Suppose your dog won’t stool outside and instead chooses inside; socialize your pet your dog if he suddenly stops going outside to poop, or has it always been that way? If it suddenly stops, several reasons could cause your dog to stop going outside to stool. However, if it has always been that way, it would be best to properly housebreak or potty train your dog.

You need a lot of patience, and sometimes a lot of work is required to train a dog to stool outside or in a potty, and this is a lot better than always having to clean your dog’s poop inside your house. Suppose your dog does not go outside to stool; you should know why.

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What Should I Do If My Dog Won’t Stool Outside?

pup won't stool outside
Dog pooping in the grass – credit: Simon Kadula from Pixabay

Potty Train

You must ensure you provide your pup with the correct potty training, which will become a routine. It will recognize the designated area that you have provided for it to poop. Dogs usually like to go where they have done their business before.

Potty training and housebreaking will reduce the instances where your pet poop indoors. You can frequently take your dog outside after eating, sleeping, or playing. Also, you can pick a toilet area outside, take your puppy there, and reward it every time it eliminates.

Anticipate Your Dog Stool Pattern

Study your dog’s habits and patterns to learn when it poops. It is already established that pups love to eliminate it around thirty minutes after eating. When you correctly predict when your pet poops, it will help reduce the instances of accidents by your dog.

After you have figured out when they are likely to poop, leash your dog and take it for a walk to an area you would want to always go to poop. Give your pet a command to poop, with whatever commands you have trained it with.

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You must not immediately return your pet inside after it must have pooped. Give it time to play and walk around to get used to the potty area. This will help prevent your pet from associating poop with going back inside, leading it to hold it in the future.

Crate Training To Help Your Dog Stool

Crate training a puppy is an excellent method for housebreaking and providing security to your pet. It can take equal time to crate and potty train your dog. Your puppy will be hesitant to poop in such a limited space.

Carry your puppy outside whenever you remove it from its crate. If you let your dog out of its kennel, it will not wait to go outside before they stool, so get them to the desired spot as soon as possible.

Create Indoor Potty Area For Your Dog To Stool

Severe weather can disrupt your pet’s schedule. You can get toilet pads for your pet and place them in areas where it rarely goes. It is advisable to place the pads in the toilet where their mistakes can be wiped off the floor quickly.

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Your dog will recognize the pattern and is likelier to poop on the toilet pads instead of inside when there is bad weather.

Go For Walks

A walk is another approach to getting your dog to use the restroom outside. This is usually after a meal. You can offer your pet plenty of opportunities to poop outside by taking them for frequent short walks. Preferably to a designated spot where you want it to poop always.

Why Won’t My Dog Stool Outside?


Suppose you notice your pet stops going outside to stool when it starts to approach the latter stages of its life. This is because the metabolic functions of the body will begin to decrease.

At this point, it can no longer control its bowel movement, and this will cause your pet to defecate whenever it feels the urge to poop. It will likely not go to the spot you trained it to poop.

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Additionally, weak immune systems make older dogs prone to diarrhoea, kidney disease or gastrointestinal disorders. These diseases cause the dog to stool inside, outside, or anytime they feel the urge.

Medical Issues

Some medical diseases can cause your dog to poop inside the house. It can range from gastrointestinal disorders to colitis digestive disorders.

A dog suffering from a gastrointestinal disease is prone to diarrhoea, which causes it to poop uncontrollably. Similarly, kidney disease can adversely impact your dog’s metabolic process. Seeing your dog poop uncontrollably when beset by a medical condition is not unusual.

Psychological Issues

Fear, shyness and anxiety are reasons your pup does not want to go out to poop. The fear that could keep your pet from going outside to poop could be loud noises from cars or children and aggression from other pets, children, or even you.

Furthermore, it could be that it is stressed out and wary of its environment. Or it could be that it has separation anxiety which could be due to stress. Your pup is likely too shy, and it is comfortable indoors and would instead not go outside.

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Suppose your dog is pressed and wants to go outside. However, it is raining or snowing outside, which may cause it to defecate inside rather than go out. But then again, your dog can go outside and poop under any weather.


Potty training and housebreaking are essential to ensure your house’s and your pet’s cleanliness. Your dog will defecate anywhere convenient if you do not housebreak it. And also, if it lacks proper potty training, you will find your dog poop all over your house, and once your pet has gotten used to defecating inside, it will not want to go outside to stool or pee. Furthermore, it may be that your dog has not finished training or is trying to get used to the new house.

Scolding Your Dog

Just like some kids, some pets are rebellious. When you scold your dog after it stools in the house instead of outside, it will likely go to another location and do its business where you cannot see it. This implies that your pup does not respond well to you scolding it.

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Positive reinforcement helps build a pattern or character in pets. Whenever you praise or reward your dog after they stool outside the house, it tends to do that more often than all dogs.

Also, punishing your dog for their accidents is never a good idea; you should do well to refrain from doing that. Clean up the messes and apply an enzymatic cleaner to remove the odour. This will keep your dog from returning to the place they pooped.

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