When a friendly Pit Bull attacks, some think it usually happens out of the blue. However, that is not the case, and it’s not out of the blue.

Pits have very subtle signals before the attack, which makes them good dog fighters.

Most become aggressive at some point, usually when they are adults.

Facts About The Pit Bull

pit bull attacks
American Pitbull Terrier – image by Mike Burke from Unsplash
  • They were bred to hold huge 2,000-pound bulls by the face, and in the last hundred years, they have been born to be fighting dogs. When a pit bull fights, it’s not like other dogs.
  • They bite, and they keep at it. They have something called ferocity. This causes them to die rather than let go. That’s where the old wives’ tale that they have a locking bite.
  • They don’t need to close their jaws; they just don’t let go. This is also why they attack; they usually cause massive injury to the other dog, human, child, cat or livestock.
  • They are genetically predisposed to develop aggression against dogs. Some owners are lucky, and their Pit never attacks anyone. But most will attack an animal and, in some cases, people. People will tell you it’s just because of how they were raised.
  • The person who submits the Pit Bull doesn’t foster it from birth, and the dog still attacks. Pit bulls don’t need to be forwarded to fight; it’s in their DNA.
  • They are fighting to win. And winning meant death to a pit bull. It’s not their fault that they were bred in this manner. It is, however, the fault of those who possess them and treat them like Goldendoodles rather than high-drive working animals.
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What You Should Do If Your Pet Attacks You

  • If you own a pit bull or other bully breed, you should know how to get your dog to release its bite to cause minor damage.
  • Do not pull the dog away. Use a biting stick to open its mouth and let go of the victim. Or use a leash around the dog’s neck until he lets go to catch his breath.
  • Do not let go of the pit bull; it will continue to attack even if people hit it or throw objects at it.
  • They can take a lot of pain and have a strong will to finish what they started.
  • Protect yourself and others by teaching your dog to wear a muzzle on walks and training them appropriately to meet their needs.
  • They are not nanny dogs; they are not herding dogs; they were bred to fight. So if you own a dog, you are responsible for protecting others.
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Often No Warning Signs In Pit Bull Attacks.

  • When it comes to dogs attacking people, whether burly pit bulls or fluffy poodles, fans and opponents of the animals seem to agree on one thing in particular: there are often no warning signs until it’s too late.
  • What then follows is often not just heated debate but legislation.
  • Some cities have responded to pit bull attacks by restricting the breed, such as the pit bull sterilisation law passed in San Francisco after the fatal attack on a 12-year-old boy in 2005. Others, such as Miami and Denver, have banned the breed altogether.
  • Pit bull advocates regularly oppose such measures, saying the dogs are incredibly loyal and misunderstood. They claim that dogs can bite people, too, and therefore owners are to blame when their animals misbehave.
  • Victim advocacy groups counter that pit bulls are aggressive by nature and are disproportionately responsible for fatal maulings – and bites from their visor-like jaws are severe.
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Why A Pit Bull Attack Is Serious

When a pit bull strikes, most owners are powerless to stop it. The general population is at risk from pit bulls because so few owners, even those who have appropriately trained their dogs, can stop an assault once it has started.

The typical pit bull attack lasts 15 minutes, and hundreds of documented attacks demonstrate that once an attack begins, tasers, batons, chairs, and steering wheel batons are infrequently sufficient to put a stop to it.

  • Pit bull attacks cannot be stopped by repeated tasing.
  • Pit bull attacks are not always stopped by gunfire.
  • This pit dog could not be restrained from killing a child by bricks, a pole, or a chair.

How To Survive A Pit Bull Attack

  • Stay where you think a dog will attack, and do not run away.
  • Predators are programmed to chase when their “prey drive” is triggered. Even Usain Bolt couldn’t run away from a dog.
  • Don’t show fear and stop if you can climb something high, such as a tree. Dogs can jump – some pit bulls can jump up to six feet – but they can’t climb.
  • Protect significant arteries and veins. If you have something handy, such as an umbrella, stretch it out to give the dog a place to attack. Try to prevent the bite from touching your legs, face, and neck.
  • Do not try to pull your arm out when pit bulls attack; they inflict damage on their prey with what is called “bite, hold and shake.” Try to push your hand down the animal’s throat to make it choke.
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Other Tips For Surviving A Dog Attack

Don’t give in to the urge to yell and run away.

Stay still, keep your hands by your sides, and avoid looking the dog in the eye.

When the dog stops showing interest in you, slowly back off until it is no longer visible.

If the dog attacks, “feed” it your bicycle, jacket, handbag, or whatever else you can use to block the dog from getting to you.

If you trip or fall on the ground, ball yourself up, cover your ears with your hands, and don’t move.

Tips For A Responsible Dog Owner

  • Has your dog been spayed or neutered?
  • Vaccinate your dog.
  • Take at-risk dogs to trainers.
  • Socialise with your dog.
  • Train your dog.
  • Teach your proper dog behaviour.
  • Keep your dog away from stressful situations.

We’ve reached the end of the article discussing Pit Bull Attacks: Causes And What To Do. (Our Findings). Stay tuned for more articles related to the topic; Pit Bull Attacks: What causes it. The article on Pit Bulls being more aggressive than most dog breeds might be interesting.

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