Yes, German shepherds smell, depending on how you groom them, and they don’t particularly have a powerful odor. Despite this, each dog breed has its own natural scent, so you should still anticipate it from this breed.

german shepherds smell
german Shepherd – photo by jana ohajdova from unsplash

However, they have a more significant propensity for odor if not kept well-groomed and maintained due to their hair type and long coat.

Unfortunately, German shepherds will have some dog odor, just like any other breed. It is a slight drawback to having a dog. All dogs have a distinct smell in addition to the mess, which is especially difficult when they are tiny puppies.

Your house will probably smell like one if you have a dog too. Most individuals don’t like it; some grow accustomed to it, and some even find the smell comfortable. Not because we love them any less but because some dogs have more odor than others. In general, German shepherds do not fit under this category.

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They occasionally can smell worse than other canines. In the following parts, we’ll discuss why this is important to talk about how to avoid, prevent, and lessen those unpleasant, offensive odors.

Why Does My German Shepherd Smell Bad?

German Shepherds frequently have offensive odors from bad food, poor grooming, or dirty bedding.

German shepherds are entertaining, devoted, and active—they never stop. They like swimming, running, and rolling about on the ground to get dirty and smell.

Their fur is usually moist if your German Shepherd has had a long walk in the rain on a hot day. When it dries, this will smell.

Although you may clarify this with bath shampoo, there are other reasons your dog can smell. Just be sure you choose a safe pet shampoo.

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Poor Quality Diet

Just like it is for us humans, food plays an essential role in a dog’s existence. You should be aware of the consequences of eating the incorrect foods.

Your German Shepherd may experience serious stomach problems if they consume a poor diet.

Poor-quality, nutritionally-deficient food will undoubtedly cause discomfort and occasionally pain to your dog’s digestive system.

Flatulence, diarrhea, and bad breath are just a few issues that will make your dog smell terrible. Have you ever eaten onions or garlic and discovered hours later that your breath or sweat still smelled? This same rule also applies to your pets.

Because many dogs are lactose intolerant, it is advisable to exclude this from your dog’s diet entirely.

Too Much Diet Variety

A variety of diets for your German Shepherd is another reason why they could smell more than expected. German Shepherds usually do not like too much diversity in their diet.

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Many German shepherds have delicate stomachs, making it difficult to absorb more than two different kinds of food.

It is advisable to keep the variety in their diet limited and only increase it once they are comfortable with their diet. Follow a regular feeding pattern that includes “safe” foods. Once you start introducing new meals, you can quickly identify a bad actor.

It’s also crucial to minimize or use caution while giving away scraps. Furthermore, it’s not advisable for dogs, even German shepherds, to eat excessive herbs, spices, and seasonings.

Inadequate Grooming Of Your German Shepherd

To eradicate underlying smell in your German Shepherd, they need regular grooming. Occasional baths are necessary, but it is more crucial if they get muddy or soiled on a walk.

In either case, they need frequent brushing because they are a breed known for having an untidy coat and for shedding a lot.

Beyond this, they are susceptible to overheating if you allow their coat to grow too long, especially in the summer. Regular painting is a definite indicator of this.

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To prevent tooth decay, which can result in various health problems, you should brush your dog’s teeth at least once daily. It is also a frequent contributor to poor breath.

You will notice that the wax inside your dog’s ear can start to smell if it builds up and you do not clean it regularly. It would help to clean your dog’s ear since germs inside the ears can cause ear infections.

Even if you can frequently clean your dog’s ears by yourself, a dog groomer or veterinarian can do it better. Suppose you have any worries about your dog’s ears or do not feel comfortable doing it yourself.

Dirty Dog Bedding

Because germs and other residues can stay inside the mattress and produce unpleasant odors, you should regularly wash and sanitize your German Shepherd’s bedding.

Your dog will continue to smell unpleasant even after you wash them since the bad scents from the bed will transfer to and from them.

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Never re-place wet bedding in your dog’s bed; always ensure it is entirely dry before doing so.

I Want My German Shepherd To Smell Better?

It’s reasonable to expect a little odor here; it is manageable, preventable, and curable.

Here is a crucial warning: if any stench is powerful, persistent, or does not go away, this could be an indication of an underlying medical problem.

In this situation, visiting a veterinarian would be your best option. However, you should eliminate unpleasant odors if you desire a welcoming and hygienic environment.

Try to determine what changes have occurred in your German Shepherd’s diet or environment if they have only started to smell foul lately.

A lousy diet or too much variety can make him ill. Still, stress can also harm your dog’s physical and emotional health, making him smell unpleasant.

Let’s examine how to resolve these problems and improve your German Shepherd’s odor:

Feed your German Shepherd High-Quality Food

We’ve talked about how bad food can make your German Shepherd sick and make them smell.

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Stop giving your dog poor-quality food to combat this and provide them with a well-balanced and nutritious diet.

Feeding your dog grains and starches is not a good idea. They are unsuitable for their health and well-being and have little nutritional value; flatulence may also result from them.

Including raw food, such as fresh produce, in your dog’s daily diet is advisable. Just use caution while eating any veggies vital in sulfur, such as broccoli, as doing so can result in highly offensive odors.

Groom Your German Shepherd Regularly

Sometimes, German shepherds require a bath to reduce the smell, and you should use a dog-friendly product to do this.

Because humans and dogs have different skin PHs, using a typical shampoo made for humans might result in itchiness, dermatitis, and other skin-related problems.

A dog shampoo that will treat these problems while being kind to your dog’s skin is the best kind of shampoo to use.

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Your German Shepherd’s ears need to receive extra attention. GSDs are susceptible to ear infections.

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