It is impossible to deceive or fool a sniffer dog by using too much deodorant. Although using excess deodorant can delay it, it cannot fool a sniffer dog. Despite a sniffer dog’s powerful nose, you can deceive it using a vacuum-sealed container or bleach.

A Sniffer dog has up to 300 million olfactory receptors in its nose; IT can sniff through the deodorant. at the same time, a portion of a dog’s brain dedicated to smelling is nearly 40 times larger than ours.

Dogs also have a condition called neophilia, which attracts them to new and fascinating odours. However, you can delay a sniffer dog, but you cannot fool it.

Usually, dogs’ nostrils have distinct smelling receptors that distinguish up to millions of aromas. Scent detection canines are trained explicitly for this task, and it is noted that they go from a low to a high concentration.

Now that you understand this concept, it will only take the handler a few minutes or hours to notice that you have masked your scent. Even so, the dog can detect your deodorant. How? Peddlers hide drugs, money, meat, and contraband with the smell of petroleum or spirit for a long time, and the dogs are irritated by it.

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The dogs are now trained to be desensitized to the smells of alcohol and petroleum, implying they’ll still be able to find you. However, there are techniques to deceive the sniffer dogs, resulting in a long pointer and session.

Understanding A Dog’s Sense Of Smell

Understanding your dog’s senses and admitting that they are different from humans is essential for understanding a dog.

Humans and dogs have three senses: sight, hearing, and smell; however, while most humans interact by hearing, seeing, and sniffing, dogs communicate predominantly by smelling, seeing, and finally hearing.

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Dogs also have a universal sense of smell that humans do not have, which makes it almost impossible to deceive a sniffer dog.

Deceive a Sniffer Dog: The Bloodhounds Sense Of Smell

Bloodhounds have followed a scent trail for more than 130 miles. If you’ve ever walked past someone wearing perfume, you’ve noticed that the smell fades after a few minutes. A bloodhound’s sense of smell is so acute that it may detect a trail up to 300 hours old.

Bloodhounds have the most vital sense of smell.

Claiming that you can fool a bloodhound sniffer dog by applying too much perfume is like saying you can fool an excellent investigator by leaving too much evidence, hoping he will become confused.

Bloodhounds have an incredible sense of smell but can identify many more diverse smell types than a human nose can even begin to comprehend.

Six interesting facts about Dogs’ sense of smell and why you can’t deceive a Sniffer Dog.

1. Dogs smell better

Indeed, you can interpret that in two ways, but remember how your dog smells when he’s wet, and you will get the appropriate connotation. When it comes to nose sensitivity, dogs outshine humans, hands down.

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Numerous studies show how much greater a sniffer dog’s sense of smell is than ours and why they are almost impossible to fool. There are so many variables that quantifying them is nearly difficult. Estimates range from 10 to 100 to 1,000 to one million times better. Imagine you have a gram of butyric acid, a component of human sweat.

Surprisingly, people are extremely capable of detecting this. Even if you let it evaporate in the space of a 10-story building, many of us would be able to notice a faint odour upon entering. For a human nose, it’s not horrible.

Consider this: Even if you enclosed the 135-square-mile metropolis of Philadelphia in a 300-foot-high enclosure, evaporated the gram of butyric acid, and let a dog in, the typical dog would be able to identify the odour.

2. Scents

You can be as clean as you want and wear as much soap, perfume, and deodorant as possible, but you’ll still stink to a dog. So you can’t deceive a sniffer dog.

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Every human has a distinct scent fingerprint; all a dog needs is to recognize one person from another. To our dogs, we are our fragrance; no matter how hard you try to hide it, you stink big time, at least to your dog.

3. Sniffer Dogs can’t be fooled

According to research, fear, anxiety, and even grief may all be detected by dogs. Adrenaline, the flight-or-fight hormone, is undetectable to our nostrils, but dogs can see it.

Furthermore, dread or worry is frequently accompanied by increased heart rate and blood flow, allowing telltale bodily chemicals to reach the skin surface more quickly.

Attempting to hide your powerful emotions with a casual smile may fool your friends, but it will not fool your best buddy.

4. Dogs send messages

Dogs use their noses to read about the world and their urine to write messages, at least to other dogs.

When your dog sniffs everything excessively slowly, it’s tempting to take him along for a stroll.  But give him a chance to read the local gossip column and write while he’s at it.

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5. Sniffing each other Region

When dogs start sniffing each other’s genitalia, they’re probably learning much more about each other than you and the other dog’s owner learn from idle chitchat. Science has yet to determine exactly what the dogs are learning and how they use it.

However, it likely goes well beyond that. It’s probably more like, “Oh, you’re a nice dog, and you recently ate chicken, and you’re around ten years old.”

6. Scientists

It’s because dogs’ crucial role in the military as IED detectors. Perhaps it’s because dog noses are so fantastic, and the more we learn, the more we want to know.

Canine sensing abilities are being examined at colleges worldwide more than ever before. However, reviewing several publications to get fascinating research on why you can’t deceive sniffer dogs would be best.


You can’t fool a Sniffer Dog.

One of the most effective methods to deceive a sniffer dog is to run through a pair of trees to form an eight-movement. Whereby confusing the sense of your sniffing dog.

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Humans constantly sweat a lot. And even if we apply a lot of deodorant to our bodies, it will still mix up with sweat.

Every human has a unique sweat odour since our internal and external environment determines it. And the amount of sweat produced in our bodies.

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