Looking for a pet to call your best friend? The best option is a Doberdoodle. With all of his strength and passion, this big dog will adore you fiercely.

A Doberman and a Standard Poodle crossed to create the Doberdoodle. The result of the cross is a puppy that is highly affectionate and playful but capable of alertness and forcefulness when required.
Also, they are a huge furry package with a Doberman’s protective instinct and a Poodle’s intelligence. Therefore the Doberdoodle is the ideal dog for you if you want a dog you can play with during the day and who can watch over you at night. They make excellent watchdogs.

History of a Doberman Poodle Mix

We must reflect on the hybrid’s beginnings to properly appreciate its uniqueness. It helps to educate yourself regarding the Doberman Poodle mix’s parents.

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all about doberdoodles
A cute Doberdoodle – image credit: the Goody Pet

Doberman Pinscher

In the 1890s, Germany was the birthplace of the Doberman Pinscher breed. According to Wikipedia, Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann Apolda, of Thuringia, Germany, the tax collector and dog catcher who ran the Apolda dog pound, developed these breeds. His goal in breeding this species was to have a guardian to keep him safe as he went door to door collecting taxes.

Dobermans gained popularity as military, police, and guard dogs. During World War II, Doberman Pinschers served as guardians, messengers, and scouts, and then they played a significant role in the 1945 Battle of Okinawa. Then, in 1908, the American Kennel Club (AKC) recognized this breed.

all about doberdoodles
A Doberman lying down on grass – image – by Pixabay


This dog breed came from Germany and is one of the oldest. Poodles were water dogs used for hunting, but their intelligence and beauty quickly made them famous as show dogs.

Also, they initially developed them to serve as water retrievers. The Poodle was responsible for delivering birds such as ducks to their rightful owners. Today, some waterfowl hunters still use them.

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Some historians think that one of the ancestors of the Poodle was the North African Barbet, which was brought to the Iberian Peninsula. The breed later travelled to Gaul, where it trained for its capacity for hunting. The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognized the Poodle in 1887.

doberdoodle dog breeds
A beautiful Poodle lying on the grass – image – by Pixabay from Pexels

Characteristics Of A Doberdoodle


Doberdoodles are extremely clever dogs who make good listeners. Because of their brilliance, they get bored quickly. Thus it is essential to keep them mentally engaged at all times to prevent boredom from ever setting in because if it does, they will turn destructive.

Therefore they are highly loyal and will stick to you like glue, and they don’t do well when left alone for extended periods.

Furthermore, the Doberdoodle is not compatible with other dogs unless socialized from an early age. Due to their Doberman ancestry, these puppies are territorial and become agitated when seeing other dogs. These highly devoted puppies will stand by you no matter what happens. For just this reason, they make excellent watchdogs.

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Doberdoodle size

Doberdoodles are generally medium-sized or large dogs.

Are Doberdoodles family dogs

Doberdoodles are household pets. They enjoy playing with people and have separation anxiety if their owners do not pay them enough attention. Natural protectors of the people they care about, Doberdoodle.

How to feed a Doberdoodle

Feed your Doberdoodle puppy regular dog chow made from top-notch, wholesome ingredients. Adult Doberman crossbreeds need three to four cups of food daily, and Puppies need roughly 1/2 to 1 cup of dog food daily.

They need high-quality meals to stay healthy and happy. Ask your veterinarian if you’re unclear about which brands to feed your dog. Don’t overfeed them during the day, please.

Over time, their calories could add up and result in weight gain. Never add or change another food without seeking advice from your veterinarian and an expert in animal nutrition.

Needs for exercise

Due to their size, Doberdoodles require one to two hours of exercise daily. For your Doodleman, you can split the exercise activity into two periods and space them throughout the day. Exercise for 30 minutes to an hour in the morning and 30 minutes to an hour in the evening.

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Doodleman Pinschers are powerful, energetic dogs that make great jogging partners. Doberdoodle is also capable of fetching and other vigorous exercises. He uses some of his energy while remaining active and content.

Additionally, if you don’t give him enough exercise, he finds other channels for his energy, like chewing, barking, or digging. Ensure they don’t need any more activity until they are ten months old. If he’s younger, his legs won’t be mature enough.

Doberdoodles Health

Compared to other dogs, who live up to 12–15 years, this dog has a longer lifespan. Additionally, the majority of the time, this dog is in decent health, but they are vulnerable to the following conditions:

Instability Syndrome

A genetic disorder called Wobbler’s syndrome causes the spinal cord of Doberdoodles to contract or get crushed. The dog suffers from severe back discomfort and neck and limb pain, and Wobbler’s syndrome results in paralysis if things go wrong.

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Additionally, Doberdoodles are prone to thyroid or hypothyroidism, which results in various health issues like obesity, sluggishness, hair loss, and even epilepsy. Your dog has to take the proper medication, follow a specific diet, and visit your veterinarian to prevent and treat hypothyroidism.


Heart muscle weakness and excessive thinning are symptoms of cardiomyopathy. Due to this illness, the body cannot pump enough blood to function correctly, leading to heart failure.

Gastric Dilatation Volvulus

For Doberdoodles, gastric dilatation volvulus, or GDV, is potentially fatal. In this medical condition, the stomach swells and becomes bloated from fluids, gas, or both. The Doberdoodle feels full after eating it, and they occasionally throw you, which lowers blood pressure. Your dog could die from this illness if not treated on time.

Hip Dysplasia

The positioning of the thighs and the hip joint is another prevalent health issue in Doberdoodle, and the dog consequently has a lot of pain and movement problems.

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Grooming of Doberdoodles

When it comes to this dog, daily brushing is recommended as it will maintain their coat free of any tangles, knots, debris, or matted fur. Also, Doberdoodles should only bathe when required because frequent exposure to soap and water can dry and irritate their skin. Keep their eyes and ears clean, and brush their teeth frequently.

Doberdoodle Coat and Colours

A Doberdoodle is a cross between a Doberman and a poodle. The Doberman has short hair, whereas the Poodle’s long hair is curly. Doberdoodles have long coats that reach 2 to 4 inches and be straight like the Doberman or curly like the Poodle.

In either case, they shed very little, and brushing them prevents mats and tangles rather than reducing shedding. They need frequent grooming to keep them looking their finest always. They have coats of indifferent colours such as black, red, gold, grey, blue, and brown.

How much does a Doberdoodle cost

When buying a Doberdoodle puppy, you must be mindful of your location, the breeder’s reputation, and their parents. All these can affect the puppy price if you live in the USA. A Doberdoodle Puppy price is between $375-$1000, while the average annual medical expense is $485-$650.

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The Doberman Poodle combination is excellent for a pet if you enjoy mixed breeds. This dog is loving and affectionate, and they enjoy playing with your family members and pets. Therefore, they need extended walks, runs, or swims for at least 60 to 90 minutes each day due to their enormous size, which makes them unsuitable for limited spaces.

In addition, these animals should have regular brushings and also shouldn’t be left alone for too long since they can easily acquire separation anxiety. Furthermore, this type of dog requires a family environment with lots of space and constant human companionship.

Similarly, a Doberman has often been used as a police dog and guard dog, which has caused people to think that this breed is aggressive. While it does have an innate tendency for aggression, many breeders are now trying to remove this.

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