Depending on the circumstances, Pitbulls can harm their owners. Would a Pitbull attack or harm its owner? That depends on the dog’s breeding, but from a reputable and knowledgeable breeder: No.

The original breeders of bully breeds were very selective in choosing their animals. They wanted enduring and strong fighting dogs.

Yes, that’s true. They bred bullies for fighting. But these fighting dogs were also brought into the families of the breeders. Children and wives/husbands were kept as pets. The original breeders were strict about the temperament of their dogs.

Today, culling means neutering or spaying the dog and sending it to a specialised trainer or owner who can handle an aggressive dog.

The dogs of the original breeders were not nearly so lucky.

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Is The Stereotype About Pitbulls True?

Regardless of how you feel about this dog, clearing up some misconceptions about them is essential. So you can form an opinion about them.

Although Pitbulls can harm their owners, they were once beloved family pets, so it’s shocking to hear that many people now consider them public enemy number one. That’s why we want to clear the air on the five most controversial opinions about Pitbulls.

Pitbulls Are Not A Recognised Breed

It is a common myth that the public does not know how to recognize a Pitbull when they see one. It is probably unlikely because the media coverage of Pitbulls is so widespread. There is much information about this breed on the internet and social media.

Pitbulls are generally known for their angular heads and muscular bodies. We believe the myth that they are unrecognisable is due to a misunderstanding of the breed.

Many people believe that they are a specific breed. However, “Pitbull” is an umbrella term for several species of dogs, often called bully breeds.

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These breeds include the American Pitbull Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, the Bull Terrier, and the Cane Corso. Many mixed breeds probably have Pitbull DNA, but it may not be obvious.

It is possible that you could rescue a sweet mixed breed dog descended from a bully breed and never know unless you decide to DNA test your dog. 

Pitbulls Are More Aggressive Than Other Dogs

While some studies have presented reliable data suggesting that Pitbulls are more likely to bite and attack than other dogs. Other reputable studies have contradicted this finding.  These reports state that a dog’s breed does not determine its propensity for aggression. 

Also, Pitbulls are not significantly more aggressive than other dogs. However, some reports indicate they can harm their owners.

Any dog, including the beloved golden retriever and lap dog, can bite if provoked under the right circumstances. Nevertheless, attacks by this breed can cause a lot of damage because of their size, strength, and determination.

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Pitbulls also have solid jaws. This allows them to hold onto their target, which in many Pit Bull bites results in the dog not letting go. As a result, their attacks may be reported more often because the victims are more seriously injured and require medical attention.

On the other hand, if a tiny Chihuahua attacks, the dog is too small to do much damage. Furthermore, any injuries can likely be treated at home. 

Can Pitbulls Harm Their Owners? 

We have heard many stories in the news about how a Pitbull has behaved perfectly all its life. However, they suddenly snap and attack their owners. These attacks usually have disastrous consequences.

When these attacks are reported, it is often said that the dog was not provoked and the attack came out of nowhere.

While we can’t speak for the inner workings of every Pitbull out there, experts say that Pitbulls are no more or less unpredictable than other dogs. When a dog attacks, it’s likely triggered by pain or something that makes it very uncomfortable.

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To prevent attacks, pet owners need to be able to read their dogs’ body language. This will help them recognize when they feel triggered before aggressive behaviour occurs.

Pitbull attacks seem particularly unpredictable. However, this is because of a lack of understanding of the dogs’ body language and the force with which these dogs can attack or bite.

Dogs That Harm Their Owners: Origin Of The Pitbull

In the 1700s, cruel bear and bull-baiting sports used this breed. Pitbulls also attack wild animals chained to a stake cruelly because of how the training they undergo. 

Because of this history of fighting, people often assume that these dogs are dangerous and that killing is simply part of their DNA

Pitbulls have a much happier history that has nothing to do with fighting. Because of their strength and menacing appearance were often used as guard dogs. They can watch over children on farms, herd livestock, or pull wagons with heavy loads.

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At that time, Pitbulls were known for being gentle and friendly companions for children. No one was afraid their pet would bite them or their children. Because of the intelligence and determination of this breed, it simply needs a task to develop, and that task does not necessarily have to be killing or fighting.


In the past, Pitbulls were friendly and beloved family dogs and even belonged to famous historical figures and celebrities, including Helen Keller and Teddy Roosevelt.

Many Pit Bulls also achieved fame and success in popular advertising campaigns and movies during the 20th century.

Therefore, it is essential to consider the multi-faceted history of Pitbulls before assuming that they were bred only to fight and are consequently vicious and mean. 





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