Using the gentle leader collar on a 20-pound dog is unethical, and the gentle leader is adequate for smaller dogs and unsuitable for 20-pound dogs. Since it restrains dogs by applying pressure on their necks, it is likely to cause harm to bigger dogs.

Although it is beneficial in reducing excessive barking, tugging, pulling on a leash, lunging, or jumping, the gentle leader is not a training device.

Still, restraining tools pet owners use to walk their pets and also use them to prevent aggressive acts or displays from their pets.

Some people think the gentle leader dog collar is effective only on dogs weighing less than 20 pounds. However, others believe you can use the gentle leader on all dogs regardless of weight.

Several trainers say that using this device on small dogs only makes sense because they are more likely to pull on a leash than big dogs.

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What is the Gentle Leader Collar?

The Gentle Leader Collar is a dog training collar explicitly designed to prevent your dog from pulling on the leash, jumping on people, or barking excessively.

It does this by gently applying pressure to your dog’s neck while walking, giving them a restraining feel.

Furthermore, the gentle leader consists of soft fabric with two handles on the top, making it easy to use. No buckles can hurt your dog’s neck. It also comes in different sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your pet’s size.

The Gentle Leader’s design gives the dog an unobstructed view of the handler’s face and body. Also, the company claims that this allows eye contact between the two, which in turn helps to calm and focus the dog.

Therefore this product is beneficial for dog owners with behavioural issues who need to control them without hurting them or themselves.

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Ethical Implication of Using The Leader Collar

One of the most common questions is whether or not the gentle leader dog collar is ethical on a 20-pound dog.

The answer is that it depends on how you use it. If you use the gentle leader collar correctly, you can use it on any size dog without problems.

The gentle leader dog collar is a device that is designed to restrain a dog physically, but only when it is necessary.

This device is not an ethical choice for 20-pound dogs. Also, these dogs are much smaller than the average weight for dogs that meet the device’s criteria.

Furthermore, the collar can cause harm and even death to these small dogs when they struggle against it too much.

The Case For The Gentle Leader vs The No-Pull Harness

  1. Some observers believe you can use a gentle leader on most dogs, even those that are aggressive or have other behavioural problems.
  2. Some people use a no-pull harness when they want their dog to behave in specific ways.
  3. A gentle leader can help prevent neck injuries in dogs with long hair that would otherwise get tangled up in the no-pull harness straps.
  4. It is easier to train your dog with this type of collar because it does not choke them when they pull against it. The no-pull harness can cause pain and discomfort when they pull against it.
  5. A gentle leader dog collar has proven to increase safety and reduce aggression in dogs.
  6. The gentle leader collar is a bit more complicated and requires more time and effort from you to train your dog. However, it is worth it in the long run because your dog will be more obedient, and you will likely not have behaviour problems later.
  7. The gentle leader is designed to keep the dog from pulling and also helps with calming your dog down during stressful situations.
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The Case Against Using a Leader vs the No-Pull Harness

  1. The no-pull harness is an alternative to a traditional chest lead, and it prevents pulling on the leash by providing gentle pressure when stretching.
  2. A no-pull harness is a tool that allows dog owners to have control over their dogs without the need to use physical force or pain.
  3. The gentle leader collar gives owners more control over their dogs by using a pressure point on the neck.
  4. The no-pull harness is more effective in controlling aggressive dogs than the gentle leader collar.
  5. The no-pull harness is a type of dog collar with a retractable leash attached. It allows the dog to feel free, safe, and under control. Conversely, the gentle leader is a type of collar restricting the dog’s ability to pull.
  6. While some people believe in using gentle leaders for their dogs, others believe no-pull harnesses benefit their pet’s safety and well-being.


Considering the risk of a dog being aggressive before buying any harness is essential. If you have an aggressive dog, getting a no-pull harness as soon as possible is the best option.

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No-pull harnesses are effective for aggressive dogs and dogs that pull on the leash or do not listen well to commands.

Suppose you have an aggressive dog. Getting a no-pull harness as soon as possible helps your dog to walk and not pull on the leash.

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