The male dog will leave the female dog alone when she is no longer in heat. Also, your male dog can leave your female dog when he is sick, stressed, or anxious, and he can also leave her if he cannot mount the female dog.

Furthermore, when your male dog is inexperienced, he may leave a female dog if it is his first time mating. In rare cases, male dogs are confused when they have not mated.

Male dogs are always ready to mate, as the smell of a female dog in heat will always attract them. They can only leave the female alone if they’re sick or injured.

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When will The Male Leave The Female Dog:  A Dog’s Heat Cycle

Day One To Day Five

Her vulva will start to grow in size. She might need to urinate more frequently and probably spend more time grooming the area around her vulva. If this is her first heat, she may appear bewildered and irritated.

Around this period, male dogs will be very interested in her. They will spend a lot of time following her around and smelling her. He will also check every location where she has urinated.

They may attempt to mount her, but she will most likely snap at them and show no interest in the increased attention.

When will The Male Leave The Female Dog: Day Six To Day Eleven

Occasionally, the dog’s heat cycle takes a day or two longer. She’ll almost certainly bleed, and it’s possible that you won’t see much blood for the first day or two. Blood is typically noticed as soon as she stands up after a nap.

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Don’t be frightened if you notice very little or a lot of blood during this stage; some dogs bleed more than others. Male dogs will be interested in her now and will likely try to mount her.

She will now tease the males by turning her backside and facing them, standing still, and allowing them to sniff her for long periods; nevertheless, if they attempt to mount her, she will flee, nip, and yelp.

Day Ten To Day Fifteen

The female will stop bleeding and become responsive to the man’s attention. Raising her tail and backing up toward the males will be part of her taunting of them males.

She may roll over, play submissive, lick her face, and urinate in surrender for a long time. She will most likely have little desire to eat and spend most of her time drawing, pacing, and feeling restless.

Day Fifteen To Day Twenty-one

If she becomes pregnant between days 10–and 15, she will most likely become more hungry. She may continue to tease male dogs, but she will no longer enjoy the attention, and if a male tries to mount her, she will become aggressively defensive.

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This is risky for her since male dogs will still be attracted to her, but she will no longer be capable of receiving the male, and intercourse could cause her serious harm. Male dogs mustn’t be permitted to mount her at this time.

Day twenty-one plus

By this point, the male will be sick of having his face ripped off every time he tries something with her, and he will have almost given up hope.

You may notice the male seems a little depressed at first, but this will pass once his ego has had time to mend.

When Will The Male Leave The Female Dog: Three Things You Should Know About Dog Mating

1. What Is The Right Age To Breed?

The best time to breed your dog is usually determined by its size. Small dogs to large dogs are all of different ages. Sexual maturity in dogs is estimated to be between 18 to 24 months for large dogs, 15 to 18 months for medium-sized dogs, and 12 to 18 months old for small dogs.

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However, it is best to wait until the dog is around two years before mating, and this will help reduce the risk to the dog as she is still cognitively and physically immature during her first heat and will not be able to care for her litter.

2. Female Heat Cycle

The female’s first heat cycle is typically not the best time to mate your dog as they are immature to mate. Its first heat lasts seven days when bleeding occurs, and swollen vulva can be seen.

However, the female will be more receptive to mating during the second heat, which lasts for seven days. The ninth and tenth days are the best time to mate as your female dog will no longer be receptive to mating towards the end of her heat cycle.

3. Breeding Partner

Before you start breeding dogs, there are a few things you should bear in mind. You should carefully select two dogs so their offspring are healthy and fit. Ensure both canines are in good health and have no history of genetic disorders.

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If you are breeding to see the puppy, the dogs should be of the breed and appearance you’re looking for. Suppose the dogs have any severe health issues, do not breed them.

When Will The Male Leave The Female Dog: In Conclusion

If you wish to mate your bitch, remember that you should only breed on the dog’s second heat cycle, not the first or third. If you can’t bear her on the second heat cycle, have her spayed to reduce the danger of cancer and cysts. Once you’ve mated her, let her mate every two days until she stops allowing him access.

You’ll want to marry your dog every 2nd heat cycle. Mate in the second and fourth heat cycles, mating in the fourth and sixth heat cycles, buy a replacement pup on the sixth, mate your bitch in the eighth cycle, spay her, and re-home. The puppy you got on her sixth heat cycle should be ready for her first heat cycle any day now.

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Early on, the male dog realizes that the female is more intelligent than him and lets her take the lead. You may have noticed that while two dogs will fight, and two bitches even more so, a dog will rarely fight a bitch. Even if she steals his bone, he will usually yield to her. Please be a conscientious pet owner.


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