Rottie-shepherd dogs are hybrids from Rottweiler and German Shepherd parents. They are typically black, grey, ebony, white, red, tan, or cream.

Their coats might be solid at times or combine two or three colors.

Due to the tendency of both parent breeds to shed, these mixed-breed dogs may not be the ideal choice for people who suffer from allergies.

These canines have a lot of energy. Ensure your dog receives at least one enjoyable 30- to 60-minute walk each day and some delightful, active playtime and shorter walks.

Children of all ages can enjoy playing with German Shepherd Rottweiler mixes. Still, this big dog could inadvertently harm younger children during a joyful pastime. Early on, teach your dog not to jump.

As long as you introduce other dogs gradually and correctly, Rottie Shepherds are generally friendly toward other dogs. Your Shepherd Rottie might have a natural chasing tendency regarding cats.

History Of The Rottie Shepherd (Rottweiler and German Shepherd Mix)rottweiler and german shepherd

Rottie shepherd – image by kodachrome_the_rottieshepherd from Instagram German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix may have developed spontaneously over time. Still, in the late 1990s, probably in North America, designer breeders began purposefully breeding Rottweilers and German Shepherd Dogs together.

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Also, breeders sought to blend the loyalty, strength, and intellect of the two-parent breeds of German ancestry. However, as the demand for the puppies increased, they continued to breed Rottweiler and German Shepherd hybrids.

Even though the Rottweiler and German Shepherd Mix breed was originally a designer breed, some of these dogs have found themselves in shelters or under the care of rescue organizations. If you feel this breed is the one for you, consider adopting it.

Size of Rottie Shepherds

There are minimal guidelines for size because the German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix is a relatively new mixed breed. You may anticipate Rotties to be on the larger side as they are a cross of German Shepherd Dog and Rottweiler parents.

Most are between 75 and 115 pounds and 22 to 28 inches tall at the shoulder. Nevertheless, a lot of people can be smaller or larger than average.

Personality And Traits Of The Rottie Shepherd (Rottweiler and German Shepherd Mix)

Numerous Rottie Shepherd admirers can attest to these canines’ boundless energy. The German Shepherd and Rottweiler were both designed to be working dogs, and this crossbreed enjoys mental and physical activity.

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These puppies can be quite excitable. However, consistent training and positive reinforcement can curb your German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix’s excited jumping and other undesirable habits.

Many German Shepherd Rottweiler Mixes think of themselves as lap dogs despite their huge size. They enjoy cuddling up to their people and are loyal to whoever gives them the most attention.

Even when people are present, they can occasionally become overly protective if they feel threatened. You can control and mold the guarding characteristics of your Rottie Shepherd via proper socialization.

This mixed breed thrives in family settings, particularly with a yard or other space to run around because they are large dogs.

However, suppose their master is active and committed to giving them frequent exercise. In that case, this dog will do just fine in an urban environment. A German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix is the best choice if you want a large, loving dog that enjoys playing and guarding.

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Health Issues Of A Rottie Shepherd (Rottweiler and German Shepherd Mix)

Some of the illnesses that the German Shepherd and Rottweiler breeds are prone to affect this breed. While most are in good condition, a few may be predisposed to specific ailments.

Thus it’s crucial to maintain proper care and annual veterinarian examinations. The following are some of the more prevalent health issues German Shepherd Rottweiler Mixes experience:

Entropion and Ectropion

Ectropion, which usually affects the lower lids, is an eyelid’s outward turning, gaping, or eversion. It frequently occurs in older dogs and may also do so following trauma, scarring, or entropion surgery.

Entropion is a disease that affects the eyelids in which the edge of the lid rolls over so that the skin’s hairs make contact with the eye surface rather than lying flat against the eye surface. It frequently affects the lower top.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a growth-related malformation of the hip. A ball and socket joint makes up the hip joint. The head of the femur, or thighbone, and the acetabulum, the socket in the pelvis, must develop equally during growth. This steady growth during puppyhood does not occur if your pet suffers from hip dysplasia.

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Degenerative Myelopathy Of Rottweiler And German Shepherd

Degenerative myelopathy affects the spinal cord and gradually causes weakness and paralysis in the hind limbs. The deterioration of the spinal cord’s white matter causes the symptoms.

Osteochondritis Dissecans

Osteochondritis dissecans is an inflammatory illness that separates the diseased cartilage from the underlying bone. The shoulder joint is the most frequently affected, but it can also happen in the elbow, hip, or knee.

Aortic Stenosis

Aortic stenosis is more prevalent in some dog breeds. It refers to a narrowing of the heart’s aortic valve.

The heart, particularly the left ventricle, which is the chamber responsible for pumping blood via the aorta, must exert more effort to drive blood through this restricted valve.

Care for The Rottie Shepherd (Rottweiler and German Shepherd Mix)

Like any dog, your German Shepherd Rottweiler should receive regular veterinary exams to contact any health issues early. Your vet should be able to assist you in creating a schedule of care that will keep your dog healthy.

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German Shepherd Rottweiler Mixes are energetic and prone to gaining weight. You should ensure your dog receives at least one enjoyable 30- to 60-minute walk each day and some delightful, active playtime and shorter walks.

Maintaining a healthy weight for your Rottie Shepherd is essential. It can help avoid conditions the breed is prone to, like hip and elbow dysplasia or cardiac problems.

Check their ears for debris and vermin daily, and clean them as your veterinarian advises. Before they grow too long, trim your dog’s nails. It would be best if you did this once or twice a month, and it shouldn’t be making noises against the ground.

Maintaining the oral health of your German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix is equally essential. Each day, you should brush your pet’s teeth, and your veterinarian can guide how to brush your dog’s teeth properly.

Feeding And Diet

An optimal German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix diet will help your dog grow quickly and healthily. If you overfeed them, they tend to gain weight, so you should follow a regular diet and avoid leaving food out all day. Also, make sure to keep their treat or reward intake in check.

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The German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix’s nutritional requirements will change during their different stages of growth. Like all dogs, their dietary requirements will continue to change into their senior years. Given the wide range in individual dogs’ weight, energy levels, and overall health, you should consult your veterinarian for advice on your German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix’s food.

Coat Color And Grooming of the German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix

German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix coats frequently combine the coats and colours of their Rottweiler and German Shepherd parents.

Rottie Shepherds are typically black, grey, ebony, white, red, tan, or cream. Their coats might be solid at times or combine two or three colours.

German Shepherds have medium-length fur, whilst Rottweilers have short-double coats. Therefore, your pet’s coat length will depend on its parents. These mixed-breed dogs might not be the best choice for allergy sufferers because both are prone to shedding.

Due to their coats, this hybrid can tolerate cooler weather; you should never leave them outside in extremely hot or cold weather. The ears, nose, and other delicate places with less hair coverage during the summer may require applying dog sunscreen.

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Friendliness To Children And Other Pets

German Shepherd Rottweiler Mixes can be entertaining playmates for kids of all ages. However, showing your kids how to handle your mixed-breed dog responsibly is still crucial.

Additionally, it’s critical to teach your Rottie Shepherd not to leap because this large dog could inadvertently harm smaller children during a fun pastime.

As long as they are exposed to other puppies gradually and carefully, German Shepherd Rottweiler Mixes get along well with other dogs.

Your Shepherd Rottie might have a natural chasing tendency regarding cats. Your pet and cat can live harmoniously with gradual introduction and continuous training.

Even so, some Rottie Shepherds might not immediately be as gregarious with children or other animals. Training, socialization, and chance play a significant role in the end.


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