Since every weather climate has attributes that make it distinctively different from the others, it is important to make your dog comfortable. All weather climates are beautiful, but that does not mean each of them does not come with challenges.

make your dog comfortable
Dog wearing a cap in winter – image by Sam Lion from pexels

Dogs, like humans, also face challenges in some seasons. Depending on a dog’s coat, some weather might be too hot and some too cold for the dog.
Winter can be a tough time for your dog, but there are some tips you can use during this season to ensure they stay comfy and healthy. The following tips and gadgets can help make your dog comfortable during winter.

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Tips To Make Your Pet Comfortable During Winter

how to keep your dog warm in winter
Dog wearing a red sweater – image by Skyler Ewing from pexels

Know Your Dog’s Tolerance, And It May Help You Keep Your Pet Comfortable

Dogs have different types of coats. While some dogs have thick coats, others have thin coats. Dogs with thick coats often fare better during winter than dogs with thin furs.

This is because their body can retain body heat. Dogs with thin coats do not fare well since they quickly lose their body heat.

Dogs Like German Shepherds, Siberian Huskies, and Labrador Retrievers can cope in winter. At the same time, dogs like the Greyhound, Chihuahua, and Whippet do not fare well.

Take Your Cat For Medical Check-Up

There is no better time for your dog to see a vet for a medical check other than before winter.

Winter can aggravate some health conditions. Having your dog checked can help you treat any health challenge and help you take preventive steps to avoid chronic health challenges.

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Make The Sleeping Area Warm

You can achieve this by providing your dog with thick blankets. You can elevate your dog’s bed; this reduces contact with the cold floor and keeps your dog warm.

Getting Your Dog A Winter Jacket Is Often The Best Way To Keep Your Pet Comfortable

Suppose you own a dog with a thin coat. You may consider getting a jacket to keep it comfortable during winter, especially for outdoor activities.

Ensure the winter jacket is appropriately fit and do not wear it on your dog when wet. It is not strange if your dog chooses not to wear one. You can make up for that by controlling the amount of time your dog spends outside.

Pay Attention To Your Dog’s Paws

Check your dog’s paws during the winter to be sure they aren’t getting covered in snow or injured. Ice accumulation can cause your dog to have a crack in the paw pad. Trimming the hair around the dog’s paws is a way to avoid ice accumulation.

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Pay Attention To Warning Signs

Pay attention to your dog’s body language and always watch out for the following signs; shivering, seeking a warm to stay, whining, or weakness. If you spot any of these signs, your dog may suffer hypothermia.

You Can Make Your Dog Comfortable By Feeding It Properly

It is a well-known belief that dogs need more food during the winter. Their bodies primarily comprise muscle, so they need extra food to sustain themselves.

However, feeding your dog is not enough, and you must provide your dog with the proper meal.

Dogs need more protein, fewer carbohydrates during winter, and plenty of water to stay healthy.

Provide Good Shelter

Unlike humans, dogs do not do too well regulating their internal temperature. They should not be allowed to stay out in open spaces for a prolonged time. If you can afford it, you can go for a dog-heated house.

Playing Games Indoors Is One Way To Make You Pet Comfortable

Winter can sometimes be very heavy, making it difficult to take your dog outdoors for a walk or games.

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To prevent your dog from getting bored, you can play indoor games with the dog. Some games you can play include finding the treat, tugging, hide and seek, and fetch.

Items That Can Help You Keep Your Dog Comfortable During Winter

keep your dog cosy during winter
Dog keeping warm – image by Skyler Ewing from pexels

Blizzard Poncho Coat Helps Keep Your Dog Comfortable In Winter

A Blizzard poncho coat is a fleece vest designed to protect your dog from cold during the winter season. With a 2-snap closure on the bottom and two front zip pockets, there is plenty of room for all your dog’s needs.

Paw Protection Wax

This product protects the paws from cold when your dog plays on snow. It is an effective way to keep your dog from sustaining cold injuries and keep it warm during the cold without causing any harm to it. It is safe for use both outdoors and indoors.

Dog Snood

You can use dog snoods to protect your dog by keeping it warm and comfortable during the cold weather. The high-low hood keeps warmth and, at the same time, allows the dog to breathe comfortably.

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Dog Boots

Getting a pair of boots for your dog for winter is very handy in preventing snow from getting trapped in your dog’s paws. This keeps them warm and makes walking on snow painless for the paws. Dog boots come in different sizes and colours and are also waterproof.


Regardless of your approach, planning for your dog is crucial for keeping it warm during winter. Take your dog for a daily walk during the winter when possible to make it feel relaxed and comfortable; if not, engage your dog with indoor activities such as games.

Additionally, dogs also get hungry more often during cold weather, giving your dog plenty of food to build muscle mass. This will protect your dog from food deprivation symptoms such as hair loss and weight loss.

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