Are you considering getting a dog as a pet? The major factors to consider when choosing a pet are its trainability, temperament, and grooming cost. Furthermore, you should consider the amount of exercise for the dog and its size or home environment.

Choosing a pet goes beyond just their cute face or endearing nature. It requires research, as each pet has unique characteristics that may not be as appealing as you perceive them.

Selecting a dog as a pet also depends on your preferences; it could be their physical attractiveness or even their bark. Sometimes we end up with dogs, different from how we imagined them as pets.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Pet:

factors to consider
Choosing a pet should not be difficult. Dogworldz tells you why.

Choosing A Pet: Consider The Dog’s Size/Home Environment

The home environment describes the space available for the dog and other factors; you may want to consider if any family member is allergic to dogs. Suppose the purpose of buying the dog is as a pet. Or as a pet and a guard dog?

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Getting any size of dog comes with its perks. While a smaller dog may be cuter or easier to take for a run or carry in bags like the chihuahua, it is more prone to reacting to bites from your children and injuries.

A big dog may not react to lick nicks here and there from your kids; most bigger dogs are more suitable to be guard dogs and pets as well. But there are also prone to dragging or rolling over children.

The space you envisage for your pet should be big enough to allow for freedom of movement for the dog. Preferably the home environment should have a yard for the dog to play and exercise. The dog will be comfortable and less likely to destroy your stuff.

Choosing A Pet: Is The Dog Trainable?

Dogs are unique in appearance and genetics; this is why some dogs are easier to train when compared to others. A trainable dog listens to orders from the owners obediently and repeatedly. The more trainable a dog is, the better it is as a choice for a pet.

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A dog’s size has no bearing on how trainable a dog is, and some big dogs are far easier to train than smaller dogs. Consider how difficult it is to raise a Chow Chow due to its aggression and the problem of teaching it to obey compared to a German Shepherd.

Training a dog requires some level of commitment. The amount of training a dog receives and its natural trainable attributes determines the extent to which it will act as the ideal pet and companion.

What Is The Cost Of Grooming The Dog?

All dogs require attention to maintain their physical appearance, and how you groom a dog determines its physical appearance. There are dogs you can comfortably groom at home, but some require a more detailed level of grooming.

Grooming a dog refers to maintaining the dog’s fur and maintaining the dog’s overall cleanliness. It requires attention and time to wash the dog, clean its space, and provide a hygienic environment.

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In some instances, the cost of enlisting the services of a professional groomer and their medical expense can be burdensome. If you lack time to pay attention to your dog, you should consider picking a low-maintenance dog for you and your family.

What Is The Temperament Of The Dog?

When choosing a pet, it would be best to consider its temperament. Temperamental dogs are challenging to keep as pets and prone to barking, snarling, pouncing, charging at people, showing teeth, snapping, and exhibiting other aggressive behaviors. These dogs are territorial and may not obediently heed your orders.

You are more likely to enjoy having a lower temperant dog but not a passive one. Additionally, the size of a dog does not determine its temperament levels, and small dogs have shown higher temperament levels than bigger dogs.

Dogs with lower temperament levels can be more loyal and ideal choices for a pet. They are less likely to attack their owners; instead, they socialize more with their environment, other people, and dogs.

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The Amount Of Exercise, The Dog, Requires.

For your pet to be strong and healthy, it requires a certain amount of time to exercise daily. When choosing a pet, remember that Some dogs need significantly more exercise than others, and others are prone to health complications if they do not exercise.

Dogs that do not exercise are prone to obesity, over-grooming, and hyperactivity, leading to destructive behavior. Determining the right amount of exercise can also be tricky, as some pets can experience joint pains if they are overexercising.

Dogs that require a high amount of exercise have high energy levels, and they need a medium to dispense their pent-up energy. And as such, they do need more training than some due to their hyperactivity.

A dog that gets enough exercise is happy, engages more with its owners, plays more,  and is less aggressive. Exercising with your dog also builds a bond and makes it easier for your dog to obey your every command.

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Knowing that a good pet does not necessarily need to pass all the factors is imperative. You can mold your dogs into ideal pets through thorough training and attention. Additionally, if you devote more time to your pet, you will likely have an obedient pet.


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