Yes, Labradoodles can swim and love being in the water frequently. However, getting a Labradoodle to swim in a pool or a lake will require training and instructions from the owner.

The Labradoodle is a mixed breed of a Labrador Retriever and a standard Poodle.

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Some dogs are more at ease swimming in water than others, just like humans. This dog breed can work in the water just as its ancestors. At the same time, you can train almost every dog to develop an affinity for water.

This breed is the offspring of the Labrador Retriever, and the Standard, Miniature, or Toy poodle is known as a Labradoodle.

The phrase first debuted in 1955, although it did not immediately gain popularity. Certain Labradoodles have the same hypoallergenic coat as their poodle forebears, so they are a good option for persons with dog hair allergies.

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Labradoodles Facts

Origin Australia
Parents Labrador Retriever, Poodle
Recognition None
Life span 12 – 16 years
Weight 55 – 65 pounds
Height 22 – 24 inches


Do Labradoodles like baths?

They have a range of coat types, but they don’t need baths very often because mud and dirt are probably already coming off.

A Labradoodle that enjoys water can be beneficial in several ways, primarily because playing in water and swimming are relatively gentle forms of exercise. Additionally, it’s excellent to have access to water on a hot day to cool off.

Most Labradoodles enjoy being in the water, so playing in it can be a fantastic method to exercise your dog.

However, don’t push a Labradoodle who doesn’t seem interested in playing in the water.

What makes the Labradoodle a good swimmer?

This dog is a mix of the Labrador Retriever and the Poodle. Both breeds are proficient swimmers and possess the inherent abilities of water dogs.

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A poodle’s function was to bring shot game recovered from the water.

The puzzling show coat that the Poodle once wore served a purpose. You can reduce the dog’s fur to lessen the burden of the coat’s fur absorbing water.

Additionally, the Labrador Retriever developed into a companion for fishers. The Labrador Retriever is an excellent swimmer and has a strong rudder in the form of its tail.

Given that the Labradoodle is a cross between two breeds that enjoy the water, it stands to reason that it would also enjoy swimming.

Teach your Labradoodle to swim

A Labradoodle may not always enjoy playing in the water. However, there are several steps to alter this. What matters most is how you introduce your dog to the water. Playing in the water should be enjoyable and secure, just like all other socialization activities.

Consider several crucial aspects if you want your pet to enjoy playing in the water and swimming. Our tips are below:

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Get the proper equipment

Dog life jackets are trendy, and give your Labradoodle some floating if he gets weary of swimming. Since his head will constantly be above water, it also helps to make swimming more enjoyable.

Get your Labradoodle used to the water.

Your dog must be able to enter and exit the water. Most Labradoodles won’t jump into the water unless they are confident in their ability to leave it.

Make sure your Labradoodle does not get tired of swimming

Make sure your dog has had a lot of practice swimming. Your pet should not exert themselves when swimming or become overly exhausted.

Learn to swim slowly with your labradoodle.

You can use a variety of techniques to teach your labradoodle to swim. However, pushing or putting pressure on him won’t work, and we want him to enjoy the water naturally rather than under pressure.

Finding a beach with easy access to the water is ideal if you want to train your Labradoodle to swim. The perfect habitat does not include large slopes and rocks; it is better to have a flat beach so the dog can choose his speed.

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Treats and toys

Playing with your dog near the water is fun. If your dog enjoys toys, bring a floatable toy. Your labradoodle might even forget that he’s in the water and concentrate on having a good time.

If your dog prefers treats to toys, you can also purchase foods that float. You may toss these into the water so your dog can chase after them while making splashes.

When your dog is more accustomed to the water, try adding more treats or toys, and keep an eye out to see if your dog ever tries to pet them from behind.

Start early

It is advisable to begin training a puppy when they are young when teaching a dog to swim around 12 weeks and older.

Try a small body of water first.

A kiddie pool is a terrific place to start if the puppy can get by just splashing around in the water at first and doesn’t need to learn how to swim. Make sure the puppy enjoys it.

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Start in the shallow end.

Standing in the shallow water area and calling your dog to you is the most incredible technique to teach him to swim. If that doesn’t work, try playing a game of fetch with your favorite Labradoodles toy in the shallow end. Labradors enjoy playing the game of fetch.

Easy access out of the water when needed

If the puppy has to exit the water, it is preferable to give him quick access. Swimming is a strenuous activity that can quickly exhaust a puppy. Whenever your dog is swimming, keep a constant check on him to ensure his safety.

Make it fun

Ensure that you make staying in the water fun and that your pet has a swell time in the water, which is essential for getting used to swimming and playing.

Turn training your Labradoodles to swim into a game

It’s fun to play fetch with a floating toy. To get started, toss the toy close to shore or where the dog can easily access the water.

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Don’t force your Labradoodle to swim if he can not.

The worst method to train your dog to swim is to throw him into a pool. Allow your Labradoodle to become accustomed to the atmosphere and the water.

To determine when your dog is growing tired or is ready for new tasks, pay attention to his cues.

Be safe and ensure your dog wears a life jacket when swimming in large bodies of water with strong currents.

Positive reinforcement

As soon as your dog steps into the water, it would be best to reward them with food and praise immediately. Your Labradoodle’s body will be exposed to new sensations in the water, so you will want to reassure him rapidly.


Labradoodles can swim, indeed! Poodles and Labrador Retrievers, two breeds that love the water, were crossed to create the designer dog known as the Labradoodle. Not all Labradoodles enjoy being in the water.

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Proper water socialization will ensure that your Labradoodle likes the water. And enjoys aquatic activities.

You can engage in various water sports with your Labradoodle if you want. The variety of water sports that Labradoodles can enjoy includes kayaking, surfing, and dock diving.

When necessary, get a top-notch life jacket for your dog, and keep their ears clean!

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