Parasites are one reason you may see your dog biting itself. Fleas, mites, and ticks can cause a lot of pain to their canine host and frequently cause dogs to excessively grinding themselves.

It is also likely that your pet is scared. When your pet bites himself, it means he is worried and will bite or chew his skin as a nervous reaction. Furthermore, He may be insecure and doesn’t want to get in trouble with you or the people living in your house.

Another possible explanation could be suffering from other skin conditions, and he is biting to alleviate his discomfort. He may also be sick or injured, and he may also be stressed out.

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3 Reasons why dogs bite itself


As earlier stated, parasites such as fleas, ticks and mites can cause your pets to scratch and bite themselves. The bites from these parasites cause your pet’s skin to become irritated or break.

Due to the body structure of dogs, they can only reach some parts of their body with their mouth. Their limbs have limited reach and, as such, can only bite where these parasites bite them. Chewing the affected area causes significant pain, making them cry as they bite themselves.

Skin Diseases

Skin diseases in dogs can cause them to bite themselves, which can be painful due to dogs’ strong and sharp teeth. These skin diseases can cause them to have irritable itches they would want to scratch.

Ringworms and Manges are some skin diseases that cause irritations to your pets’ skin. These diseases can make your pet’s life very unbearable and uncomfortable, and they might result in loss of fur, irritation and skin breakage. These diseases will cause your pet to bite itself to reduce its discomfort.

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Dust, pollen, moulds and other environmental allergens can trigger an allergic reaction in your pet, and it will bite its skin to ease the allergic reaction.

Your pet can trigger such reactions by venturing into contaminated areas or a field filled with pollen. Furthermore, some care and grooming products you use on your pet, such as shampoo, sprays and accessories, may trigger an allergic relation.

Why do dogs bite other people and pets?

They bite because they are aggressive and territorial and bite to protect their homes, families, and territory. If a dog bites someone, it’s most likely to result from aggressive behaviour

The purpose of dogs is to hunt and protect us. With this in mind, dogs attack people out of a sense of protection. Although the dog may be aggressive, he isn’t attacking you out of malice; He’s protecting his family and pack.

However, many people make the mistake of thinking that dogs are like cats and that cats only bite when they’re in a playful mood. They don’t realise that dogs bite because other dogs are mean or because they’re angry at them.

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Suppose you have an abusive dog or are not having a good time. It’s essential to treat it with respect and take it out for walks.

Dogs need to run and chase things, so that’s an excellent way to get the dog’s energy. You will want to avoid physical or verbal abuse of your dog because it will see this as a direct threat.

If you do, you’ll get bitten, and your dog will be terrified, making it difficult for you to manage. It’s not uncommon to see a dog bite a person or animal.

The dog is a curious animal that likes to explore new things, which can lead to an unfortunate situation where the dog bites someone. While the dog may be interested, it’s essential to ensure that the dog understands the consequences of its actions. Ensure always to check its reactions before letting it get into a new situation.

What should I do if my dog is biting itself and crying?

See a veterinary doctor.

When your pet consistently bites himself, it could result from a more severe underlying medical problem. The safest option is to schedule a veterinary appointment to ascertain why the dog bites itself continuously.

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The test and diagnosis will effectively determine if it is a physiological or mental problem. A mental diagnosis will indicate that it is a habit for your pet to bite himself. In such cases, you will require the services of a professional trainer or dog behaviourist to treat your pet.

Dog biting itself: Treat underlying skin conditions.

Suppose you notice a skill condition such as a minor rash. It would be best to treat such conditions as soon as possible to prevent further complications impacting your pet’s health.

Keep your environment and dog area neat.

A clean environment reduces the chances of your pet contracting anything that will trigger environmental reactions. Trim your flowers and keep flower beds neat. Furthermore, ensure that you don’t allow it to roam freely, as it will increase the chances of triggering an allergic reaction.

Give your pet fish oil.

Naturally, your pet requires essential oils to help maintain its skin, which helps prevent breakage and fight against skin diseases. Fish oil is one of those essential oils your pet needs to keep its skin smooth and disease free. You can add fish oil to your dog’s meal or apply it to their skin.

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Groom and bath your dog correctly

You should be careful with the kind of care product you use on your pet. It would be best not to use your shampoo or spray on your pet  Endeavour to use only a veterinarian-recommended product.

Too many baths can cause dry skin in your pet. Dry skin leads to irritations and skin breakage, which causes your dog to chew its skin.

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