Pomeranian puppies’ pricing can range widely, with multiple variables that can have an impact.

You can get Pomeranian puppies from a breeder for $500 to $6,000, though they are available for between $800 and $2,000. Specialty Poms like the black Pomeranian can cost more.

On top of that, expect to spend at least $1,000 that first year for the initial costs of dog ownership, like dishes, toys, bedding, healthcare, and raising a puppy. Every year after that, the dog can cost between $1,000 and $3,200.

Factors That Impact Pomeranian Puppies’ Pricing

Coat colour and other factors can impact Pomeranian costs.

So why is there so much variation when buying a Pomeranian puppy? Well, because there are a lot of factors that influence it. Among those factors are puppy quality (health), location (where you acquire your puppy), and coat colour.

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Quality of Pomeranian Puppies’ Pricing

The “quality” of the dog can impact its price, which refers to the parents’ breeding lines.

The so-called “quality” of a dog is one of the biggest influences on price. Quality doesn’t necessarily reflect a dog’s health, personality, or behaviour. However, health does play a role in determining the quality of a dog.

Instead, quality refers to how well the dog can perform in conformity competitions and how well your pet can produce other dogs that do the same.

Mixed breeds, or dogs that mix Pomeranians and another breed, are considered the lowest quality group and are more affordable than purebred Pomeranian puppies.

High-demand designer mixes, like the Pomeranian-Husky mix and the Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix, will cost more than less desired mixes.

However, they are still usually significantly cheaper than even pet-quality purebreds. Poms are from the German Spitz family, similar to the original line of dogs.

Pet-quality Poms are purebred but have some fault that prevents them from being successful in the show circuit or means that breeders shouldn’t breed them.

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These dogs can still make excellent pets and are much cheaper than show-quality dogs. Also, they can still compete in many non-conformity competitions, such as agility or obedience trials. You can train them as service or therapy dogs.

Faults & Health Of Pomeranian Puppies

Health and Faults will have an impact on overall costs.

Reputable breeders will provide a list of the dog’s faults and health testing results to help you understand why the dog is pet quality. They will typically either spay or neuter the dog before the sale or require you to do it after you take the dog.

If sold at all (many breeders choose to care for these dogs themselves), pet-quality dogs with severe health conditions are generally marked down in cost. Still, good breeders will have even higher requirements for the home these dogs go to to ensure they receive proper care.

Show quality Poms are the most expensive and can cost even as much as $10,000. These dogs conform to breed standards and can compete in shows.

Price is influenced by the degree of conformity to breed standards, pedigree, and health within each of these groups. The complete health history, competition history, and breeding history of adult dogs also affect cost.

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Location Of Pomeranian Puppies

Geographical location plays a part in Pomeranian puppy prices.

Where a breeder lives can dramatically influence how they price their puppies.

For one, breeders have to be able to cover their costs. If an area has a high cost of living, breeders must charge more to continue breeding.

Breeders in regions with more regulations on the breeding of animals will have to price their dogs higher to cover the costs of complying with those regulations.

The market in a region also makes a difference. High demand for Pomeranian puppies leads to higher prices, especially if those demanding Poms also have thicker wallets. On the other hand, if there are a lot of competing Pomeranian sellers, that drives the price down.

Time of Year When Purchasing Pomeranian Puppies

The time of year makes a difference when timing your puppy purchase.

The season and time of the year are essential factors determining the price of a Pomeranian puppy.

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In the late spring through summer, demand for dogs is high as people are looking for canine companions for beach trips, walks, and other warm-weather activities. In response, breeders set their prices higher in the warmer months.

On the other hand, that demand wanes the rest of the year and is the slowest during the winter. Breeders slash prices to match the market and avoid holding on to unsold puppies.

Breeders Pomeranian Puppies’ Pricing

Where you purchase a puppy will influence the price of your Pomeranian puppies

As we said above, when you buy from a breeder, you can generally expect to pay between $1,000 and $3,000.

It usually includes registration or the paperwork required for you to register, a health guarantee, age-appropriate vaccination, microchipping, lifetime breeder support, and early socialization.

Spaying or neutering is typically necessary for Pomeranian puppies you want to keep as pets instead of showing or breeding dogs.

A breeder with more experience and a track record of high-quality dogs will charge more than an inexperienced breeder or one that only produces pet-quality dogs.

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Rescue Pomeranian Puppies’ Cost

Rescue Pomeranian puppies cost less than adopting a puppy.

Animal rescues are much cheaper, and adoption fees typically range between $200 and $400. However, there are many adoptable Pomeranian puppies that cost less than $100. Adoption fees usually don’t include genetic testing or registration paperwork, but they do often have the costs of spaying or neutering, age-appropriate vaccination, and microchipping

Rescued dogs don’t usually come with a health guarantee. Still, many animal rescues are willing to help you cover expensive and unexpected medical treatment if you cannot afford it on your own.

Pomeranian Puppies’ Pricing – Pet Stores

Pet Stores will typically charge more than a breeder for a puppy that doesn’t come from champion lines.

Puppies bought from a pet store are typically more expensive than dogs purchased from breeders. However, these puppies come exclusively from puppy mills and other low-quality breeders.

These puppies are generally poorly socialized, and their breeders do not consider their health problems.

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Though there’s usually a health guarantee, it often applies only in a limited number of situations. It usually only promises the replacement of the puppy you’ve grown to love rather than providing it with the necessary care.

Avoid buying dogs from pet stores. These dogs not only cost more upfront but will also frequently cost you more monetarily and in heartache.

Coat, Sex & Age

Your Pom’s coat, Sex, and age will all impact your costs.

Pomeranian coats come in a variety of colors and patterns. Solid coats are typically more costly than multi-colored coats. Among solid coats, rarer colors like black, white, lavender, and blue generally lead to a higher price than standard colors like red and orange.

Female Pomeranians typically cost more than males since there is more demand for females. Adults usually cost less than puppies, but successful show dogs can be expensive.


Pomeranian puppies’ price can be anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Your Pom puppy will cost more the higher the breed. Puppies require additional medical attention and supplies during their first year of life and the initial adoption expenditures.

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Before bringing a new puppy home, owners should be ready and aware of these expenses. An average Pomeranian puppy price can cost up to $3,200 annually and survive for 12 to 16 years.

Furthermore, this implies that a Pomeranian will cost roughly $55,000 over its lifespan; Poms make fantastic companions and can live a very long time if given the right care and lots of love. These adorable little creatures are well worth the investment.

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