Regarding a Dog’s awareness, they know that people are not dogs. Animals’ awareness of other species and reactions to them can be strange and exciting. Studies state that dogs have a mental category as “human.” If they identify something as falling into that category, they treat it differently.

They don’t go up to another dog and drop a toy, expecting the dog to throw it to play fetch. It accidentally identifies realistic statues as human and often offers them a fetching toy.

Humans and dogs smell, look, and behave differently, so when your dog interacts with you, he signals that you’re a human, not a canine. But again, the fact that your dog knows that you’re not a dog doesn’t mean he won’t identify with you or have a strong bond.

Dogs Know that people aren’t dogs.

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Dogs Awareness – Indicators Of Comfort And Discomfort In A Dog

Signs Your Dog Is Comfortable Or Uncomfortable With Someone While it’s important to know that dogs react differently to people, look for a few general signs discussed below.


One of the ways you can tell when your dog is comfortable with someone is when he wags his tail and barks excitedly. Interestingly, dogs’ barking sounds different depending on their mood, much like a human’s voice. So if you hear your puppy barking excitedly, he probably recognizes the person standing before him.


He may also jump up at you and try to lick you in greeting. Ears are erect, and the dog’s body language is probably noticeably excited.

If your dog is uncomfortable with a new person, you will notice that he barks at the person but does not wag his tail or jump up at him. Once he has sniffed the new person and reassured you that all is well, he may leave your friend alone.

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However, if your dog feels threatened, he may put on his ears and growl at the person. If your dog starts acting aggressively, getting him away from the new person is essential. If your dog is excited to meet new people, he may show some of the signs above, but otherwise, he seems eager to meet the person.

Dogs Awareness – Learning How Dogs Think

Although we can never fully understand what your dog is thinking or feeling, we can know that your dog probably knows that you are not a dog like him. But just because your dog knows you’re different doesn’t make his relationship with you any less valuable. Your dog still looks up to you when it comes to feeding, playing with, and petting him daily!

Dogs Awareness – Do Dogs Recognize Humans By Smell?

If you’re looking for a short answer to the question, “Does my dog think I’m a dog?” the answer is No. Dogs can tell you’re not a dog because you smell so good.

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Dogs have similar senses as humans, but their sense of smell is much more developed than ours. The average dog’s sense of smell is up to 100,000 times better than the average human.

They can also process more information based on smell, including identifying the type of animal they are facing.

Dogs Awareness – What Humans Do That Make Dogs Worry

Leaving Them Alone

As natural social people, dogs make friends quickly. Puppies are eager to spend time with other dogs, people, and other creatures willing to interact with them socially.

They usually play, rest, explore, and travel in the company of humans. Yet, we typically leave dogs alone: at home, in kennels, or veterinary clinics.

In these situations, naïve dogs cannot be sure we will ever return to pick them up. Only after some experience are they likely to expect a reunion, and even then, their experience depends on the context.

At home, we can try to enforce dog-free zones. Of course, many dogs protest this. How can they live with their human social group if there is a separation behind impenetrable barriers?

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It explains why dogs often demand to be let into the house when their human family is there and why dogs with separation issues often find comfort in being in the place.


The way humans use their front legs starkly contrasts with how dogs do. We usually use them to carry large objects that a dog would have to drag, but we also use them to hug each other and express affection.

Dogs clasp each other in scuffles but also in mating and fighting. If another dog holds them, a quick escape is not possible. How are puppies supposed to know the meaning of a hug from a human when this behavior from a dog could be threatening?

Share Territories

Dogs have a very good awareness of their territories. We visit other dogs’ territory, take their scents, and allow unfamiliar human and canine visitors to enter our home. Dogs have not evolved to accept such intruders and threats to their safety and resources.

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We should not be surprised if our dogs are suspicious of visitors or are treated with hostility when we bring them into other dogs’ homes.

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