A Yorkie with sunflowers – image by Darrell Fraser from pexels

One of the smallest terrier-type dog breeds among all dog types is the English Yorkshire Terrier, commonly referred to as a “Yorkie.”

In the nineteenth century, the Yorkshire Terrier dog breed was created in Yorkshire, England. It has a maximum weight of seven pounds.

A trendy companion dog, the Yorkshire Terrier, contributed to the development of other breeds, including the Silky Terrier.

Breeders have observed that Yorkies are in high demand, with an even greater demand for smaller Yorkies. In order to sell you full-sized Yorkies, they conceal the size of the litter’s parents.

Ensure the seller shows you the parents of the puppy litter to avoid this. Everything should be fine if the parents are still little and small.

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Yorkshire’s history

Many people are unaware of the Yorkshire Terrier breed’s history. In England, hunters bred them to hunt rats and other pests.

They excelled at what they did and, over time, began to spread to other European nations. People quickly fell in love with the adorable tiny dogs, and now they can be found worldwide.

The rodent hunter gene’s presence in Yorkies might be a plus or a drawback for owning one. They occasionally have a mouse in their mouth, which is disgusting, but they will keep your yard pest-free.

Breeders recently realized that one of the reasons people love dogs so much is their small size and adorable appearance. This was after the Yorkshire Terrier breed became increasingly popular.

Breed Overview

yorkie the toy dog
A Yorkie with a toy ball – image by Sam Lion from pexels
Breed group Toy Group
Height 27 – 33 cm
Weight 2.5 – 4.5 kg
Lifespan 13 – 16 years
Temperament Energetic, feisty, intelligent, domineering, lively, inquisitive, smart
Coat double coat
Coat colour black & gold, black & tan, blue & gold, blue and tan
Trainability easy to train
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Yorkshire Terriers Size аnd Envirоnment.

Adult Yorkshire Terriers typically weigh 4 – 6 pounds and grow 8 – 9 inches tall at the shoulders. A teacup Yorkie typically weighs two to four pounds but can reach seven pounds.

Purchasing a teacup Yorkie puppy is not advised because they have numerous size-related health issues, including bladder issues and brittle bones.

Yorkies lack a luxurious undercoat that would keep them warm. It means that when you take your pet for a walk in the winter, you’ll need to give them a sweater or coat. A puppy won’t thrive if he is outside.

Additionally, Yorkies are very people-oriented. They may become agitated if they separate from their human pack for extended periods.

Food and Nutritiоn For The English Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies don’t require specialized food to remain healthy. But when choosing food, look for a brand specially made for Yorkies or other small breeds.

Food portions should be small enough to accommodate your Yorkie’s delicate mouth and teeth.

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Ask the breeder what they recommend as the ideal food for your puppy when picking them up, and stick to it, especially for the first few weeks.

Speak to your local veterinarian to learn more about what to feed your Yorkie.

Соаt аnd Cоlоr tyрe

All Yorkshire terrier puppies are born with smooth black coats with some little blemishes. His coat develops into the breed’s distinctive dark steel-blue and reddish-brown as he ages.

Some Yorkies continue to be black well into adulthood. Others could become incredibly silvery and light.

Temрerаment Of The English Yorkshire Terrier

Despite its diminutive size, the Yorkshire Terrier is curious, active, and loves attention. A simple-to-train dog breed is the Yorkshire Terrier. It is due to their inherent ability to function without human assistance.

They naturally possess intelligence and are quick learners, and many are motivated by praise or food.

Many need plenty of mental and physical stimulation because breeders created them as working animals. It includes long walks or runs, indoor games, and training to keep their minds active.

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Although they are famous for their fluttering, many claims that contained Yorkies are peaceful creatures who will happily curl up in your lap in the evening.

Yorkies are adaptable to any environment, travel well, and make good pets for many homes. Due to their small stature, they need a little exercise but daily human companionship.

They adore both attention and love. Many Yorkies are more reserved around other dogs and prefer to remain close to their human companions for comfort.

Sосiаlization The Yorkies

Although this is not the case with Yorkies, and some breeds are not known to get along well with other people.

Yorkies are social dogs. They quickly grew close to family and friends and formed a bond with them.

Yorkies deeply love their owners and appear willing to go to any lengths. Even when unfamiliar faces emerge, they quickly love and trust those around them.

When it comes to other dogs, Yorkshire terriers are also exceptionally social. Initially, there will be a lot of barking, but they quickly become accustomed to other dogs and make friends.

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Is The English Yorkshire Terrier Hyроаllergeniс?

English Yorkshire Terriers are a hypoallergenic dog breed, and this is one of its best qualities. No dog is entirely hypoallergenic, but Yorkies are less so than most dogs.

Suppose you’ve ever owned a dog that sheds. In that case, you can appreciate how amazing it is for a dog to have hypoallergenic skin.

On the other hand, Yorkies don’t shed at all, whether regular or teacup-sized. It eliminates the need for owners to vacuum all the areas where the dog has been repeatedly. It also means that owners of Yorkshire terriers must groom and trim their canines, which can get very expensive.

Another good reason to own a hypoallergenic dog is that people who are often allergic to dogs won’t be allergic to ones that don’t shed.

The English Yorkshire Terrier Is A Selective Eаters

Yorkshire terriers are picky eaters. As mentioned, kids can be a little confused about some things.

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They will frequently ask you what you have at meals. They will become accustomed to eating what dogs are supposed to eat if you don’t give up.

At this young age, it is simple to accustom them to food. Any breed of puppy will consume whatever you offer it.

However, starting with desirable foods like wet dog food becomes challenging. And gradually transition to less desirable, less expensive, dry dog food as they age.

Are Yоrkies Wаtсhdоgs Or Guard Dogs

Owners of Yorkies can’t avoid barking. Yorkies can snore for the entirety of the day, and they snore frequently. It’s simply a genetic trait.

That makes them excellent watchdogs. They bark at any sound that warns off undesirable individuals. In terms of watchdogs, Yorkies aren’t the coolest.

They frequently perceive themselves as more prominent than they are, yet when it comes to combat, they are often the first to fall.

I find their bаrking сute fоr the mоst раrt, but there аre times when I don’t see it that much interesting.

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Sоme рeорle саn’t stаnd it. There is а wаy tо deрrive а dоg оf bаrking, but it is а рrосedure thаt соsts а lоt оf mоney.

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