The Gerberian Shepsky is a strong and intelligent dog breed, with the independence of Huskies and the ferocious loyalty of German Shepherds, making them the finest of both species.

Despite being a loving breed and ideal for families with children, the Shepherd Husky Mix also makes a fantastic security dog because of his German Shepherd ancestry.

While German Shepherds are herding dogs who adore a job, Siberian Huskies are medium-sized working dogs.

The Gerberian Shepsky falls somewhere in the middle, usually reaching a height of 25 inches and a weight of roughly 80 pounds. The average height and weight of females are 22 inches and 65 pounds.

There are no official records of the birth of the first hybrid litter of Gerberian, and the first litter of puppies was most likely an accident! But this amiable and devoted German Shepherd/Husky mix is entering homes worldwide thanks to the growing popularity of designer breeds.

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Characteristics and traits of the Gerberian Shepsky

Brief Overview Of A Gerberian Shepsky

Weight 45 – 80 pounds
Height 20 -25 inches
Lifespan 10 – 13 years
Cost $400 – $1500
Temperament Loyal, playful, protective
Trainability Easy to trainability
Coat Thick coat prone to shedding
Coat color Black, brown, cream, white, red, blue


This cross is the perfect union of two noble-appearing, intelligent pure breeds. Typically, each litter yields 6–8 adorable, fluffy puppies, each of which may have a different appearance.

Some will obtain the longer snout of their German Shepherd parent. In contrast, others will inherit heterochromia, or different colored eyes, from their Husky parent. These dogs all have the perceptive ears that both breeds share.

Gerberian Shepky Temperament & Trainability

While they inherit loyalty and bravery from their Shepherd bloodline, they acquire friendliness, silliness, and gentleness from their Husky side.

Shepherds are wary of strangers, whereas Huskies never meet a stranger. The mixture creates the ideal equilibrium.

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When fully grown, your Gerberian Shepky will defend you and your family against everything while giving you love, hugs, and many cute memories.

They get along nicely with kids and, with early socialization, may coexist peacefully with other animals. The highly bright hybrid German Shepherd and Husky breed quickly learn when correctly educated.

Huskies can be obstinate and quickly get bored. In contrast, German Shepherds enjoy learning new things and having a job to complete.

Furthermore, if your dog is more Husky-like, he might favor hours of running over the mental challenges, and he might like complex tasks like scent work if he leans towards the German Shepherd.

To prevent your Gerberian Shepsky from developing undesirable negative tendencies like barking, howling (a favourite among huskies), and chewing, keep them physically active and mentally engaged.

German Shepherd Husky mixes are excellent for energetic and adventurous families. Still, they aren’t the best choice for first-time owners or people who spend most of the day away from home.

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How to Feed Your Gerberian Shepsky

A diet complete with protein is necessary for this big, energetic breed. The number of calories needed depends on the dog’s age, weight, level of exercise, and sex.

For instance, a rapidly growing puppy needs more calories than an adult Shepsky and should consume a puppy-specific diet. This method will give them all the essential vitamins and nutrients for bone and muscle growth!

Less active and older dogs only need 1300–1600 calories daily, and German Shepherd Husky mixes need roughly 1700–2400 calories daily.

Therefore, the recommended practice is to spread the meals over at least two daily feeding periods to encourage simple digestion and prevent the risks of bloat and volvulus associated with both breeds.

Also, Shepkies are active carnivores that require a minimum of 22% protein in their diet to thrive.

The most proper diet consists of nutritious meals made for large breed dogs. Remember to factor in occasional snacks when calculating daily calorie needs!

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The German Shepherd Husky Mix Exercises

As we’ve already established, these amusing dogs enjoy physical activity. Bring the family together for a run or walk. To ensure that your Shepsky never gets bored, alter the path.

Other suggestions include getting at least 2 hours of moderate to intense exercise daily. They do not make good apartment dogs and will thrive in wide, open settings. Mixed German Shepherd and Husky dogs thrive in open spaces where they may run, play, and explore.

Even though a sizable yard is excellent, this breed is so active and vibrant that it needs even more space! Your new pet will be happiest when allowed to engage in pursuits like obstacle courses and challenging puzzles.

Your Gerberian Shepsky will develop a comfortable work routine and play with lots of love and care. After a long day, make sure to cuddle up for lots of cuddles.!

The Gerberian Shepsky Health Considerations

German Shepherd Husky hybrids could inherit several genetic conditions from their purebred parents. Your breeder ought to be pleased to give you a thorough health examination of the parents when you buy a puppy.

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However, elbow/hip dysplasia affects many large breeds, and degenerative eye diseases like cataracts affect this breed. If left untreated, joint dysplasia causes the elbows and hips to develop improperly, resulting in pain and eventually losing movement.

Therefore, early detection is key to successful medication or surgical correction of the problem. Cataracts are problems with the eye’s lens inherited from the Husky parent and will eventually cause vision to deteriorate.

Furthermore, your Gerberian Shepsky might lose his capacity to process his environment, which could cause him to become disoriented, confused, and even hostile if left untreated. Once more, if detected early, this illness is treatable with medicine or surgery.

Bloat and Gastric Dilatation Volvulus are also frequent in German Shepherds, as was previously indicated.

The stomach swells and twists around because of this illness, and thus, you must exercise extreme caution to prevent it! You should be safe if you pay attention to how much and frequently your dog eats.

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The Gerberian Shepsky Grooming & Appearance

Those wonderfully upright ears had us in awe. The Shepsky mix also has piercing eyes and a powerful nose, just like a wolf.

Therefore they could develop the brown eyes of a German Shepherd or the typical husky blue-green eyes. Even their eyes could be different colors! Heterochromic puppies are highly sought-after and more expensive, and they are priceless and one of a kind, though!

Depending on whose parent a Gerberian Shepsky most closely resembles, their coat color may vary, just like their eye color. Typical colorings include white, grey, silver, tan, red, and the traditional Sable color of the German Shepherd coat!

The Husky’s coat is designed for the chilly temperatures of Siberia and Alaska because they were initially sledge dogs.

It’s a prevalent myth that Huskies can only be content in cold climates with lots of snow. They have two coats, though, and they may shed one to withstand high weather.

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Additionally, your Shepsky will have a double coat. Brush them twice a week to encourage appropriate shedding and skin health. Also, regular full baths are bad for the natural oils in your Husky German Shepherd mixes.

Dry, itchy skin and irritation may result from this. Instead, only give them a gentle shampoo bath when it’s required. Use a damp towel to spot-clean in between uses and, if necessary, a non-toxic deodorizing spray.


The Gerberian Shepskie is a very unique and devoted breed. They were specifically bred to be the finest working dogs available. And it would be difficult to find anyone who disputed their ability to perform.

But a lot of people reject or ignore this breed as a result of this specific characteristic. They could be too much to manage and overwhelming. However, you would want to consider adoption if you have what it takes to provide one of these dogs with a lifelong home.





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