteristics of the Pekingese, although they are typically quite bright.

They may be trained to a pretty high quality since, in general, they desire to please their owners. However, in addition to the praise and affection that all dogs need, they may need to use low-calorie treats as incentives during training sessions.

These little designer dog breeds might get resentful or sad if they feel they are being pushed too hard during training. Therefore using loud voices or physical punishment does not work.

Exercise and Activity Levels

Although this designer dog breed is incredibly versatile and can live indoors, most Peekapoos are energetic.

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They enjoy taking long walks or even running with their owners. However, those with brachycephalic airway syndrome won’t be able to exert themselves to the same extent and may have to lead more sedentary lifestyles.

Grooming Of Designer Dog Breeds

Most Peekapoo require a monthly bath to keep their light, wavy coats clean, and you should groom them regularly with a brush or comb.

Regular clipping, which may be necessary every six to eight weeks, depending on how quickly the hair grows, can tremendously assist this at-home regimen.

Tear overflow from the eyes, causing a dark streak to run down each side of the face in many Peekapoos.

Although the related hair discoloration is only a cosmetic concern, it may be reversed or prevented by using a tear stain remover solution or wipes.

Dental care is crucial for Peekapoos. Daily brushing should begin when they are puppies to make it a stress-free and regular habit.


Although most designer dog breeds are healthy, you should pick them as carefully as you would choose a pedigree dog, even if the majority are healthy. Unfortunately, a small proportion can develop some genetic disorders in the parent breeds.

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Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Adult dogs lose their sight as a result of eye nerve cell degeneration. For all breeding Poodles, who are particularly susceptible to this genetic illness, a blood test is available to determine carrier status.

Dental Disease

Particularly vulnerable to tooth crowding, periodontal disease, and other dental issues are designer dog breed with relatively small jaws. It’s crucial to wash their teeth each day.

Von Willebrand’s Disease

This disease can cause them to bleed uncontrollably and profusely. It is because of abnormal platelet activity in their body.

Haemolytic Anaemia

This is an autoimmune disorder wherein red blood cells are attacked and degraded, decreasing their ability to carry oxygen. Depending on how quickly this happens, it could result in hazy signs of drowsiness and an accelerated breathing rate, acute symptoms of collapse, or even instant death.

Patellar Luxation

This disease causes the kneecap to move outside of its natural groove position above the knee joint, which causes one or both hindlimbs to skip occasionally.

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