Dog tail docking prevents injuries. However, the Doberman tail docking began because it has many characteristics that make it suitable as a guard dog. Besides the fact that a natural Doberman looks extremely pleasant and friendly.

The practice of docking the tail and clipping the ears made the Doberman appear more aggressive and fearsome. A comparison between a natural Doberman and one with mutilated ears and bottom clearly shows the significant difference in their appearance.

However, cutting a dog’s tail is an unnecessary and cruel practice, just like many human cultural traditions.

There are no severe risks that would not apply to any other breed with a long tail, such as bruising from bumping or getting caught.

When you view it that way, the only particular “risk” is that some may not recognize the dog as a Doberman.

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Docking Tails Causes Many Harmful Or Potentially Harmful Risks.

Body Language To Communicate

People deny the Doberman the right to be a whole dog and use its tail. Like all dogs, the tail is part of its body language to communicate with other dogs.

Risk Of Getting Ostracized

You risk getting ostracized by all dog lovers for imposing an unnecessary, fashion-only procedure on your dog.

Dog Becomes Aggressive

Your Doberman, as mentioned above, will appear much more aggressive than a dog in its natural state. This can unnecessarily scare or frighten some people.

Illegal In Many Countries

In many countries, docking a dog’s tail and cropping ears is illegal. Would you have a leg cut if it suddenly became fashionable to have dogs with three legs? Surely they could still get around and attract more attention than a similar four-legged dog, but that’s hardly the point.

There are probably far better reasons for cutting off the penises of human males. However, fewer reasons exist why we cut off Dobermans’ tails and other breeds’ tails.

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Incredibly Long Tail

The tails of Dobermans tails are incredibly long. Just like the tails of pit bulls, they are also quite robust.

Dropping Things

If you don’t dock the tail, the most significant danger is dropping a few things off the coffee table or cracking a laptop screen. Other than that, there are no dangers.

Unrecognizable As Dobermans

Dobermans are almost unrecognizable as Dobermans when un-cropped, but they look better that way.

Your Pet May Injure Its Tail As A Result of Docking

For a normal pet, there are minimal, if any, risks. A working dog is at risk of using its tail during an emergency and getting injured.

Reports indicate that a condition called “happy tail” is more common in “traditionally docked breeds” than in non-docked breeds. However, in most pets, even an increased “happy tail” risk is still low enough that docking for prevention is foolish.

Docking Tails – Why Are The Tails Of Dobermans Docked?

Cutting ta in Dobermans and other dog breeds has been common practice for several years. In the past, dog owners docked their animals’ tails to reduce the risk of rabies. At the same time, it increases walking speed, strengthens the back, and reduces the risk of tail injuries.

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Many dog owners have recently opted to dock their tails for cosmetic and aesthetic reasons.

As a result, organizations like the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) have strongly criticized these practices. Dogs’ tails and ears inflict great pain on them, whether the dog is a puppy or an adult.

In earlier years, the breed standard of dog associations in various countries was that dogs should have their ears docked and tails cropped. However, recently there has been a complete reversal.

Kennel clubs no longer accept dogs with cosmetic alterations such as docked tails or cropped ears and exclude them from competing. Although cropping dogs’ ears and tails are still allowed in the United States, veterinarians advise against it.

The reason for docking and cropping was to prevent ear infections and minimize the risk of tail injuries.

Although there is no concrete evidence of ear infections being prevented by docking. The floppy ears of Dobermans get frequently injured during work, and tail docking minimizes the risk of injury. Still, no data shows a decrease in accidents from docked tails.

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The Doberman is a breed where cutting the tail is sometimes essential. Dobermans are guard dogs by nature, and it is their instinct to protect their owners even when they sense danger.

Docking Tails – Likelihood Of Injuries

In such a situation, Dobermans may injure their tails; the likelihood of such an injury is much higher if they are trained dogs working for a security organization.

Many governments have banned cropping in their countries. However, some doctors still legally perform the procedures in these countries. The only reason dog owners dock their dogs’ floppy ears is to make them stand up straighter and thus look better.


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