In dog-owner relationships, dogs touch you when they lie next to you because they see their owner as their Alpha and protector. It is a form of bonding for the dog with its owner.

A dog will always want to be around its owner if he bonds well with the owner.

When a dog keeps touching you when he sleeps or lays next to you, it means he is looking for attention, protection, affection, treats, or warmth.

For these reasons, your dog might touch you if he is asleep. Please take note that it is normal for him to act that way.

Dog-Owner Relationship – Reasons why dogs touch their owners.

Normal Pack Behavior In Dog-Owner Relationship

It is a standard pack behavior of animals. When members of the pack lie down for the night, they overlap and touch each other. So they feel protected, maintain a pecking order, like roughly beta on alpha, gamma on beta, and establish a group alert system.

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If one of the members on the outer edge gets attacked, their movement alerts the rest of the pack. Wolves and other dogs do the same thing. Dogs are pack animals. If you look at a litter of puppies, they are usually pretty close together when they sleep. If your dog lies with his back to you, he tries to tell you two things.

First, he recognizes you as a member of his pack, and second, he trusts you not to turn his back on you, and a fearful dog will not turn his back on you.

Alpha Dog-Owner Relationship

Dogs see their owners as alpha dogs and will want to stalk and touch them. Just be careful not to roll over and crush the dog if it is small.

If a dog lies down and intentionally puts part of his body in contact with you, it signifies that he thinks you are unique. Perhaps you are the dog’s alpha or someone the dog believes will protect him from danger.

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It is an act of bonding and something we dog owners welcome and appreciate in our dogs. Dogs are often very subtle about this, and you may not always notice it until you or the dog has switched positions.

Dog-Owner Relationship Touch For Comfort

Your dog wants to touch you because it is comforting to him. He is a pack animal and needs to feel that you are close to him. It is also a sign of love and devotion to you. Your dog shows you that he trusts you completely.

He is vulnerable when he snuggles up to you. It is most likely that it finds sleeping and being touched by you more comfortable. It is more likely if it prefers to sleep there rather than in its crib, puts its head on you, and does not exhibit behavioral problems.

Dogs Are Encouraged

You could encourage him to do this behavior by giving him things he wants when he does it. If you provide him with something like back or belly rubs when he is sleeping and touching you, he will likely do that more often to get more rewards.

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Instead, it would help to take him away from you and reward him when he lays down the way you want him to.

Dogs Are Clingy

It could be that the dog is just being clingy. It is more likely if it tends to let you rub its belly or back before going to sleep.


Maybe it has separation anxiety and wants to know when you are leaving. It is more likely if it shows signs of stress when you are about to leave the house and if it tends to sleep or lie down during the day while touching you. But only before you leave the house and not after you arrive home.

Dog-Owner Relationship For Treats

Your dog may also be lying next to you because it could also be that it is waiting to get something from you. It is more likely if it does this more often at the time, you usually give it treats, such as food or a walk.

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Conclusion On Dog-Owner Relationship

In addition to the answers already given about comfort, security, belonging, bonding, and affection, there is a hormonal reason for this behavior in dogs and humans. Both parties rely on oxytocin to bond.

It is the hormone responsible for a mother’s love. When dogs and humans make eye and body contact, oxytocin production increases in both species.

We want to be in contact to establish and maintain a loving bond. In many cases, it’s not just that dogs enjoy being in touch with people, but we humans benefit from it as well. Oxytocin promotes bonding, provides a sense of well-being, and lowers heart rate and blood pressure.

A dog will touch you so he can continue protecting you. Sometimes even while he is relaxing or sleeping.

If you move, he will be alerted because he senses you are moving. And is essential because he will prefer to turn away from you, usually towards the room’s main entrance, while keeping an eye on you by touch.

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He will also prefer to touch your legs and thighs, snuggling up to you with his thighs. Because that is where the largest muscles of both animals are. The dog can quickly feel your energy and share warmth and energy.

If you push the dog off the bed, he may settle in between you and the door or block the door. So you can step over him when you want to leave the room.

“Dog Sleeping 101.” The dog never wants to miss anything you are doing; he will use his body to sense that you are “still there,” and he always feels obligated to protect you.

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