You can bathe your French Bulldog puppy at 12 weeks, and washing your dog with a sponge until they are old would be best. Before 12 weeks, the less water your dog consumes, the better. You can clean your pet with just wet towel. However, use a soft dog shampoo on the puppy’s delicate skin and fur. Furthermore, dry your dog as soon as you can.

However, their internal natural systems for regulating body temperature and internal body clocks are still developing in puppies, so they become cold quickly. It is particularly true for French Bulldog puppies since they only have a topcoat, unlike most other dog breeds with a coat and an undercoat to keep them warm.

Furthermore, as a result, when choosing a washing schedule for your French bulldog puppy, two things must be considered. First, how frequently you bathe them, then how thoroughly you dry them off afterwards.

age you can bathe your frenchie puppy
A French Bulldog puppy is having a Bathe. Image credit: Ask Frankie from Google

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How Do I Bathe My Puppy?

Pet owners usually give their French bulldog puppy a bath with water and shampoo or soap once per month or every two weeks. To keep your puppy clean between bathing, you can use dry shampoo.

Although dry shampoo is great tool, it is essential to choose the right one. However, dry shampoo is not the best method for keeping the dog clean; you should do a quick wash. But, because it is more practical, some people prefer it.

For instance, if your French bulldog puppy gets dirty while playing outside, he must be washed, even if it wasn’t on purpose. Your veterinarian is the best source of advice on how often to bathe your pet.

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Additionally, it’s a good idea to refrain from giving your French bulldog puppy a bath that contains harsh chemicals, antiseptics, or pesticides. You can use dishwashing liquid, such as “Dawn.” It is effective and takes grease and dirt off surfaces with ease.

It is advised to stick with dog products made especially for dogs, like :

  • Dog shampoos
  • Dog soaps
  • Dog moisturizers
  • Antiseptics and
  • Anti-pest sprays /medications

When your puppy is over 12 weeks old, you can bathe them. Depending on your puppy’s size, washing it in a sink or big bowl can be the most practical option, and larger dogs are best in bathtubs.

Steps  when bathing your French Bulldog puppy:

  1. Before starting the bath, thoroughly brush your puppy. It should be able to remove all excess filth and hair. Also, with the help of brushing, you can remove dog-shedding fur. So it will prevent tangles or matted hair after a long bath.
  2. Get the water ready.
  3. Make sure the water is not hot. You don’t want your dog to get hot or cold in the bath. Throughout the bath, make sure the dog is comfortable.
  4. Put down a mat to make the sink or bathtub a little less slippery if you use them. The dogs feel more comfortable if you put a rubber bath mat under their feet. These dogs can fall over and get hurt when it’s wash time.
  5. The shampoo is the next thing. Selecting a shampoo for your dog requires thought, and you should use puppy shampoo exclusively when bathing your dog. Just for your dog, these shampoos and conditioners are developed. Human-made shampoo and dishwashing liquid can be too harsh for your dog.
  6. Avoid getting soap in your puppy’s mouth, nose, or ears when bathing.
  7. Wash your dog with some warm water. The rinsing process will be easier if you can access a handheld sprayer or hose. However, ensure the water flow isn’t too powerful for your little puppy. Apply a little mist or spray, but ensure they are clean and soap-free.
  8. Once your dog is thoroughly clean, please remove it from the bath.
  9. Ensure your puppy is completely dry before taking it outside if it’s freezing.
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Dog bathing is a simple process, and making it pleasing for you and your dog makes it easier. Although this may be your dog’s first wash, it won’t be the last. Ensure that taking a bath is a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Even though they might not like taking a bath, the easier you can make it for them, the less they will mind. Maybe they’ll even like taking a bath.

Grooming Requirements For Your French Bulldog Puppy

French Bulldog puppies’ grooming requirements include:

  • Combing their coats.
  • Checking their eyes.
  • Brushing their teeth while examining their gums.
  • Trimming their nails

Small Little Teeth

It would help if you cleaned their teeth to avoid food residue and parasites. French Bulldog puppies require pink and healthy gums. Brushing your puppy’s teeth regularly and your hand inside their mouth from an early age is essential.

Also, this makes brushing and cleaning teeth simpler. And giving medicine to French Bulldog puppies as they mature. If you try this with a French Bulldog who doesn’t understand this, it will snap or bite you.

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washing your frenchie puppy
A Frenchie puppy is brushing. Image credit: Frenchie Complex from Google


A French Bulldog puppy should have a shiny, soft-to-the-touch coat. Look for parasites, wounds, unusual swellings, and patchiness while grooming. Another effective method to reduce shedding is brushing.


Regular nail trimming is essential for your French bulldog’s health and prevents scratches on your furniture and body. With the proper pet nail trimming tools, you can do it yourself or pay a professional groomer to come to your house and take care of it.

The nails of a dog that gets a lot of walks will frequently be short due to walking on a hard surface. Some dogs’ nails are already short, while others need trimming often.

Age you should bathe your french bulldog puppy
Trimming a French Bulldog puppy’s nails. Image credit: Patch

Bathing Your French Bulldog: Conclusion

Remember that the French Bulldog puppy has sensitive skin, so it’s best to avoid bathing them too frequently. The breed does not have excessive oils in their coat, so they do not need grooming as regularly as other breeds.

Every two weeks, you can bathe your puppy if they get dirty or if you want them to smell good before going on walks with other pups. Ensure the soap you choose for washing is gentle and hypoallergenic to prevent your dog from irritation.

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