It is not uncommon to see pet owners trying to find a missing dog. However, when you realize your dog is missing, a rush of feelings can easily overwhelm you. There are moments of panic, a sense of urgency, a sense of loss, and even a bit of guilt.

Furthermore, the feelings your pet provides for you – unconditional love, happiness, joy, peacefulness, and contentment are missing when your pet is lost.

You must get your pet back! However, it would help if you started a coordinated search plan. Additionally, the plan should allow you to do everything possible to create a positive outcome in a situation that is not starting well.

You can thoroughly search the home garage & yard. However, it is in the hope that the dog has hidden in a quiet space, up a nearby tree, under a bush, etc. When dogs escape their homes, initially, they tend not to go far to hide.

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Post A “Missing Dog Advert” When You Want To Find Your Missing Dog

find my missing dog
Missing poster of Duster the dog – image by Vennage

Also, social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram offer a quick and effective way to spread the word about a lost pet.

While Facebook is more prevalent in our daily lives, Twitter can also be an effective way to check for or alert your community to your lost pet. Anyone using the sites can easily share the information with friends and family.

Furthermore, there are many pages on Facebook for lost and found pets, and each is narrowed to specific counties and regions, towns, and state-wide.

Aside from the lost and found groups. Ensure you go through town websites, veterinarian office/hospital pages, local shelters or rescues, and other animal-based pages.

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Information Typically Needed

While trying to find a missing dog, every group/page may differ in what they require for a post. They tend to share many core requirements.

find my missing dog
Lost dog flier – image by postermywall

1. Photo(s) of your dog
2. Type, gender, age
3. Important information, including if the clipped wings are declawed, needs medication, etc.
4. If the dog has a microchip implant or not
5. Location pet went missing from and place of the  sighting
6. Information such as if the dog is skittish or friendly.

Rarely will your lost dog story be “good enough” to make the local news. Local TV stations may cover the story if your dog is a local celebrity. Getting a TV personality to cover your story is the best situation. But don’t count on it.

The good news is that some radio stations make announcements about lost pets, especially in smaller towns or smaller cities. However, if you aren’t familiar with them, now is the best time to start listening to the radio.

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You can find out what radio show host will talk about a lost dog. Ask your friends if they know of any radio stations that make these announcements. If they don’t know any, move on to the next step. Posters are your best bet to bring your lost pet home.

Offer Rewards If You Want To Find Your Missing Dog

People are motivated by rewards. Suppose you are offering a reward. Decide on the amount. Will it be $1000 or less? Suppose your dog is a purebred. You may want to increase the prize to $2000 or more.

However, don’t offer a reward if you don’t have the money. Don’t beat yourself up if you cannot provide a reward bonus. There are well wishers and animal groups that can help you search for your lost pet.

The best way to recover your lost dog is to engage others in your search. After all, you can’t be out on the streets, combing them 24/7. Your boss probably won’t understand if you say you want to take off a week to find your pet unless your pet is a trained celebrity.

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Ask People To Join In The Search For Your Pet

The next huddle is who do you ask to join your search? The answer is everyone; you never know who will have a soft heart and help you find your missing dog.

Here’s a list of possible people to ask to help you.
• Family members, cousins, aunts, and uncles
• Friends
• Neighbors
• Church members
• Local schools
• Fire departments
• Veterinarians offices
• Grocery stores
• Restaurants
• Gas stations
• Small businesses

Many people will want a poster or flyer for their store window, so ensure you have enough. Also, remember that you’re going to cover the entire lost pet zone, from one to five miles around the point where the dog became lost.

Don’t put the posters in mailboxes. Please don’t put them on the windshields of cars and trucks unless you want to get threatening calls from business owners when people throw them on the ground. They’ll ask you to clean up their lot, and you could have to pay a fine for trespassing.

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Talk to everyone you meet and ask if they’ve seen your lost pet. If they say no, don’t get frustrated. Besides, all you need is one “Yes.” Don’t let your spirits get down in the dumps.

However, it is best to remember that most people don’t find their lost pet for one main reason: they give up too soon.


Unfortunately, there are always criminals who believe they can scam others or profit from other people’s misfortunes, whether in good or bad times. As an owner of a lost dog, you are a target for these criminals when you try to find your missing dog.

A common scam is when a caller reports that they have your pet and wants you to send the reward money.

This is often before you even have a chance to hold your pet in your arms. Please don’t fall for it! Always arrange to meet someone in person, preferably near a police station.

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