Several owners praise mountain dog breeds for their ability to work in cold weather and difficult terrains. These dogs can perform various activities ranging from cart pulling to cattle herding.

Some popular breeds include the Saint Bernard in Switzerland, Tibetan Mastiff in Tibet, and the Bernese mountain dog. These breeds are also very loving and devoted towards their owners.

Dogs are fascinating animals that come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny puppies ideal for apartment living to enormous dogs who long to wander the mountainside.

These are the best Top 7 Mountain Dog Breeds for mountain people. If you’re looking for a larger dog or want to learn more about them, including their temperaments and exercise needs:

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1. The Tibetan Mastiff Mountain Dogs

top 5 mountain dog breeds
Tibetan Mastiff – image by Grisha Grishkoff from pexels

This independent breed will remain and defend its family. The American Tibetan Mastiff Association claims that although the history of Tibetan Mastiffs is somewhat hazy, the first recorded reports of the breed occurred in China. Additionally, the canines didn’t arrive in the United States until the 1950s (ATMA).

More often than not, people are drawn to them because of their beauty or because they desire a unique dog from the neighbourhood.

You should keep in mind that a Tibetan Mastiff requires a lot of exercise if you have your heart set on owning one. Remember to give it lots of walks on a leash. Nevertheless, this breed may be destructive, and as puppies get older, they can turn violent.

2. The Alaskan Malamute

mountain dog breeds
The Alaskan Malamute – image by Till Daling from pexels

These dog breeds have a strong, solid body constructed for endurance and strength. Also, Alaskan Malamutes are good diggers. Any fencing should be buried to prevent them from digging out of their yard.

They are strong, independent canines that can grow bored or destructive if improperly trained or exercised.

Malamutes can learn to get along with other canines and indoor cats with early socialisation and training. Outdoor cats and other small animals will be seen as fair game by them. A Malamute may stalk and kill small animals due to their high prey drive.

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Alaskan Malamutes shed a lot of furs. They are not suitable for hot areas due to their thick double coatings. These dogs rarely bark and are typically a quiet breed.

Suppose you want to prevent this dog from becoming bored or difficult to handle. It would be best to engage this breed in an activity that would stimulate it physically and mentally. Furthermore, this dog requires consistent leadership to make it easy to train.

3. Bernese Mountain Dogs

mountain dog breed
Two Bernese mountain dogs – image by Alena Darmel from pexels

The Bernese Mountain Dog was formerly one of the most popular dog breeds used as a guard dog on farms, according to the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America (BMDCA). You’re not the only one who wonders whether you should bring one into your home.

The breed appeals to many individuals because of its attractive appearance. Their faces are joyful and smiling, and they have unique tri-colour markings.

It’s crucial to remember that these cute puppies will eventually weigh 80 – 110 pounds and require proper training to be good family members. Puppies are incredibly charming because of their fluffy appearance.

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Various members of this species have different training needs; some only need 30 minutes daily, while others demand considerably more.

Additionally, prospective owners should be aware that Bernese Mountain Dogs require exercise throughout the summer months outside of peak season because they struggle with the heat.

4. Appenzeller Mountain Dogs

top 7 mountain dogs
Appenzeller Sennenhund Mountain dog – image by Anja Schroder from pixabay

An Appenzeller Mountain Dog should be on your list if you’re seeking an active companion, desires plenty of space for a dog to run, and has previous dog ownership experience.

This breed needs to be kept busy. This breed picks interest in participating in household duties like gardening or farm work like herding.

Appenzeller Mountain Dogs can be challenging without strong leadership, but they also have a lot of charming traits.

“The Appenzeller’s character has grown through their work as an independent stockman and driving dog. As a result, they are very spirited and will gladly take the lead. The Appenzeller is a highly clever and energetic dog willing to please..”

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5. Leonberger Mountain Dogs

Leonberger Mountain dog – Image by Chillimedia from Pixabay

Less active than other mountain dog breeds are Leonbergers. According to the Leonberger Club of America, they have long been well-known in Europe and gained further notoriety in the United States in the 1970s.

This breed typically gets along well with kids and is pleasant, calm, and laid-back. They require family involvement and frequently make excellent therapy dogs.

After choosing a Leonberger, be aware that they shed heavily in the spring and fall and may require expensive x-rays or medications because of their size. Additionally, potential owners should be mindful of Leonberger’s affinity for water.

They enjoy playing in their water dish or bucket and frequently splatter water everywhere because they love it. They will stomp about the house after playing in the dirt or water. A Leo is probably not the dog for you if you prefer a pristine home.. ”

6. The Great Pyrenees

best mountain dog breeds
The great Pyrenees – Image by J Thomas from Pixabay

The 1930s saw the introduction of Great Pyrenees canines to North America, claims the Great Pyrenees Club of America (GPCA).

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Due to their size, they need a lot of grooming. Your Great Pyrenees needs weekly combing and brushing that takes 30 minutes.

Typically, this breed requires little activity to be content. The Great Pyrenees are often independent; therefore, they occasionally defy orders.

7. The Saint Bernard Mountain Dogs

saint benard
Saint Bernard dog lying on the ground – image by Katerina from pexels

Renowned as popular family dogs, Saint Bernards are typically good with kids. The breed now thrives in households with fenced yards after being initially discovered in monasteries assisting monks on their journey over the Snow Alps.

Saint Bernards, who are adults, can unwind and sleep a lot during the day, They don’t require much exercise, but if the weather isn’t too hot, they like a quick stroll. Puppies enjoy playing, and it would be best not to overexercise a young St. Bernard.

There is no such thing as a dry-mouthed St. Bernard, so if you’re interested in this breed, keep in mind that they shed, slobber, and drool a lot.

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