Yes, they get angry due to the relationship between dogs and their puppies. Their maternal instinct is to cater to and provide for their puppies. As humans, it is inherent in them to have the instinct to protect their puppies from any form of harm and danger.

Furthermore, they feel that you want to hurt their puppies. By separating the puppies from their mother, you are depriving them of feeding them.

They also get upset because they will have milk-filled breasts and no one to feed them. It is not uncommon for mother dogs to be upset when you take their puppies away because they will miss their puppies.

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3 Ways Mother Dogs Can Show Displeasure When You Take Their Puppies Away

1. Aggressive Displays

Mother dogs, more often than not, display aggressive behaviors when you come close to them when they are still nursing their puppies. They tend to snarl, growl or even bite if they feel you are a threat to her and her puppies.

When you take away their puppies, their aggression towards you or any stranger increases, and they will display higher levels of aggression whenever you approach them.

2. Depressed And Lethargic

A mother dog can become lethargic and depressed when you take away their puppies. The level of Depression and lethargy depends on the level of emotional connection and attachment they have developed with their puppies.

Do not be surprised if your pet refuses to eat or interacts with you after you take away her puppies. She will prefer to isolate herself in a quiet space to brood and sulk.

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3. Territorial Behavior

Although all dogs are territorial, mother dogs are very territorial. Suppose you take away their puppies; the mother dog will see you as a threat and become more defensive and territorial anytime you come close to her space.

She might lunge, claw or bite you if you encroach into her space. Their defensive instinct is to defend her area and other puppies, if any are left. Since you have become a threat, she will display her displeasure by taking a defensive stance against you.

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Dogs And Their Puppies – When Can I Separate My Puppies From Their Mother

You can separate dogs from their puppies and littermates at eight weeks.

Anything earlier than eight weeks is detrimental to the puppies and their mother. Most puppies can eat well around eight weeks of age.

They will no longer need additional formulas. At this age, they are mobile and aware of their surroundings. Furthermore, they are well-acquainted with the people in their home and, presumably, have also met the other animals.

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They’ve been exposed to a wide range of sights, sounds, and smells, and while they are aware of them, they will not be terrified. These puppies are eight weeks old and ready to leave their mother and siblings for their new home.

Dogs And Their Puppies – Reasons Why Puppies Are Taken Away From Their Mother

1. To Sale Them For Profit

Several breeders are in the breeding industry to raise puppies and fetch good values for them. They take the puppies away from their mothers when they feel they have reached the right age.

Several breeders adhere to the eight-week minimum before separating puppies from their mothers. However, some breeders separate puppies from their mothers as early as 5-6 weeks.

2. To Prevent Canine Infanticide

In some cases, the maternal instincts in the mother dogs do not kick in after giving birth. They sometimes can kill their puppies, and separating them from the mother prevents the mother from killing them.

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3. New pack

Your dog’s puppies will eventually leave her and go off on their own. When the puppies are taken away, they do not show much emotion.

Humans have a strong bond with their siblings and parents, whereas dogs do not. Dogs, after all, live in packs, and when you bring one home, it simply joins a new pack.

4. Illness Or Infections

Some owners and breeders separate puppies from their mothers when they are either sick or suffering from an infection.

It is essential as it can reduce the risk of transferring the infection to other puppies. The separation will ensure that the sick or infected dog will be treated away from the rest of the pack.

5. Injuries

Injuries can also be a reason why they separate puppies from their mothers. When dogs are injured, they tend to want to isolate themselves and tend to their injuries.

Most dogs react aggressively or violently when you disturb them.

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Suppose the injury is to the puppy; the mother dog may choose to discard the puppy using natural selection to cater only to healthy dogs.

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Dogs And Their Puppies – Mother Dogs Rejecting Her Puppies

Even if you don’t want to think of your dog rejecting her puppies, it happens. A dog’s maternal instincts don’t always kick in after she gives birth.

You should know which indicators to look for ahead of time if you want the best chance of protecting her puppies. Your pet’s puppies may die if you don’t intervene during rejection; chances are, you’ll have to play mother dog for a bit and nurse the puppies yourself.

Yes, a mother dog can reject her litter and turn on her puppies, which could be because she is ill. After all, any puppy that appears to be too frail to care for or simply due to a lack of maternal instinct.

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Such conduct could begin as soon as she gives birth or a few days or weeks later. This is why a dog breeder should set aside time each day to monitor the health of each puppy.

Use puppy forms to keep track of each whelp’s weight throughout time and ensure that it grows steadily.

Become mindful that when a dog mother rejects all her puppies, problems become quite clear very quickly: they all scream out of hunger to get her attention.


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