The German Sheprador is a black Labrador Retriever and German Shepherd hybrid. It is a large, athletic crossbreed with a thick, double coat. Breeders created the German Shepherd Dogs and Labrador Retrievers for entirely different purposes.

Consequently, the temperaments of their mixed-breed puppies might vary considerably. They can, however, be excellent dogs for adaptive owners who are passionate about training. In this article, we assist you in determining whether they might be your ideal match.

Black Lab German Shepherd Mix: An Overview

Weight 65 – 90 pounds
Height 20 – 27 inches (at the shoulders)
Lifespan 10 – 15 years
Temperament Playful, friendly, loyal, alert
Coat Thick double coat
Coat color Black, white, red, cream, blue, grey
Friendliness Yes
Trainability Easy to train
Cost $700 – $2000
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This hybrid is also referred to as Labrashepherd or German Sheprador.

Origin of the German Sheprador

The two most popular dog breeds in America are labs and German Shepherds. It is no wonder breeders looking to produce hybrid litters have often chosen these two kinds.

However, the pedigrees of German Shepherds and Labradors date back to the 19th century. Understanding their unique histories also offers crucial insights into the character of the German Sheprador.

Labrashepherds Appearance

Reserving a black Lab GSD mix puppy doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a dog of that color because color and pattern inheritance in dogs is quite tricky.

Yellow and chocolate coloring genes are also present in black labs. Additionally, some Labs inherit the genes for markings like tan points invisibly. These genes date back to when Gordon Setters helped establish the breed. The GSD’s attractive coat, meanwhile, is susceptible to various genetic variations.

Consequently, a black Lab German Shepherd hybrid puppy could be black or dark brown, with sable shading or tan points as markings.

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German Shepherd Black Lab mix size

German Shepherds and Labradors are both medium to large-sized canines, and GSDs weigh 50 to 90 pounds, whereas labs range from 55 to 80. In both breeds, males tend to weigh more than female Labrashepherds. Therefore, the weight of a Black Lab/German Shepherd mix could also range from 50 to 90 pounds.

All of the following will contribute to their size:

  1. the breed’s overall characteristics,
  2. the parents’ heights
  3. their sexes,
  4. environmental elements like quantity and quality of food.

Grooming a German Sheprador

Both labs and GSDs have thick double coats, which are excellent for protecting them from inclement weather while they are working.

They shed a lot, and they “blow their coats” twice a year in the spring and the fall, which means they shed even more profusely when their new season’s coat emerges. The black Lab German Shepherd will also have excessive shedding, so there is one sure thing.

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Regular brushing and seasonal grooming using specialized equipment, such as a Furminator, will help keep your home free of pet hair.

Traits and Personality of the German Sheprador

The personality of labs and GSDs differ depending on several factors. However, they both have an aptitude for solving problems and are quick learners. Sheprador puppies will undoubtedly be intelligent and trainable.

However, it is impossible to foresee whether they would be more cautious and suspicious of strange meetings than a GSD or inherently outgoing and socially confident like a Lab.

Unfortunately, the temperament of a Black Lab German Shepherd mix puppy is also not a good predictor of how they will be as adults. Therefore, the education and socialization you provide them with while they are young will be crucial.


If they have a pleasant initial experience, puppies under 12 weeks old easily create positive connections with new people.

For German Shepherds and their mixes, socialization is especially crucial because of their innate tendency to be wary of strangers. When they are older, it gives them the self-assurance to deal peacefully with the outside world.

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Even breeds known for their friendliness, like Labs, require socialization. They are naturally outgoing. These dogs may need to learn how to shake someone’s hand without jumping or being overexcited.

German Shepradors also require rigorous leash training from a young age because it is unpleasant to be pulled along the sidewalk by a big dog.


A mature Lab-GSD mix needs at least two hours of daily walking. They like to play additional fetch, tug, and scent work games at home.

Exercise your mind with training and puzzle feeds like Kongs and sneeze mats. A Sheprador is also likely to enjoy competitive obedience training and fieldwork.

Health Issues In The German Sheprador

Sheprador health is dependent on what they inherited from both of their parent breeds:

  1. Hip and elbow dysplasia.
  2. Degenerative Disc Diseases.
  3. PRA or blindness.
  4. Ear infections

Lifespan Of The German Sheprador

According to owner surveys, Labradors typically live for 12–13 years, while GSDs live for 9–13 years. Both of these are favorable comparisons to the overall average lifespan of dogs, which is slightly over 11 years. A German Sheprador can live up to the age of 10, possibly even up to 15 years.

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Are Black Lab German Shepherd Mixes Good Pets?

For active people who have lots of free time to interact with and train their dogs, Labrashepherds are good pets.

They are bred to work and are intelligent, so if they don’t get many hours of engagement daily, they are prone to become bored and dissatisfied. They might engage in undesirable activities like digging, gnawing, or barking to convey that.

Suppose you want your dog to be friendly and outgoing or serve as a watchdog. This hybrid is not a good choice because these dogs may not have inherited these traits from their parents.

All dogs, especially Shepradors owing to their size, should be under close supervision while near young children. However, because they frequently show care and patience for their human family, they are ideal for homes with older kids. Additionally, lively canines enjoy the company of energetic children.


The Labrador German Shepherd mix is a wonderful breed for any family, provided you can handle the exercise requirements. These dogs won’t empty your bank account the way many purebreds do, both in terms of puppy costs and vet costs.

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Furthermore, this combination might become your best friend of all time because of their gorgeous appearances and endearing personalities! We recommend these breeds.



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