The American Labrador Retrievers and English Labrador Retrievers are both lovable and friendly dogs. However, most kennel clubs do not recognize the differences between the two dogs, and they classify and refer to them as Labrador Retrievers.

Are you considering purchasing a Labrador Retriever? Are you unsure of the distinctions between the American and English Labradors? The appearance and behavior of bench and field labs might differ significantly.

At the same time, putting these two dogs side by side shows many differences and similarities. The English Lab is often referred to as a show or bench dog; in contrast, the American Lab is called the field Lab.

These two Labrador Retrievers are a result of selective breeding in different countries. Although, they have the same excellent characteristics of being goofy, lively, and affectionate.

However, the appearance and activity levels of these canines are vastly different. These dogs are so dissimilar that they could be considered unique breeds in many instances.

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Similarities Between American Labrador Retrievers And English Labrador Retrievers

Grooming And Care

Because English Labs have thicker coats, they shed more than American Labs. Although American Labradors will continue to shed more, it will be less frequent and intense. Both Labradors shed all year, so get a decent vacuum before bringing this dog home.

Bathing is required for both types of Labs every month. They enjoy swimming, but it can leave a nasty odor on their fur that you will want to remove.

This is likely due to certain Labradors’ inability to resist a lake or a pile of muck, use warm water, and gentle, rehydrating dog shampoo.

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Brushing is required once or twice a week for both the English and the Americans. In the winter, their undercoats thicken and densify to keep them warm, and when spring and summer arrive, their undercoats shed.

In colder climates, Labradors will naturally develop a thicker coat. They’ll need to be groomed every other day, if not every day, during shedding season to keep their fur manageable.

Diet And Nutrition

On average, American Labrador Retrievers will consume 3 cups of food daily, like the English Lab. Depending on his energy levels, you may need to feed the English Labrador slightly more if he is out working all day. Whether it’s a bench or a field lab, this varies by dog and activity level.

In any case, the English Lab and the Bench Lab should be fed Labrador-specific dog food. Good quality food will keep your dog healthy and ensure they get all of the nutrients they need.

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Health Issues

The Labrador Retriever is a usually healthy dog. Because the English and American Labrador Retrievers are of the same breed, they have similar health issues.

Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, abnormal development in the elbow and hip joints that can lead to painful arthritis, is common in Labradors. This is a prevalent health problem in dogs, especially in medium and enormous breeds.

They are also prone to visual problems like Cataracts or Progressive Retinal Atrophy. This retinal degeneration can lead to vision loss over time.

Exercise-Induced Collapse, characterized by an abrupt loss of muscular control following a period of intensive exercise, can affect certain breeds, including the Labrador.

Differences Between American Labrador Retrievers And English Labrador Retrievers

Physical Appearance

The best approach to tell the difference between the English and American Labs is to compare their overall shapes.

English Labrador Retrievers have significantly larger bodies, with plump cheeks and thick necks to show off, and they have thicker torsos and shorter legs than the American Labrador Retrievers.

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Even though they usually weigh more than the English Lab, the American Lab has a thinner torso, and they also have a longer snout, as well as a narrower head. Their bodies are built to be athletic, so they are heavier – they have more natural muscle.


The field lab is considered more headstrong when comparing the bench lab to the field lab in terms of temperament. It may be due to its high intelligence and high energy.

Field Labs will require a more experienced and strong-in-character owner to gain control and a well-behaved and balanced pet than an English Lab.

Activity Levels

Keep your dog’s energy levels in mind when deciding which lab breed to get. Ensure that you provide enough opportunities for your pet to exercise correctly regardless of the bench or field type.

Due to his show personality, English Labrador Retrievers may be slightly less demanding than American Labrador Retrievers. Bench Labs are more likely to be relaxed and less demanding activity-wise.

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You will have to help the Field Lab expend its extra energy, and it will suffice if you utilize him as a working Labrador. If you choose not to use it as a working Labrador, you will have to devote more time exercising him than you would with English Labrador Retrievers.

However, they love collecting sticks or balls from the water because they both have working experience. This is the ideal approach to physically and mentally challenge their bodies and minds.

Training The American Labrador Retriever & English Labrador Retriever

Because of its high energy levels, the American Labrador Retrievers can appear more challenging to teach than the English Labrador Retrievers.

It is more independent and easily distracted. The field lab is always looking for more exciting duties to complete. It would spend hours engaging in various activities.

However, they are both intelligent dogs eager to please and willing to learn. They will quickly learn commands if they are consistently trained.

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English and American Labrador Retrievers are popular family companions distinguished as the most popular dog breed for over 24 years. Both sorts of Labs are exceptionally friendly, loving, and extroverted with everyone they encounter.

They enjoy running around with their family and exercising, but they also enjoy cuddling on the couch. English Labradors are best suited to calm homes with small children due to their personality and older, less energetic owners.

They do not have the same addiction to running, swimming, trekking, and other physical sports as Americans. Most importantly, the Labrador Retrievers are good choices for a pet for your family, and choosing either breed depends on what factors you consider.


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