The Jack Chi is a cross between the Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua dog breeds.

These puppies are friendly, amusing, and lively and get some of the most significant traits from their parents.

Jack Chi also goes by the name Jackahuahua or Jackhuahua.  These cute mixed-breed dogs are wonderful, low-maintenance, adorable, playful, and joyous friends.

Additionally, most mixed-breed dogs are relatively calm and lack yapping tendencies, making them perfectly suitable for apartment living.

Jack Chis love to spend time with people, and they make excellent pals for kids who understand how to behave around little dogs. Jack Chis are prone to itchiness and skin allergies.

Black, chocolate, fawn, golden, cream, and white are some of the more prominent colors for Jack Chi’s coat. Additionally, they can live in apartments reasonably well, but they still need to be mentally and physically active.

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History of the Jack Chi

The Jack Chi dog breed originated in the United States to meet the need for a dog that is an excellent companion and can adapt to the demands of modern living. Estimates indicate that Jack Chis came into existence a few decades ago.

However, there isn’t much reliable information regarding the history of the mixed breed.

The ancestor breeds of the Jack Chi have a significantly longer history. Before becoming more of a family pet, the Jack Russell Terrier was first bred in the United Kingdom in the 1800s and used for hunting.

Chihuahuas have a long history; relics from Mexico from the ninth century show the breed.

Although the Jack Chi is a designer breed, many regrettably wind up in shelters. So if you’re considering bringing a Jack Chi into your house, get in touch with the rescue organizations and shelters in your area. There is no requirement to buy one from a breeder.

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Breed Characteristics

the jack chi
jack chi – image by wundertuete_photography from Instagram

Brief Overview Of A Jack Chi

Weight 8 and 18 pounds
Height 12 – 15 inches
Lifespan 13 -18 years
Coat short, dense, and rough
Coat color Black, chocolate, fawn, golden, cream, and white.
Temperament Outgoing, affectionate, friendly, active, alert, playful, easy to train, bossy, intelligent
Friendliness yes
Price $150 – $15000



As with all dogs, it’s crucial to continue your Jack Chi’s routine veterinary examinations to identify any health issues as soon as possible. Your veterinarian can also assist you in creating a schedule of care that will keep your dog healthy.

Regular exercise is necessary for this very active breed to reduce its risk of obesity. Also, it helps to direct your pet’s energy into fun playtimes rather than potentially disruptive activities around the house.

It would help if you took daily long walks at least twice. Also, because of the breed’s hunting-related ancestry, hide-and-seek toys and games are essential to stimulate them cognitively.

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This breed needs routine ear cleanings to prevent dirt and debris buildup. The regimen should also include inspecting their nails every several months.

Arranging eye exams is crucial because the Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua are prone to eye problems. Additionally, regular dental exams are necessary to detect any early signs of periodontal disease.

The Jack Chi Diet And Nutrition

The diet for your Jack Chi should be suitable for a small-sized breed with medium energy levels. As with other little dogs, Jack Chi’s body does not handle excess weight well; thus, it is crucial to prevent overeating.

Jack Chi’s nutritional requirements will change from puppyhood through adulthood. They will continue to change into their senior years, like all dogs.

There is far too much difference among individual dogs, including weight, energy, and health, to offer a specific guideline. Therefore you should consult your vet for advice regarding your Jack Chi’s food.

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Grooming and Coat Color

Jack Chis have straight textures and dense, medium-length coats. A Jack Chi is a relatively low-maintenance dog. However, it would help if you brush its coat once each week, and it can maintain a smooth coat by doing this. With this breed, occasional showers are sufficient.

The Jack Chihuahua breed doesn’t like the cold very much because of its Chihuahua heritage. So feel free to purchase a stylish dog jacket in the winter.

The Jack Chi Friendliness

In general, Jack Chis gets along well with kids. The dogs are intelligent and playful and will gladly participate in collaborative play sessions with young children in your home.

Teach your youngster how to handle and behave around the dog properly because they can become aggressive if they feel threatened by improper treatment.

Jack Chis typically get along well with pets and other animals. However, suppose your specific Jack Chi has a lot of Jack Russell Terrier characteristics. In that case, they might have hunting instincts that cause them to see domestic cats as prey. When introducing different pets to one another, use caution.

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When adopting a Jack Chi, early socialization pays off, so when you bring the breed home, praise your dog for good behavior and maintain a consistent training schedule.

The Jack Chi Health Issues

In general, Jack Chis are healthy dogs. This mixed breed, however, is prone to skin allergies that can cause excruciating itching. It would help if you visited your veterinarian for routine wellness examinations with your dog.

Jack Chis has several more prevalent health issues, including:

  1. Hypoglycemia
  2. Patellar luxation
  3. Collapsed tracheal
  4. Heart problems

Conclusion on The Jack Chi

You must do proper research before you purchase or adopt any dog breed. Suppose you are interested in getting a Jack Chi. This article gives important details about Jack Chis and what it means to own one.


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