French Bulldogs sit comfortably in a funny position because of their breed and like to eliminate stress from their lumbar region. However, some Frenchies have an odd frog-like posture when they sit, but others may sit like humans with their legs out in front. But sometimes, even with no underlying problem, they develop spinal, hip, and knee problems.

Thus, sitting in this position is likely the most comfortable for them. Learn more about why your French bulldog sits funnily in the following paragraphs and how to spot other symptoms that suggest your dog may be battling a medical condition.

french bulldog sitting in a funny way
A black French Bulldog sitting image credit: Pixabay

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Why Does My French Bulldog Sit in Odd Positions That Are Funny?

Certain canine breeds have been known to sit in peculiar positions, especially those with powerful bodies and long rear legs. Although it may seem like dogs are sitting oddly, it is only a way to release stress in their lumbar region.

Regarding French bulldog breeds, these small dogs have broad chests. Therefore, they will sit in a funny position to distribute the pressure over the rest of their body.

A Frenchie puppy sitting up straight always makes many of us happy. Due to their dogs’ improved appearance, most owners rush to take pictures of them. Generally speaking, dogs prefer to sit in the same position as people to reduce back pain.

However, they might also copy their owner’s behavior to bring attention to themselves. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with this happening. But, if this behavior persists daily, you must take your dog to the vet to determine if there is a more severe issue.

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What underlying issues could my French Bulldog’s odd sitting positions signify?

You shouldn’t be afraid if you see French bulldogs sitting awkwardly in most situations. Similar sitting incidents have, however, been observed in dogs with underlying medical conditions such as obesity, hip dysplasia, and knee problems. As a result, you should search for further signs to determine whether your dog has an underlying issue.

French Bulldogs with Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is among the most common health problems in the French bulldog breed. Hip dysplasia is a disorder that results in uneven femoral head movement because the joint ball does not fit into the socket.

French bulldogs can develop hip dysplasia when their bones grow rapidly due to excessive exercise, obesity, or an imbalance between their muscle mass and skeletal development.

Furthermore, Hip dysplasia in French bulldogs can be caused by a congenital disability, weight gain, aging, exercise, rapid growth, loss of muscle mass, and hormones. While this ailment has no cure, you can help your dog by giving him glucosamine and chondroitin supplements.

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What Signs Indicate French Bulldog Hip Dysplasia?

There are numerous symptoms that French bulldogs with hip dysplasia can experience. Some puppies may show signs of the condition as young as four months old. And the owner may be sure the puppy has genetic hip dysplasia when that occurs.

This could have been prevented if the dog had been obtained from a reputable breeder who had undergone the required health screenings.

As dogs age, those with osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia may also develop the condition. The symptoms may vary depending on how severe the disease is.

Also, the most common symptoms of hip dysplasia include whining, discomfort, a sudden inability to climb stairs, and lying frog-like.

Puppy Sit in French Bulldogs

Standard behavior in early puppies is the “puppy sit.” It looks like a dog kicked out the other leg while resting on one hip and keeps giving your dog exciting training sessions to prevent your dog from acquiring such a sloppy position.

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Using your puppy’s favorite treats or toys will help your dog establish a better posture. This does not suggest that you should always discipline your dog by sitting in the “puppy sit.” It is merely a normal stage of their development. As a result, French bulldogs can sit in a funny way.

If French bulldogs sit in the puppy sit position even when they become adults, many problems may occur. It’s important to remember that dogs sometimes sit in odd ways; however, you shouldn’t let it become regular part of their lives.

why do French bulldog sit funny
A brown French Bulldog puppy sitting image credit: Pixabay

Obesity in French Bulldogs

Every French bulldog owner should know the ideal appearance of a well-bred, healthy Frenchie. The substantial bone structure of the French bulldog breed is known for its compact and muscular shape. Their bodies should be proportionate and balanced, and their heads should be square.

Also, the American Kennel Club advised against a male weighing more than 28 pounds. A male Frenchie should not weigh over 30 pounds if you do not want to exhibit your dog. Even though these are the recommended weight ranges, a Frenchie who is smaller may be classified as obese. Another way to say it is that a little French bulldog should never weigh more than 28 pounds.

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The best way to prevent your Frenchie from gaining weight is to take him for walks frequently. Although this breed does not require a lot of physical exercises, walks will help your dog avoid diabetes, sore joints, and hip dysplasia.

What Causes My French Bulldog to Lie Down Like a Frog?

Your dog might lie down like a frog to cool off, so you shouldn’t be worried if you see them doing it. This posture helps lower body temperature because Frenchies are prone to overheating. Your Frenchie will likely lie on tiles throughout the summer since they allow for speedy heat escape.


Finally, all Frenchies have a funny sitting habit. More often, their skeleton structure and breeding are to blame for why they do it. Sadly, this breed’s spine, hips, and knees are prone to specific health issues due to selective breeding.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean your Frenchie is in pain, or anything is wrong with them, and it implies that they sit in funny positions that seem absurd because they find them more comfortable.

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Consult with your veterinarian about your French Bulldog’s condition and any potential causes if you’re unsure of why it’s sitting oddly or if he appears uneasy when it does.

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