Chihuahuas dogs are aggressive because they are genetically predisposed to be protective of their territory and their owners. They also have separation anxiety issues which manifest as aggression in most cases. Furthermore, this breed is not great with unfamiliar faces or places.

The Chihuahua is a dominant dog. Suppose they do not regard you as their owner or as someone familiar; they will be very hostile towards you.

Although all dog breeds can show aggression to strangers, this breed is very feisty. Their size betrays their aggressiveness, as this breed can display aggression greater than dogs ten times their size.

Despite their inherent propensity to aggression, some triggers can cause high aggression and hostility in these dogs, such as abuse, neglect, injuries, and illness.

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5 Reasons Why Chihuahuas Dogs Are Very Aggressive

1. They Are Territorial Dogs

Chihuahuas make excellent security dogs because they are naturally territorial and protective of their space. They get defensive when they meet other unfamiliar pets or strangers. Because they are dominant, they will always want things to go their way, including no trespassing.

A common trait among them is that once they have claimed a place as their own, only their owners are safe from a display of aggression. Their own space makes them feel safe, and any other person trespassing is creeping into their territory.

2. Separation Anxiety

Due to their genetics and how they grow, these dogs are very clingy and would follow their owners anywhere and everywhere. They always crave attention and affection from their owners.

They are usually considered trophies and accessories of some sort. Most owners will carry them everywhere in their handbags or arms, satisfying their pets’ need for attention and pride in showcasing their pets to the world.

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Suppose they are left behind and begin to suffer from separation anxiety from the lack of attention and love they are getting. They become very aggressive and may even slash, tear, or destroy things in the house.

3. They Are Not Great With Strangers

Because of their dominant territorial genes, they do not like anyone aside from their owners coming around them. Dogs’ owners are the only ones they consent to, making them very loyal to their owners but displaying aggression at strangers by barking and snapping.

This breed does not get along with unfamiliar faces, whether humans or other dogs. A new or strange face can make your Chihuahua unsettled, and he will react aggressively to defend himself.

4. Physical And Psychological Triggers

Like humans, this breed can suffer from traumatic experiences it may not be able to deal with correctly. Suppose your Chihuahua grew up in an abusive home; he may have flashbacks to that intimidating and painful event.

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Also, injuries and illness can affect the temperament of a dog. If your pet is injured or ill, it will want to isolate itself and recover. Should you disturb your pet, be ready for a backlash of aggression from your pet.

5. Change Of Environment

It will take a while before your pet adapts to a new environment. Dogs are creatures of routine. Breaking their routine to move to a new environment will displease this dog. It will showcase its displeasure by snapping and snarling at everything and everyone.

Three Ways Chihuahuas Dogs Show They Are Aggressive

1. Barking

Suppose your pet is agitated about a trespasser, or it is not getting the attention and love it wants from you. It will begin to bark to show its displeasure to get your attention. Also, it will bark to warn strangers from trespassing into its territory.

2. Growling And Snarling

When your pet starts growling, it means it is agitated. You may need to leave, or it will attack you. The longer you stay there, the louder the growling becomes. Chihuahuas will growl to frighten you if you are a threat or a trespasser to them.

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3. Stiff And Aggressive Stance

A Chihuahua will adopt that stiff and aggressive posture before charging at you. The tight body posture of the dog shows that you are in his space. In addition, when this dog adopts a defensive posture, it will no longer wag its tail in a show of hostility.

Aggressive Chihuahuas – Three Ways To Reduce Aggression In Your Dog

1. Socialization

Like other dogs, Chihuahua owners should teach and socialize their dogs to reduce aggressiveness. At the same time, since they are still puppies, it is much easier to socialize with other dogs and strangers to reduce aggression.

Doing this will help them become accustomed to seeing and meeting strangers and other pets and animals.

2. Positive Reinforcement For An Aggressive Chihuahua

Positive reinforcement is a tested and trusted way to change and mold your dog’s habits. Suppose you offer treats, snacks, or compliments to your pet when it does not show hostility to strangers. It will learn to associate non-aggressive behaviors with rewards.

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3. Regular Exercise

This breed is very active and has high energy, requiring lots of mental and physical stimulation. It tends to become destructive and aggressive when left alone for long, tearing and biting away at anything.

It would be best to engage it in physical activities that will enable it to expand its pent-up energy. Doing this would tire out the dog and, at the same time, make it satisfied. Also, it is likely to meet other pets and socialize with them during exercising.

Conclusion on Aggressive Chihuahuas

When you consider adopting a Chihuahua, you should know its previous owners and veterinarian because it would be helpful. This research will help you identify the root cause of your pet’s aggressive behavior. Also, you can determine what may cause your new dog to become violent, allowing you to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

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