Chihuahuas are expensive because they have attained celebrity status worldwide. Thus, the price and the cost of the Chihuahuas’ accessories and maintenance are inflated.

Furthermore, its reputation as an accessory for most celebrities has made this Chihuahua breed a hot take in the world of pet dogs and placed it at the top as one of the most expensive dogs worldwide.

The constant demand for Chihuahuas among the elites is one of the reasons why this dog is expensive, which is also why a teacup-sized one can go for more than $2,000, plus you still have to factor in the cost of the Chihuahua’s maintenance and accessories.

Interestingly, it is also one of the most popular small dogs globally. Although small, this breed is a feisty dog that is more aggressive than a dog five times its size.

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Three Reasons Why Chihuahuas Are Expensive

1. Superstardom

The Chihuahua breed has garnered quite a reputation as a flurry celebrity. It has become a trend for stars to carry this tiny dog wherever they go. Consequently, this has shot the Chihuahua to the heights of superstardom.

You can see a lot of Chihuahuas in movies and tv commercials, which adds to the allure that they are prized trendy assets. A must-have to be like the elites or, at the very least, follow the new trend.

2. Cost Of Chihuahuas’ Accessories And Maintenance

Due to the hype associated with this little furry cutie, Chihuahuas’ accessories and maintenance are more costly than the other dogs. Because it is in vogue, there is a high demand for this dog and its accessories.

Chihuahuas typically do not like to be groomed or want their nails cut. You would have to employ the services of a professional groomer to groom and care for your pet effectively.

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3. Bloodline And Breeders

These dogs sell at various prices depending on the breeder. When it comes to Chihuahua puppies, reputable breeders will charge more. Depending on the bloodline, these reputable breeders will charge a premium for the dogs.

Furthermore, there are seven recognized breeds of Chihuahuas, with different prices. However, the dogs of the purebred class will always fetch a premium over the others.

5 Facts About The “Expensive” Chihuahua

1. They Are Loyal

This breed has a variety of traits. Chief among them is their devotion and affection towards their owners. They adore their owners and enjoy spending time with them.

It is one of the reasons they can be very aggressive if they see another pet attracting their owner’s attention. Whatever it takes, be it sitting on your lap during free time or going for a ride around town. This breed is clingy and would follow you anywhere.

2. They have A Long Life Span

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It is a fact that smaller dogs live longer than larger dog breeds. But chihuahuas have incredibly long lives and can leave for an average of 13 to 15 years.

Their life span is an incredibly long time in dog years. Should you decide to purchase this dog, you will have a companion for a very long time.

3. They Are Good Guard Dogs

Besides being expensive, the Chihuahuas are excellent security dogs since they are loyal and energetic, thanks to their inherent territorial and protective natures.

This breed can bark a lot and does not like strangers. Your Chihuahua will ensure everyone knows if anyone should trespass on your property.

4. They Are Intelligent Dogs

Chihuahuas may not be the brightest dogs around, but they are intelligent. It is pretty easy for them to learn obedience instructions and various tricks. Additionally, they are excellent at reading people and situations.

5. They Like To Play And Have A High Amount Of Energy

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Loyal, active, aggressive, and high energy levels. This combination of attributes will likely overrun an owner who cannot match the pace with this dog.

Chihuahuas love to play and enjoy it when their owners engage them in physical activities. They require at least 30 minutes of exercise twice daily to effectively manage their high energy levels.

Is It Worth It To Own An Expensive Chihuahua?

Suppose you are looking for a small dog to fit your apartment nicely. In that case, the Chihuahua breed is the dog for you. their size makes them ideal pets for people living in apartments. Also, because they are intelligent canines, they can learn quickly.

Their coat patterns are pretty easy to maintain, and in addition to that, they can live for an extended time. However, you must tend to this dog’s urges and satisfy its high activity levels.

I guess the natural thing to worry about Chihuahuas is how expensive they are.

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Your pet will require regular trips to the veterinary clinic for routine care and test. Grooming, nail cutting, and good hygiene to ensure it is hale and hearty.

Although this breed is tiny and delicate, they are canines with a lot of energy and can be very aggressive. Chihuahuas are not necessarily suitable to leave along with toddlers. It is essential to socialize with your pet from a very young age.

Their territorial and dominant nature makes them regard no one but their owner. Instead, they see everyone else as a threat and will likely attack if they feel agitated. They are also a noisy bunch that can bark at any slight sound or instance.

Finally, like every other breed, they have health issues prevalent among Chihuahuas. Obesity, epilepsy, hypoglycemia, mitral valve disease, and patella luxation are common health conditions in this breed.


The Chihuahua is an excellent dog to have as a pet. However, you must be willing to spend a bit to cater for this dog. As with every other dog, how your dog interacts with you depends on how you socialized your pet when it was growing.

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