Suppose your dog moves away from you when it wants to isolate itself. If your dog moves away from you, you may wonder what is wrong with it when you try to pet or approach it. Your pet is likely intimated or scared of you. Or it is maybe confusing for it, as it is not used to spending time with you.

Suppose that an event occurred that made it anxious. It can also be that your dog is injured or probably feeling depressed. Other times it can arise from a combination of reasons mentioned earlier.

When your pet avoids you and moves away from you, just thinking about it can be painful for you to see your pet isolate itself away from you.

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Reasons Why Your Dog Moves Away From You

It is Injured Is A Reason Why Your Dog Moves Away From You

Even as human, injuries, and pain is something that we cannot avoid. Dogs also suffer injuries and pain, and your pet is not an exemption

Whether your dog has an injury or suffers from joint, bone, or muscular pain, the natural reaction is to seek a comfortable and secure environment to nurse the pain. For fear of aggravating the pain, they are experiencing from the injury.


Suppose your dog moves away from you after becoming depressed due to an event or situation. It does not show much interest or excitement around you or anybody else. You will know why it is acting that way.

Dog depression can manifest in your pet through regressive training and behavior, sadness, disinterest in routine activities, anxiety, and aggression.

Anxiety Is Another reason Why Your Dog Moves Away From You

Imagine you going through a lot of stressful and uncertain situations. You tend to become anxious and sometimes weary. Your dog also, when it is under stress, becomes nervous and moves away from you.

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Anxiety has been known to cause poor socialization in humans and dogs. It could be due to a traumatic event or a negative situation in your pet’s life. This could lead the dog to avoid interaction with you and isolate itself.

The death of a loved one or a companion, the owner’s behavior, moving into a new place, or introducing a new pet into the family are all examples of adverse events. A change in its nutrition or a reduction in the quantity of time you spend with it could be the cause.

Additionally, your dog may not just like you. Let me explain this: you have yet to develop a relationship with your dog, or the bond between you is not strong. Because of the lack of a connection, your dog will be wary of you and behave in numerous ways.

It is Intimidated Or Scared Of You

Your pet will move away from you and generally avoid contact with you if it feels threatened by you. When your dog avoids contact with you, that is not a good sign, especially eye contact, and it means your dog distrusts you and feels like you don’t care.

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Or probably you don’t show enough love and attention to it. It is also likely that you exhibit negative actions like shouting or hitting your pet. This will make the dog scared or intimidated by you.

In more severe cases of intimidation, it is not uncommon for your pet to growl, bark or even bite you. Yes, your dog might return all the negative actions to you in a bid to protect itself.


Age could play a factor in why your dog moves away from you, and it could be because it is still young. It is usual for dogs to be more hesitant as puppies when compared to older puppies, which could explain why yours has been backing away.

At the same time, an older dog may generally become less interested in activities as it ages, including physical contact or socializing with its owner or other dogs.

The Way You Trained Your Dog

When training your dog, you might have unintentionally kept it at arm’s length from you. This may cause your dog to move away from you when you try to go close to it. Your dog may realize that it is the norm between you to keep its distance. A dog is only a man’s best friend if you train it right.

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Or maybe it is a case of you getting angry at your pet in the past for coming close to you or abusing them. This merely reaffirms your dog’s suspicions that you do not want them around you.

Favorite Position To Stay In The House

Some dogs instinctually pick a position that appeals to their natural disposition. Breeds of dogs categorized as guard dogs will prefer areas where they can do their duties and guard the house of their pet owner.

They would be more comfortable in those positions than curling up and resting in the lap of their owner. Other times it is possible that your dog has a place in the house where it feels more comfortable and relaxed.

Illness or Disease

When your pet suffers from any disease or illness, it tends to go into isolation and avoid any form of socialization. It may also display a lack of interest in activities that it engages in and away from physical touch.

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If it is sick, it may show signs of tiredness, lack of appetite, lack of energy, and physical changes such as hard and quick breathing and a bloated stomach.


Sometimes when your dog moves away from you. It does not necessarily mean something wrong with it or a disconnect between you. Your pet may want to be on its own for a while.

However, you build your relationship with your dog by rewarding positive actions, training, and spending quality time with your pet. This will reduce the possibility of your pet moving away from you.



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