Several people ask, “why is my dog making me miserable?” Your pet will do things that will frustrate you if it is sick, injured, stressed, or craving your attention.

Also, suppose you do not train or socialize your dog correctly, which can be the opposite of what you expect. Having a dog as a pet can positively impact you as a pet owner.

Suppose you picture an ideal scenario in which you return from work, expecting your furry buddy to greet you warmly and affectionately, and it does not. It could be that your pet is depressed, lacks training, or is sick.

Socializing your pet well takes time, patience, and work. Dogs can seduce you with their sweetness and promise of always being there for you, and this is usually enough to persuade most people to make an impulsive purchase.

However, there are situations where it feels like your dog is out to get you. What if your dog is no longer a delight to be around, or worse, it makes you miserable? This is never an easy situation and may be very stressful for the dog and the owner.

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Why Is My Dog Making Me Miserable?

Lack Of Training

The way and manner in which you train your pet are how it will continue to behave as it grows. Inadequate and improper training will likely result in a disobedient and aggressive pet. The dog is also likely to poop everywhere as it has not been correctly potty trained.


When your dog is injured, it tends to isolate itself from other family members and may not interact with you as much as you would like. Other times it could be that its injuries make them aggressive toward you.

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It could also make you lose sleep at night by howling in pain, and there are other noises it could make to alert you that it is in pain. Your pet can also become lethargic and lose appetite and stool where it lays as it can not move due to its injuries.

Depression Could Be Why Your Dog Makes Your Miserable

A depressed pet will isolate itself and forgo interactions with its owner and other family members. It can cause it to ignore commands and avoid their routine, which can be frustrating for you as the owner. Your dog can also become aggressive if it feels disturbed.

Stress and Anxiety

Your stressed pet is likely to act out and cause you to ponder if it is the same pet you purchased for companionship. When your dog is stressed, it will likely display aggression towards you, family members, and other pets.

Furthermore, it is likely to chew, claw, tear and destroy stuff in your home. Also, stress can cause your dog to make frequent mistakes in and around the house.

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It also indicates that your pet is uncomfortable, which can cause it to display infuriating behaviors.

Gastrointestinal Disorders

Infections, viruses, parasites, drugs, or even new foods can induce gastrointestinal problems. Abdominal pain, diarrhea, and vomiting are common symptoms of this illness.

This affects your dog as it cannot eat or digest its food, resulting in stunted growth and malnourishment. It can cause your dog to poop constantly around your home environment.

Metabolic disorders

Diabetes and kidney diseases are some metabolic disorders that can be why your dog makes you miserable. These disorders cause your dog to lose control of its ability to convert food to energy. Metabolic disorders can cause your dog to vomit and have bouts of diarrhea.

It can either make it obese or malnourished despite the amount of food you give. Also, it affects your pet’s activity levels, which can affect how it interacts with you.

Additionally, these disorders can cause your dog to stay awake at night, and they will, in turn, keep you up at night.

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Digestion Disorders Is Often Why Your Dog Makes You Miserable

Your dog’s inability to properly digest its food can result in many health conditions that adversely affect it. It will start to display symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, and loss of interest in food.

Constantly cleaning up vomits and excrement all over the house can be annoying. Likewise, returning home to see your dog in a passive state can often cause worry.

Activity Levels

If your dog always has extra pent-up energy, it will likely keep up at night and scatter the house.

However, if you give your dog the right amount of exercise, it is expected to be too weary to worry you. It will likely want to cuddle up and lay in its bed, couch, or on your lap.

My Dog Is Making Me Miserable, How Do I Cope?

We all know that getting a pet requires time, commitment, and attention. However, no pet owner likes to come back to see their house scattered or littered with dog poop and pee. There are several ways you can cope with your pet’s frustrating behavior.

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Training Could Be Why Your Dog Makes You Miserable

Engage your pet in the correct amount of training. A dog trained to take commands will be obedient, loyal, and affectionate towards you. Similarly, a potty-trained dog will always go to the spot where it was taught to relieve itself.

Suppose Your Dog Makes Your Miserable, Exercise Patience

Observe your dog and take note of what triggers its infuriating behaviors. Doing so, you get to understand what makes your pet tick and what makes it uncomfortable.

When you are patient with your pet, you will use a calm but firm tone when needed, and it will respond better to you.

Additionally, even a change in diet, care, and grooming products can trigger stress and anxiety in your pet. You can implement changes to your dog’s diet and routine that should help reduce stress and anxiety levels that make it behave erratically.

Healthy and Nutritious Diet

If your dog is adequately fed, it will have less reason to scratch and chew up everything in the house. It is also less likely to eat a toxic substance that can cause it to regurgitate or vomit its food, reducing the risk of diarrhea.

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Furthermore, it will help fight against infection and keep your dog looking healthy and robust. Your dog will be more obedient and loyal to you if it is adequately fed, which reduces its chances of being aggressive toward you.


Dogs aspire to please their owners above all else, but this is not always possible. This isn’t as unusual as you may believe, and many of us feel trapped by our dogs, even if they irritate us to the point where it feels like they’re destroying our lives.

However, a lot of patience is required when training a pet. Proper training will ensure that most of your dog’s actions can be limited. At the same time, you will tell that something is wrong with it when it acts out of character.


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